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    We saw this coming a mile away though. They have been focused on making money.

    Also, post-release (lol!!), they have no way of making enough revenue to sustain all the instances (Google Compute is not cheap), patching and the cost of running four studios etc.

    This is why the 2.0 kernel is going to remain a broken mess (like AC) right through to the eventual collapse because the only revenue stream they have atm is selling ships, SQ42 (which is a non-starter since over 700K people are already entitled to it)  – and nothing else since there is no “game”, hence no in-game “economy”.

    2016 is going to be very interesting and I expect some major events in Q1/16.

    lir big

    working on the game since AC released seems to be bonus. Rest is about working on public com and marketing. Desgined to grab people money off their wallet.

    Hotsauce ShoTYME

    First LTI Merlin + CCU upgrade cash grab that most people don’t even realize happened.
    Then the unmelt “feature” that needs “another pass”

    Now they will be selling ships bigger than starter packages post-release while all along they have been saying otherwise.

    This also tells me they have done fuckall for economy design.  How long does it take to develop in-game economy?



    Q for you!


    When do expect the info to leak about missing payroll and impending implosion. I am sure it is coming so eta?

    Should I be looking for mid to late march date? Ahab is going to blow I just to make sure I am around for the whale to go!


    I mean they have thrown caution to the wind and double downed on BS and are selling anything and everything they can as fast as they can. That tells me they are in dire straights and need a new coffee machine. What is next a fire sale?

    When should I get my hammock out on the Startanic SpaceWhale? And where is Smart Shepherd’s boats – o there they are blocking the purchasing ramp! Damn you smart shepherds! Another lost wha—-sale!



    They try to justify it by saying that when you logged after the first ToS, you agreed to the second and the third. Of course if you sue, then they have to prove that you did in fact login and agree to that ToS change.

    And since there is an arbitration clause in the ToS, a bunch of people can’t get a class action lawsuit together in order to challenge the ToS as it relates to refunds, let alone the game.

    CWoods .

    Sounds like they’re trying the stall until they can change their TOS again in their favor so they don’t have to issue refunds. Which I’m still baffled to as of how that’s legal seeing as how when you purchased the game you purchased it under a different ToS and not under the new one, nor have your (assuming) agreed to the new ones.

    CWoods .

    found this, cheesy but amusing to say the least.

    CWoods .

    I wasn’t really impressed, let alone not surprised by what was in the CR plays SC video. If anything it just confirms everything you’ve said about it being a buggy mess.

    Its horrendous, the FPS look horrendous, the refresh rate or draw rate seemed out of sync when he was looking around in the station at the consoles. To top it off he had NO CLUE how to operate his own game, a “game” that is being built around his “VISION” that in itself should have been enough to toss up flags.

Viewing 8 replies - 1,025 through 1,032 (of 1,083 total)
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