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    Martijn Otto

      Can’t help but wondering, what have all those (300?) developers been doing then these last couple of years?

      Ranger Man

        Originally the 300+ probably started on developing WC New but then got bounced around between whatever CR’s hottest thing de jour was never getting to finish anything.  Then as time went on and deadlines got missed the panic level got higher in the Ivory Tower office and the developers were chasing multiple conflicting directives.  That is those who were good developers.  It appears many are not very good or new to it and they have been spending all their time wondering why people don’t have heads and drop through walls, etc. with no clue on how to fix it. Of course at some point many of the good ones are gone.  And as time went on, say late 2013 or early 2014 developers probably got replaced by graphic artists who could create jpegs to sell <G>.

        Things run in cycles in that x style of game gets very popular then eventually y takes over, then z, then back to x.  I believe SC was first pitched about the time the space sim cycle was starting to ramp up again.  I know I’d been messing with my old WC and Star Wars stuff via Steam or DOSBox from my CDs and when SC was pitched as a WC taking advantage of technology today that was exciting.  I think the other companies like Activision knew that was what people were wanting so they started planning on COD:IW around then, too (say 2011-2012) as space would be the next logical place for COD to go to.  Mass Effect has always been in space.  So here we are three years later and COD:IW is ready for release and Mass Effect: Andromeda to follow shortly with No Man’s Sky.  I bet their alpha’s weren’t as bad as SC current release <G>.

        Joe McClintok


          Even assuming they have cut costs to average only 25 million a year in costs, it still brings them to having less than 30 million left (assuming they continue to be funded at current levels) at the end of this year.  How long do you think it will be until Chris announces that the current build is officially a MVP and starts charging a monthly sub fee?

          They have to do something soon to bring in more money.  Even launching SQ42 wont bring in much since most people have already pre-purchased it.  We are years away from them ever being able to launch the game with even 50% of the promised features so they need to do something.

          I feel that something crazy will happen in the start of first quarter 2017 like them charging a sub fee to access the PU.  Ship sales are not cutting it and them introducing more unique items like the space bike only add more time to the games development.  What do you see happening to bring in more revenue, assuming they actually continue to operate?

          Joe McClintok

            Had some free time and threw up another video.


            Zyll Goliath

              “GOONS”strikes back on “The Goon TV”…enjoy have a fun&PLS. SHARE!!!


              lir big

                Very nice ! always good when you guys take the time to dig what CR has said then compare. BatGirl could use your video as she was wondering why us , fracking trolls, are trolling Startrollizen.

                lir big

                  @Martinj Otto

                  Indeed, that’s what we’ve been asking to ourselves for sometimes too. you raised a great point wich is part of the few unanswered mysteries :

                  _ Are there really 300+ employees?
                  _ Are there really like 1 million backers ?
                  _ Have people really gave 116 millions+$ to CR,?
                  _  Is the funding chart real ? at least we know that one to be fake for sure, because it went down once and back online numbers had changed lol.
                  As for the formers, we can’t prove but we believe them to be fake.

                  okay let’s assume they really have 260 people working there, this is my opinion :

                  _ A good share at dev team : ships design/f42, crytech team, whatever myriad of specific tech team CR had thought of.
                  _ A  good share on the mocap stuff  seeing how important it is to CR eyes
                  _ A share on promotional stuff
                  _ A share on an oversized community team : they couldn’t play the censorship card and control everything on their website + monitoring backers activities elswhere without a good share.
                  _ 15 corporates companies in wich the eventual employees would work in.

                  Hmmm so yeah, either wtf have they been doing, or they are not 300 working there, and that would explain a lot.

                  Martijn Otto

                    A lot of money will have been used for all the offices and (computer) equipment and of course, there is overhead like Finance, Payroll, HRM, IT, Secretaries and Assistents et cetera. Not to mention the big wages for the executive producers and managers, and last but not least, Marketing & Sales 🙂

                    I’d really, really, reallyreally (really? yes reallyreally) would like to see a financial and a staff breakdown. And then see how much actually has been spend on developing the game. Probably 10% of the total “budget” with maybe 40 actual developers or so. Maybe when CIG/RSI finally collapses we get a look…

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1,025 through 1,032 (of 1,084 total)
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