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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    Michael van Hulst

    Well me I am bit more … how can I say it politely hoping that that scam called SC implodes now rather then later.
    I am still 80 dollar in the hole… I cancelled my account months ago not long after that my brother did also.
    Because he payed via my paypal account I gave him before hand his money back, expecting I would get it…

    Oh how wrong was I… now 6 months later.. still did not got it back…
    Many e-mail s later they say it should be payed back, but my paypal account still has no money returned.
    Even I send them my invoice debits and credits.. showing them that they are wrong… never heard back after that.

    So I am Fu…fried




    @kristoff Nobody cares what you think. Get over yourself, man.


    How can any sane person even thinks for a second to give CR even a f… dime?

    …the past…

    Skip to 20:15. Listen AND read carefully. 750 mill on over 20 movies during his time at Ascendant Pictures. He lies. Any person who was ever involved with the german vip mediafunds knows this! Not 750M, just 20 % went into his productions, the rest went into some sort of a piggybank for sure. Why?

    Because it’s much more profitable to give your investors (in this case: just a few 10.000 + Germans with huge pockets full of money) only 20 insteed of nearly 100 % of the income from your works for the period of nearly 10 years… Well, the pay rents for those huge amount of money should really make that up for it, its okay, no one gets hurt. Except the german Investors, who gets tax refunds for this mess. And you should know, the german tax authority is clearly not someone to joke about.

    And what should you do when you get caught? Or even worse: the german authorities ask for a short visit to answer a couple of questions? Right, sell your business as fast as possible. bye, it’s not my business… I really don’t get it…

    Derek, just a little question, you stated (several times) that his glory CR was broke – so, just wondering, were did the money from his movie company go?

    Kristoffer S

    So I’ve been “away” for a few months. That is “away” as in “paying attention but not interrupting”. And when I saw the countdown for an ELE I thought “great, finally the nail in the coffin, the smoking gun”. But instead it’s another long blog detailing things you’ve written over time on Twitter with very little new stuff. Still no smoking gun, still no “here’s proof of something illegal”, just some very grandiose FUD.

    And then I look at CIG and… they’re doing even worse! Still not delivering on things, still redoing things, still talking about adding things, still changing they way they interact with the community and still no sign of a playable cohesive game.


    Oh well, back to the cave I go…


    The blog is live.


    The blog has a separate password. When it goes live later today, the password will be removed.

    Derrick Avila

    oh man, this blog is probably gonna be a nasty one lol. @usaf2004, id probably check this site again in the afternoon.

    Jason Jones

    When do we go live D?

Viewing 8 replies - 145 through 152 (of 154 total)
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