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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    lir big

    This will soon be the School Case for any future game developer ;
    Also it may not be as hard hitting as we have speculated for crowdfunding because I hope this will help to create :

    1 ) maybe some kind of international customer protection instances related to crowdfunding, or anything that has some authoritiy and that’d be neutral/3rd party.
    2 ) hopping kickstarter will now put safeguards and will be paying attention to the biggest sensible crowdunfed stuff ( yes, they did their job, thats why the 1) for third party control power, cause once official funding campain is over, kicksater has no power whatsoever) .

    I know the issue is each country has its own laws, and regarding any Internet matter, it is really hard to get some worldwide ‘law’ of some kind get applied everywhere, and respected by everyone. I dunno. I just hope crowdfunding won’t get hit as hard as we think it will.


    I my over three decades history, I’ve never seen such a case of sunk cost fallacy and cognitive dissonance rolled up in one neatly tied up packet. It’s uncanny.


    A minimum viable product feature list.  I love it!

    Should not be too long now for me to make a reasonably accurate timer counting down to the end. Of course if CIG wants to do honest marketing (well, in a relative sense) they would put up a very visible notifications before and during purchasing that not all promised features will be available on ‘full’ commercial release. To be honest I haven’t checked but I hazard the guess there are no such banners. Feel free to rake me over the coals if there are such things. Warning: obscure fine print no one reads does not count and I have doubts about that as well.

    So the community reactions? People are concerned, however if you get your shovel and go digging into the sludge…

    Well the shitizens seem to be operating on the basis that this all means most if not all their treasured features will be included. Still BDSSE! Misses! Chis is just ‘tempering expectations’ and that ‘the truth is being twisted’. The holy good word CAN NEVER be twisted I suppose.  Ah, how amusing it will be when reality catches up to even those hopeless cases and they are shitting themselves blind in rage.

    Kristoffer S

    There still is no Uppsala Maffia, it’s a fictious name given by the swedish tabloid to 2 criminal people, that does not a maffia make. But in your way of exaggerating facts, it fits perfectly being able to connect CIG with “maffia”. That it’s poor company to keep, absolutely, but still …

    And sure I was speculating. But I said that it was “my conclusion” so made it clear I was speculating. You are speculating and stating it as fact or something you’re 100% sure on. You predicted CIG would start falling early January when you said “I give them two months”. They are still at it.


    [quote quote=3110]Is this part of the “extinction level event”, or am I missing something? The only thing going extinct so far are my brain cells while wading through this “commentary”. [/quote]

    No. The E.L.E is in full swing and in fact, a part of came to light in the latest 104TC




    Is this part of the “extinction level event”, or am I missing something?  The only thing going extinct so far are my brain cells while wading through this “commentary”.

    lir big

    Absolutely; I mean look at that :
    10 for the chairman, last question.

    Edit : they’re even talking about this on  the forums.

    Fiasco after fiasco it’s been a great week.
    Please CIG MOARRRRRR of this 😀

Viewing 8 replies - 81 through 88 (of 154 total)
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