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    kaizer scythe

    Hi Derek, there are some spammer on some of the threads, i think going by the name of there are no report button so i post this manually.

    Hyco Cam

    The challenge will be getting backers to click the accept button.  Wonder what CIG has devised.  What could get backers to click?  A free ship?  CIG seems too cheap for that.  Maybe a free outfit?

    But what I really wonder about–how long until CIG starts to work the gambling angle for funding.  There was a write-up/bit of research into what makes people spend money in F2P.  Wish I had saved the link…  Anyhow, the premise was the more you introduce ways to tap into the gambling the higher the spending.  Something like a raffle for an Idris.  Or some kind of card pack–collect so many of a certain card and redeem for a Javelin, etc.  Might be just the hook to get folks to accept the new ToS–click here for you chance to win an Idris…

    On a related note, on other forums I got into a discussion about what kind of scam Star Citizen is.  Someone called it a pyramid scheme.  I corrected them and mentioned it was more a ponzi scheme.  To which I was flagged as that not being accurate.

    Then it occurred to me:  Star Citizen is a Shiponzi scheme.  Feel free to use.  🙂

    Stan Porky

    It seems plausible that they would give up on SC “for now” and focus on trying to rescue SQ42.  I could see them getting away with it for a while too until something major breaks  x 3-4 (the minimum i think it would take for a large enough section of the SC backers to get the sinking feeling and panic to set in)

    Star Citizen Trades on Reddit may be busier than usual soon…

    Thanks again for the heads up.


    Hotsauce ShoTYME

    So how many more bugsmasher episodes do I have.  Only video content of theirs I actually like… That and Skelton.  He is hilarious to watch.


    Thanks. Once in awhile they slip through. Looks like NoSpamX has taken care of it.

    J HOW

    Can vouch for the technical issues, some of the things I’ve heard have been terrible from the programming / engineering side. Some I’ve heard has been over the last month or so from people looking for jobs from CIG they applied at my place of work. We are already seeing the negativity at being associated with a failed project as we did not hire any who had applied.

    Trouble is because they failed to fix the underlying platform wide issues they now have a severe technical debt. Their engine is practically kaput as no one knows exactly what does what as the experienced staff have already left and no one has full documentation. I was skeptical of various things I had been told about the UK office (more so some than others), I did not think some were physically possible to break Cryengine in so many “wonderful” ways to cause some of the issues they are seeing. The engine is I understand it is layers and layers of tentacles stacked on top of each other as part of “features” added into the engine but no one has looked at how they all work together – assume it’s a complete mess similar to their server and architecture components. To make matters confusing they refer to certain features as modules of the engine and refer to features-of-features also as modules code side.

    Some things I couldn’t verify or refuse to believe were:

    • Refactor is a keyword within CIG to mean looking at the code, sorry that’s not the word means and having difficulty believing it
    • Parts of the modified engine have no documentation as to how it interacts with the base of the engine or the API to how a client interacts with a server and vice versa
    • Some branches only compile successfully on certain dev machines and they don’t know why
    • Their programmers or engineers usually have to trawl through code to find specific modules which have no standard naming convention
    • There is no internal standard naming convention for features-of-features for modules
    • Some underlying base code has changed so much some previously working assets and previously working code no longer works (had heard this is specifically to do with the FPS module), pretty much the two options were to either maintain two code bases or start again
    • Some days some engineers are disheartened they fail to write any new code and “refactor” old code to maintain a CVS quota (which is apparently an arbitrary number based on commits per-line)

    Taking the above with massive pinches of salt it still looks bad, again they are applying for new jobs for a reason so some of it may likely be true but can’t validate it. I’m wondering to see if it matches what you or someone else has.


    Yes. I reported about it around that time. Also, “Cloud Imperium has invested around £15 million in its UK business so far.


    Yeah, I have reached out to my AMD contacts to see if anyone knows about it; and if they have the PDF.  Hopefully I will get some answers soon.

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