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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    My personal standpoint is on Mr.Smarts side not necesseraliy due to the informations he provide but mainly by the reactions and informations CIG provides. I cannot help to admit tho that Mr.Smart certainly helped to highlight CIGs shortcomings and failings.


    The whole thing has degenerated into a mud slinging war from both camps making neutral observations increasingly difficult.


    As I said….I made up my mind but I can transfer into people who dont know the first thing about this project. For them its very easy to get confused by the sheer MASS of material at hand plus…asking critical questions about almost ANYTHING is met with hostility and belittlement by the SC crowd. CIG must be aware of the toxity of its community as its ever present on the forum AND gets public light as well. While publicity usually is a good thing I d dare to say THIS kind of publicity only helps in turning away newcomers and their money which CIG is very dependant on.


    Yet….they do nothing to control the flames and hate. This alone speaks volumes for me.


    This latest interview by Chris Roberts only confirms what I m thinking. He is incredibly vague about what he actually means by his statements leaving the definition and clarification to the community which actually does just that (as seen in the thread link) so emptions come up again and split the whole discussion into “us versus them” groups. Something Chris Roberts could ve avoided from the start by being clear and open in his statements. I mean the guy READS from a transcript for gods sake and STILL he fumbles around with lots of pauses and “ah….”s. I wonder if its blank pages he holds in his hands.

    If I would be invested into the game and have considerable resources put into it…..then yes I would also see his statements of confirmation and overlook his funbles.


    I am not tho so the blatant “run-around” of hot topics and vagueness of informations are extremely obvious to me and also extremely annoying when all I want is crystal clear informations about the game itself. There is none given. The only thing thats pointed out (by the community I d like to note) is the PU…..which is ANYTHING BUT reassurance that the game is in any state to be released, makes progress or best…..a “good” game convincing me to pay them hard cash.

    Back to Chris Roberts. He sees this. Hell…he even became so involved at several points that he lashed out personally so the argument of “CEOs have better things to do then to handle this minutia” is utter BS to me. He does care what people think. He monitors (or let monitor) foreign forums and sites in order to track down hotspots and follows the public awareness of his game. And STILL he decides to present himself and the game the way he does.


    This is “proof” to me that the situation at hand (toxic community, constant redesigns, handling of matters be it refunds or otherwise) is made by DESIGN and them being very CONSCIOUS of what they are doing.


    I ve been following SC from the very start and read I dont know how much about the whole thing. I certainly dont consider myself “clueless” even tho I didnt pledge (lol) or play the “game” yet. There certainly are enough videos out there highlighting and investigating enough of it to enable me to make up my mind. Chris Roberts and CIG “lost” me very early on due to their management and speed of progress. The very early excuses like “we do have the money now but we need to build up our own studios first so be patient” sounded exactly like that even back then…..excuses. Its been YEARS since then and “progress” if you can even call it that has been embarassing.


    Nowadays I simply follow the whole thing for amusement only. Its hillarious how “blind” people can become to simple logic and how artfully words can be used (by either side) to make an argument.


    Above all I see Chris Roberts….HIDING behind his “fans” (really guys…you are a cult….look it up) just surviving and waiting out the crisis. He WILL crash down… doubt about it. I m simply worried he ll manage to get a “jail-free” pass eventually and a lil annoyed at how long it takes for some big animal like “Star Citizen” to finally die.


    As CEO it would be in his power to direct awareness of his game. After all hes obliged to it….”trasnparent development” and all that you know. Yet he continues to NOT give any definite answers and doesnt present himself like a person who knows what hes doing.  I m saying he knows exactly what hes doing because he knows (probably him and only a couple more people) in what state his game really is. So he plays for time and tries to drag out the inevitable as much as he can.


    That day will be EPIC 🙂



    P.S. if you find any typos or grammatical mistakes you can keep them. English isnt my native language.

    Stan Porky

    They have shut that thread down quick enough…

    Stan Porky

    What they are going to do is extend the ship melting and buyback options so they can shitcan a lot of the professions and simplify the economy – to try and keep backers sweet while they wait the upto ten years for CIG to put those features in with the “stretchgoals”.  So say goodbye (for now) to all those large ships like the Orion, Endeavor etc etc …


    This will limit the jpegs they can sell somewhat, but they will no doubt just make the 2-3 man mining, science, transport ships etc the focus of sales for a while until they figure out what else to scam out of people.  That and getting people to buy an Idris that wont be capable of being melted back into the other large profession ships…


    And all that AI … say goodbye to that – nothing about “minimal” says I can have 10 AI characters I can control and interchange between… there will be nothing to do with multiple ships in game other than park them up as unsweated “assets”.   If they ever allow you to actually sell ships in game to other players the prices will drop off a cliff because people wont want to have so many ships.


    Hyco Cam

    Well the BDSSE has grown to the BDMVSSE.   CIG speak of course.  The Best Damn Space Sim Ever has expanded and grown to a lesser product—the Best Damn Minimally Viable Space Sim Ever!

    A quick check of the forums and you’ll learn it is what CR has been telling backers they will get since 2012.  Nothing has changed….  **puts hands over ears***  **chanting lalalalala***  Everything is going to be peachy!  Spring is here.  Don’t go to the beach.  Don’t make that car payment this month.  Go buy a $340 spaceship.  That coffee service in Santa Monica isn’t going to pay for itself!

    More telling.  The 10 for the Chairman Q&A sessions are history.  Just like the stretch goals, someone must have pointed out to CR that week after week he was talking about all this stuff that was going to be in his game.  Now after two years of Q&A with nothing to show, either CR decided the hole he has dug is deep enough or the finances are such that production needs to be curtailed.


    The final stretch goal = Minimal viable content. “Ship in the hanger” the final feature.


    What is BDSSE? I lost track of those terms.

    lir big

    Someone that wants to kill people with AIDS so it’d be a solution to eradicate it? Someone that wants to kill ‘minorities’, or simply people with different religions ? That wants to rape women and girls ?
    Nazi is more than the name we gave to those monsters back then, nazi is how someone can even come to think this way. No sane person would use these as joke. This is fucking terrifying. Its nazi , everytime you want.

    lir big

    They fracking can’t say you haven’t said it . As they WILL apologize to the backers, because some of the media have been misleading actors here/

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