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      @kristoff Nobody cares what you think. Get over yourself, man.


        How can any sane person even thinks for a second to give CR even a f… dime?

        …the past…

        Skip to 20:15. Listen AND read carefully. 750 mill on over 20 movies during his time at Ascendant Pictures. He lies. Any person who was ever involved with the german vip mediafunds knows this! Not 750M, just 20 % went into his productions, the rest went into some sort of a piggybank for sure. Why?

        Because it’s much more profitable to give your investors (in this case: just a few 10.000 + Germans with huge pockets full of money) only 20 insteed of nearly 100 % of the income from your works for the period of nearly 10 years… Well, the pay rents for those huge amount of money should really make that up for it, its okay, no one gets hurt. Except the german Investors, who gets tax refunds for this mess. And you should know, the german tax authority is clearly not someone to joke about.

        And what should you do when you get caught? Or even worse: the german authorities ask for a short visit to answer a couple of questions? Right, sell your business as fast as possible. bye, it’s not my business… I really don’t get it…

        Derek, just a little question, you stated (several times) that his glory CR was broke – so, just wondering, were did the money from his movie company go?


          Thank you Derek for a good read.  From how I see it the ELE blog round up and foreboding confirms that Star Citizen has fewer days ahead of it then have passed. Despite completion dates varying from 2018- 2020(wow, just wow) being bandied about by some unfortunates/shitizens/other?, we really are at the point of saying failure will be this year or next. How long till the money runs out or something causes an implosion I don’t know, but the sooner this stain is removed from the industry the better for us all.


          To those that would argue among other things, that all is well with star citizen, I would invite you to read about a recent tragic scenario that has eerie similarities with your personal stance to the game. Basically the victim refuses to believe that he has been a victim at all even when told by the authorities. Sad in itself, but enforcement action had to be taken for the public good against him when he tried to lure others into the scam he honestly thinks is legit.  Now make a few simple substitutions like victim for ‘shitizen’ and action for blogs(such as but not limited to Dereks)/footage of how shit the tech demo actually is etc. and so forth.  You then easily get the sad circumstances and psychology of the true believers star citizen.

          Alternatively there is the epic unpopular opinions thread on reddit. At the very least reflect on that.

          Michael van Hulst

            Well me I am bit more … how can I say it politely hoping that that scam called SC implodes now rather then later.
            I am still 80 dollar in the hole… I cancelled my account months ago not long after that my brother did also.
            Because he payed via my paypal account I gave him before hand his money back, expecting I would get it…

            Oh how wrong was I… now 6 months later.. still did not got it back…
            Many e-mail s later they say it should be payed back, but my paypal account still has no money returned.
            Even I send them my invoice debits and credits.. showing them that they are wrong… never heard back after that.

            So I am Fu…fried



            lir big

              Very nice blog Derek, and thanks to the Goons and Backers for helping in this process.
              This is a great sum up and some BIG news for whoever is able to read. Everything is in there.
              What’s coming is big. They can try to debunk you all the way they want, nothing will change the fact it is going down soon. As a mere citizen I hope your call for the truth will be heard.


                I have updated the “THE EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT” section of the blog. Look for the 16-04-13 update section toward the end.

                Hotsauce ShoTYME

                  From a legal perspective can they use the out that the buyout was an expense to bring in management to assist in the game development?


                    No, they can’t use that as an excuse at all. It doesn’t work that way. Especially since these are people who already have a track record with each other in another failed venture.

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