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      (ok.. weird how ‘reply’ and ‘quote’ seem to be mixed up.. im used to it being the other way around)

      I don’t think either of us said this was about Derek personally. What i wrote about CIG is the same thing i wrote after derek’s first blog, in his old forum. I’ve had the same worries and thoughts after the scope expansion and the MMO plans. What i do say however is that in my opinion the nature of the “online persona” that Derek (and some goons) created is preventing these questions from being asked- and answered.

      Ask the tough questions, keep hammering on the answers.. and stay away from conjecture or photoshops. Its just the way the world works: If someone gets into a discussion with me, focusing on arguments and facts, in a well thought out manner.. i will listen. I might not agree, but i will listen and be open to arguments that might draw me to their side.

      If someone stands on the other side of the street on a large soapbox continuously shouting stuff like “Don’t trust them.. They’re demons.. monsters.. they eat babies!!!!” they might pepper their nonsense with facts here and there.. but i will probably ignore them.

      Cliff Walton

        Honestly, given that character and trust go hand-in-hand, I have to say the comments from “a younger Ben” are absolutely repugnant and using the modified “affluenza defense” (I really didn’t know this was poor behavior at the tender ages of 21-25 because my parents didn’t teach me basic human decency) and calling it “sometimes mean humor” is just as repugnant now as it was then.  Really, after all this time the best you can do is call it “mean humor”; humor!, not racist, demeaning commentary I wish I could erase and apologize for, no, it just us kids having fun!

        So, we know there is a character flaw (and it’s a doozy!), what about trust?  If this is what the guy was thinking about vague “other people” he didn’t know, what about the CIG community?  How much truth and honesty can be expected from a “mean-spirited” racist?  How much genuine respect can we really assume he has for people?  He was always glib and sarcastic and now we know there are deeper, darker roots to his commentary.

        Sandi should prove her chops and get this guy out of the CIG lime-light and put him in some dark corner where he can’t besmirch what little trust and confidence that backers have that the people working at CIG are of the highest caliper with the best intentions.

        “mean humor”, so that’s what we’re calling racism these days?  Beam me up Scotty…

        Joe McClintok

          I can not believe sites like are covering this up.  The thread with this information was closed and no reason given.  Heaven forbid they let anything negative about a game company get discussed, it might interfere with their ad money.  I can not believe how far that site has fallen in the last decade.  Redesigning the site and forum to allow more adds and less space for posts wasnt bad enough, then they introduced ads for beauty products and clothes at Target.  Now they close a thread that discusses proven racism of a CIG employee?

          And they call themselves game journalists…  More like “anything to get more ad money writers”.

          Hotsauce ShoTYME

            What are we going to buy from them?  They have no real product.  We have already given them money so there is no way for us to “vote with our dollar” in this regard.  Do you think CIG will start doing refunds now if you put you don’t want to back a company with a racist fucktard as it’s public face?


              Since the forum where this was posted is sometimes pay-walled, I am going to quote it because it’s perfect.

              note: The “job tourist” mentioned, would be Jared Huckaby aka Lando

              [quote]I’m not saying we were well-behaved netizens back in the day, I’m saying Ben isn’t a creep, we were children when we made those websites, and all our in-joke bullshit should be taken with a grain of salt.[/quote]

              But you fail to make the distinction between the fact while it is immature ramblings, even when taken out of the context in which they were said, they are far from appropriate at any age.

              In Ben’s mind this is like when some celeb posts on twitter about some embarrassing style they wore back in the 80’s. He fully expected people to laugh with him as if he didn’t know better….at age 25. If this was just the spider facts page that would be the case.

              Ben as a person is quite literally a mile wide and an inch deep when it comes to have any substance to his self worth.

              Sure he got the short end of the stick as a kid but then no effort was really made to get him out and about and socialising with people and so he retreated into a safe space that he hasn’t really been able to leave. I also get the feeling that he’s been so wrapped up in cotton wool that he has quite the case of arrested development going on.

              Him dropping out of college only just shows he has trouble doing things without some sort of adult assistance. And this still appears to be the case regarding him having to move states to work on SC.

              He found the WC community as the one thing that accepted him and attached himself to it like some desperate leech and has spent the better part of twenty years obsessively immersing himself to the point where it’s defined the only self worth he’s ever known. As a result he becomes cocky and arrogant slowly pushing out other community leaders with such vitriol, even rejoicing in their deaths, till only he is left to run the ship of fools.

              To make things worse this behaviour gets validated as he’s eventually rewarded for his years of service as being the public face of his idol’s latest creation.

              You’re talking about a person who at that point is verging on borderline shut-in and lives off a menial admin job at a school while writing up news posts that hallucinate potential sequels from nearly forgotten game franchises of the 90’s. Now he gets paid to sit around in cushy digs with free food to live his dream – and the tragic irony is that’s literally killing him.

              On top of that he’s given the controls to a new community from the ground up and sets up ridiculous rules about what can or can’t be posted and mandatory polls dishing out the law at every moment. Plus he’s an individual who has very little solid experience outside his comfort zone to deal with sensitive subjects in a proper way.

              Of course he runs into the dilemma where you have backers who are just as broken and even more so as himself (see WulfKnight).

              People so ostracised from social norms that they try to buy themselves some sort of community acceptance in the thousands of dollars expecting some sort of say in the creation of a dream video game or even buying people ships to try and gain their affections.

              So to save the company coffers they get a light slap on the wrist for posting CP while valid concerns get banished to the wasteland as there’s only so many hours in the day and free doughnuts to eat and sitting around watching all the Star Wars movies on company time.

              Keep in mind this the public face of a company that has been publicly accused by former employees of racist and discriminatory hiring practices, done at a whim because the person hiring subjectively picks and chooses people based on broad assumptions of their personal grooming. Yup, someone wasn’t hired because she was claimed to look like someone who doesn’t shave down there.

              And then you have the self described “job tourist” who claims he ran a baseball team in his teens yet until someone put the clippers to him looked like a hobo they’d let in. Said hobo leaked 34gb of game assets onto a public FTP, including a working build of the game and somehow kept his job.


              90’s video game obsessed manchild gets wrapped in cotton wool and refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his actions that are now damaging the reputation of the company he works for. Said company too afraid of community reprisals and potential loss of money to fire him.


                UPDATE3: Then on 16-04-18, this slur (12) ended up in the feed of yet another CS personnel over in the UK. The Tweet was subsequently deleted.


                  @Kristoffer S


                  The point Derek “lost me” was when he tried to connect CR & CIG to a non existent mafia, that was pure gold (atleast for a Swede)

                  Wrong. It’s a fact that the four execs that I named in the Gizmondo farce were connected to it; seeing as they, well, worked for that very same company.

                  My one conclusion as to why Derek is still going on even when the points have been made and CIG failed to step up to the plate is he wants to be damn sure there isn’t some wealthy investor out there thinking of sending a few million their way but when doing the due diligence would definitely find his or her way here and back out. That’s the only thing that makes sense at this stage. If so… well played 🙂 The most disappointing thing in the drama isn’t that Derek is necessarily right about the things he’s predicted and written – it’s that CIG is failing to step up to the plate and just prove him wrong. But they can’t which by default gives Derek more creed

                  Wrong. Again. I have voiced my reasons over and over again. In fact, I even had my attorneys put those reasons in writing, and sent to CIG so there is a written record of it.

                  You spent time writing up that entire missive, pointing the finger at me for speculation, conjecture etc. And what do you end up doing?

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