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        So the abusive extremist Star Citizen White Knights continue to do everything they can to harass us on social media, as well as try to prevent people from asking for, and obtaining refunds for a project they have yet to receive as promised. I tweet about this regularly, as do others who have been successful in obtaining refunds.

        And you thought that was bad? Try this gem.

        Prior to my first blog in July, obtaining refunds for this project was almost non-existent according to most people who had tried and failed prior. My subsequent blogs, coupled with The Escapist article and other articles have been instrumental in making people realize what is going on with this project, that they do have rights – including rights to refunds for broken promises – as well as the ability to seek recourse through the legal system as well as how to send reports to the FTC.

        It’s now four years and almost $100m of crowd-funded money later, the project is nowhere near complete. Nor is it looking to ever be completed and delivered as originally pitched and promised. As I type this, for a game supposedly due out in 2016, despite not even having 10% of the promised features and content implemented, it remains a pre-Alpha buggy mess.

        A few weeks ago, these extremists had this image pulled from every free online site it was hosted on. So I hosted it.

        Then now, as boasted on Reddit where they spend their time on attacks against me, they filed a bogus phishing complaint against the [email protected] email which we have been using to communicate with people reaching out to us either for tips on how to get a refund or wanting to join legal action due to their refunds being denied.

        As a result of their bogus report, pending an appeal and review, Microsoft Online Safety subsequently locked the account yesterday for violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement.

        We’re not even going to bother with an appeal. So we’ve setup [email protected] for those of you wanting to reach us related to this on-going Star Citizen train-wreck which is well on its way to being a catastrophic collapse and total loss of almost $100m in crowd-funded money. A project for which no financial accountability currently exists, despite promises made in the project’s ToS. For more info about this, please check out my regular blog articles.

        Most of you who have reached out to us and who have managed to receive refunds through our tips, answers to your questions etc, should continue to do so if you wish. There is nothing illegal about it, nobody wants or needs your information, and you are entitled to seek out help if you so choose. And there is nothing that they can do to stop you from getting a refund.

        MDrake SC

          For the folks viewing from outside, please keep in mind that CIG and the extreme citizens are watching for everything and anything, to use against refunds and accountability. I estimate that there are always 20-30 extreme citizens ready to react, based on their specific reddit.

          If your user name even slightly resembles your RSI name, email, etc. CIG will attempt to link anything critical you post, and issue a forum probation or permaban. This will occur even if you use forums outside of RSI. Places like the unrelated Elite Dangerous forums are not safe for discussing unpopular or critical views.

          Should you attempt to ask for a refund after receiving a forum probation, they will use it against you in their replies. There is suspicion that the customer service lead is also in charge of moderating the RSI forums.

          To all the folks fighting for refunds, good luck. I am in the same, sinking boat.


            Yeah. They are actively targeting people on social media. We’ve known about that for months now; but it’s getting worse.

            These are the people that you’re likely to engage if/when this game ever finishes. But since there is no indication that it will ever see the light of day as promised, that’s not an immediate concern I guess.

            Robin A.

              I’ve been wondering, do you know how is RSI/CIG managing corporate tax?

              I mean, pledges are most likely considered as income, so unless they have spent as much as they received in pledge every year, the company probably shows a profit which is taxable – did CIG really pay millions in taxes? Maybe this could be the reason for the reimbursment coming from Ortwin’s oversea company, they’d rather do that than repatriate profit in the US to be taxed? Unless they found some tax evasion scheme (Delaware HQ?), of course.


              Also I stumbled upon that :


              Of the five film incentive requests, the largest, worth $763,953, came from Cloud Imperium Games Corp., which plans to spend $3.8 million with a Denver video game developer for a game called “Star Citizen.”

              Is there really a studio in Denver?


                We have no clue how they’re doing their taxes. But regardless of how the money comes in, it is still considered taxable income.

                As to the tax incentives, I believe if they utilized it, then it would have been for Illfonic who did the ill-fated and canceled Star Marine module.

                MDrake SC

                  Is there some sort of posting restrictions here? Are the forums buggy? I’ve been trying to share a tiny story of CIG moderation, but your forums are eating my story post for 2 days.

                  This post got through. Somehow.

                  (Editing in story, links may be missing or broken based on edit time limit)

                  (2nd edit, links completely break the post and stop it from showing up, many attempts)

                  I’d like to share a tiny story.

                  Seria was an acquaintance from the RSI forums. We both promoted LTI for everyone, a big deal considering the audience, but they became a white knight once Derek started making the news. They did have one redeeming point. A dislike for too much authority.

                  Driving that point home lead to their final strike and a permaban. Ben joins in at the end for an extra laugh. Thank you to the fine folks at the other forum for the images.

                  Rule 7: Do not argue with the moderators while they are acting in their official capacity.

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                  I followed everything to its origin context and determined Seria got banned for a really foolish reason. Others are joking that Seria didn’t spend enough as a white knight to get a warning or 1 day probation. I agree, and wonder if Seria will attempt a refund.

                  Toast used to be such a respectable person and moderator. Now he has his original account and an official CIG account. His job is paralegal.

                  Lesson: CIG is corrupt. Should be easy to tell by now.


                    Funny, I just tweeted a similar thing:

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