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    Joe McClintok

      I asked this question a week ago but I think you missed it.  With 300 employees averaging $75,000 each (that would be CIG’s cost not the actual employee annual salary which I expect to be lower since the bulk of their staff is in Europe), that brings them to 22.5 million a year just in payroll.  Now add in the cost of buildings, equipment, furniture, the MoCap studio and actors, contractors and the salary of the top guys and them blowing through 30 million a year like you said is quite reasonable.

      This brings me to my question…  What will they do to bring in money next?  How do you think they will try and increase revenue?  Ship sales are down, whales are starting to tap out and even if they launch SQ42 at the beginning of next year (which is most likely not going to happen), the majority of people who would be interested have already purchased it.  If they actually do launch the regular game which we know won’t happen, again, the majority of people have already purchased it.

      My opinion is that something big is coming beginning of next year revenue wise.  Either they add something to the PU and start charging a monthly sub fee or they release SQ42 and require people to purchase ships or mission packs.  They cannot continue doing what they are doing, they must be burning through more than they are getting and even if they launch an actual product, they already cashed in on the majority of the sales.

      Something has to change in their revenue model for this mess to continue and with Chris basking in the spotlight, I know he will pull every trick in the book to stay there.


        They have already started doing it.

        The regular ship sales, the push for subs as I mentioned in my latest blog, as well as the focus on shopping which is going to end up with people having to buy UEC to spend. They have absolutely no other ways of raising money to finish this game.

        SQ42 isn’t going to do anything because the majority of those who want it, already entitled to it. And with the likes of COD:IW, MA:E etc all coming out, there is no way in hell they are going to make enough money from SQ42.

        Mass layoffs are coming. That’s a foregone conclusion.


          Yeah – none of that surprises me in the least. And there’s a lot more than that going on in the background.

          ps: If you are not on my Discord channel, please get in touch with me there using this invite (0sasVA7SRFEX9raG) code.


            **BREAKING NEWS**

            Investigators in LA county have been contacting some complainants. All should file complaints here. Even if you are not a US resident, you can file this complaint since CIG is a US company.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1,081 through 1,084 (of 1,084 total)
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