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      “Actually I am not. It is canceled. Chris confirmed that himself; then clearly stated that it was going to be rolled into the PU. And unless you weren’t paying attention, the SM module was a lot more than just fps. Go back and read up on it.

      It has nothing to do with “fps being abandoned”. How is that even possible when fps (the old ver) is actually still in the game?”

      It seems my last post got lost in the system or something, I will write it again.

      Star Marine is NOT canceled, says the guy who basically serves as the spokesman for CIG on the forums.

      You can say that they are lying if you want, but you can’t say they have officially cancelled it when they assert the exact opposite. So while it may be defensible to say it is cancelled secretly, it is objectively wrong to say that the company has admitted that star marine is cancelled.

      And no, the star marine module is not a lot more than fps. It is simply a mode where you load into an fps map instead of a solar system. Star Marine includes all sorts of upgrades to the fps mechanics, such as the completed animation sets and a cover system, and it also includes 2 new maps, one of which is played with a different mode (SATAball, which is basically ender’s game battleroom+rugby). The main difference between simply adding those things into the full game (which will happen eventually) and releasing these things with star marine is that you load into the map using a lobby system with a set number of players, and there is a scoreboard. Star Marine is being held back until the animations and the cover system are working well enough to justify releasing a game mode based around nothing but fps combat. FPS games have a very high bar set for animation quality, gameplay smoothness both frames wise and mechanics wise, and netcode. The fps gameplay we have in the live release right now seems to be infinitely better than what we have seen in the past from cig, but it’s not yet at killing floor/CoD of duty n+1 level yet.

      Chris Roberts has a tendency to say stupid/wrong/wildly optimistic things. Everyone knows this. Don’t you think it is possible that a man known for putting his foot in his mouth misspoke? Doesn’t that seem much more likely than cancelling star marine, letting everyone know about it, and then going back and denying it? I think  that Chris Roberts words that led to the belief that star marine is cancelled were from the 2.0 demonstration at gamescom, when he said something along the lines of ‘first we were going to release the fps module, then multicrew, then we would go to a PU alpha. Now, we are going straight to the PU alpha with all of those things included in it instead.’ That doesn’t at all mean the fps module is cancelled, it just means they changed the release schedule because work on the PU was progressing faster than expected by far, while work on the fps was going slower than expected.

      Von Neely

        Has Chris Roberts never heard of the “Streisand Effect?”


          I told you all this is what was going to happen. Now they are saying that 2.0 is substantial enough to deny refunds.

          Hi there,

          We have reviewed your account status and regret that we are not able to accommodate your request for a refund since it was received outside of the statutory 14 day period.

          Your pledge was made as part of the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the development of “Star Citizen.” As such you were aware that the funds would be actively applied after receipt for this purpose, not idly maintained in a bank account, and therefore could not be subject to a refund once used. As you may know from the extensive information on our website, Cloud Imperium Games has been working diligently over the past 3 years on the development of the game, and now employs over 260 staff in four studios. 2,538 reports, updates and web shows have been made available during this time, and first modules with limited gameplay were offered as early as in fall of 2013 – by now hundreds of thousands of gameplay hours have been played on our servers. The development of the game is proceeding steadily, and a substantial part of the promised game offering dozens of gameplay hours has been made available to the backers in early release versions (see further detail below).

          Pursuant to the terms of your agreement (see Sec. 4 of the Commercial Terms, and Sec. IV.A of the subsequent Terms of Service, as applicable,, your payment was a deposit to be used for the “Game Cost” (as defined therein), and such deposit has since been “earned by CIG and become non-refundable to the extent that it is used for the Game Cost…” You further agreed to “irrevocably waive any claim for refund of any deposit amount that has been used for the Game Cost and Pledge Item Cost in accordance with the above.” The only exception would be a return of unearned funds remaining in case of an abandonment of the project. If you pledged on Kickstarter, you agreed to these terms when you transferred your pledge account to

          These terms are consistent with the specific nature of crowdfunding and the foreseeable use of your pledge – we hope you appreciate that we cannot ask our hard working personnel to return some of their salary nor that it would be appropriate to use current backers’ funds provided for game development as a refund for an earlier and committed pledge.

          While a substantive part of the promised gameplay is now available, we acknowledge that delivery of some game elements has been delayed due to expansion of Star Citizen’s scope. This expansion is a result of the community’s declared desire to have the initial release version of the game developed to a much greater depth than contemplated originally upon start of the campaign. It is inherent to the nature of crowdfunding that such an adjustment to the project may occur. Ultimately, this will benefit all backers including yourself, since every backer will be receiving a much greater value for his/her pledge, but it may – as in this case – cause an extension of the delivery dates.

          We acknowledge that some individual backers may find the additional wait undesirable. However, as per Sec. VII of the ToS, you did “acknowledge and agree that delivery as of such date is not a promise by RSI since unforeseen events may extend the development and/or production time.”

          We’d like to point you to the significant gameplay which is now available; and if you haven’t already, we encourage you to download the installer from this url: and patch up to play the latest version of the game.

          Star Citizen is a project for gamers, by gamers. Delays and changes are always unfortunate, but in our case they are also one of the reasons the project is so special. By financing the project using crowd funding, our team is not beholden to a publisher who would insist we ship a game unfinished or broken to meet a particular date. Thanks to continued backing of our community, we have the needed creative freedom over the project, to create a unique game, and we feel the results, such as unparalleled immersion and fidelity, are already speaking for themselves!

          We sincerely hope you enjoy the updates both current and future in the Star Citizen ‘Verse.

          Thank you.
          RSI Customer Service Management

          MDrake SC

            I am not surprised at all. I was thinking that they would do this “perfect refund denial” either before the holiday break or early January. Derek warns people for months. Most ignore him.

            Only a small group of backers ever got suspicious with CIG missing every date, constant sales, bringing back LTI, increased prices of ships, lack of big ship releases, quantity limited ships, lack of major game mechanic releases, constant forum censorship, expensive conventions and shows, and wondering why Arena Commander had such shoddy updates. I am one of these backers.

            Once CIG and Chris had our money… that was it. They have no incentive to deliver more than the minimum, and here they are stretching that minimum to the most absolute insanity. Chris can and will continue wasting money, since no one can ever hold him accountable until the feds get involved. Restoration Hardware furniture is just the most obvious waste.

            Star Citizen has gone from legit project, straight into ponzi scheme, and now is a scam. Folks gave CIG power to do it. Now, we’ll get a crappy game that is only worth $30 million at best. Or $60 for individual purchases.

            We have horrible REC grind. $165 super hornet and $150 gladiator ships that are clearly Pay 2 Win compared to $45 starter package ships. Next thing we might see is Squadron 42 broken into more parts than announced (3 currently?)… under the excuse of a bigger, complex, epic story. A trilogy or more to cover it all. Buy more mission packs! Private servers may cost a fee, subscription, license, or maybe require CIG to host them… There is no accountability in anything pitched.

            Star Citizen will do a hideous amount of damage to the crowdfunded scene. The cost of cults and dreams, and the amazing stretch of “it’s an alpha.”


              …and another sale! Gee, I’m totally shocked.


                And here is Sandi admitting on the record (around the 9:25 mark) that whales are funding the game and that they have to come up with new ways to raise money.

                Remember, this is the game which has been funded many times over and which Chris went on the record as saying that if the funding stopped, that he could still complete the game.



                  …and in case you haven’t seen this $100m report yet, you should probably watch it.


                    btw, I noticed that the forum spam filter was flagging your posts as spam. I found like 8 of them in there. That’s why your posts weren’t appearing. I’ve modified the settings to prevent this from happening.

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