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    Times Poster

      Thanks, for the article. It’s always refreshing and eye opening to see how much they lack behind their timeline. Meanwhile I am not even sure they can deliver SQ42…

      There was this recent Bengal Carrier footage shown and the guy talking said something about “coming together”… Seriously? I mean at this point in time this carrier should have been finished. I fully assumed this carrier would be part of SQ42, but now some people are rumoring this carrier was never meant to be in the campaign, because “you’ll have the Idris”. They must be kidding… Afaik, CR mentioned, that you progress in the campaign by starting in a smaller carrier (Idris), and are later shipped to larger carriers (and most likely the Bengal Carrier). What the fuck is this…

      Aside from that, the Bengal Carrier looks the same as in the kickstarter trailer. As if they’re trying to serve the same dish again after 5 years to make people excited again. But what is the difference? Where is the progress? I see none. This is getting ridiculous…


      Btw. Derek, in my browser (Firefox 45), this giant topic General Discussions is a pain to load. It stutters for at least 2 minutes, loading all these images and videos. Maybe you should add a new section “General Discussions 2” or so… or maybe it’s just the browser which sucks.




      lir big


        If you’re reffering to the last ATV  and about the Bengal KS vanity ship, my bet is that they’ve basically shown the making of the next s42 Gamescon trailer-cinematic . Wich is what they’ve all been doing for 4.5 years : making shiny bright cinematics for conventions and luring people saying is ingame engine footage. Oh and mocap holidays for CR and SG of course.
        And wtf was this ‘shipshape’ promotional segment with Nick Elms.

        Times Poster

          Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention. The ATV part at about 26:00 minutes, where they show the Bengal Carrier and talk about it “coming together”. You are probably right, it’s only preparation for the next trailer…

          Trailers, cutscenes, videos renders, some models, jpegs, clothes, but no game. Where the fuck is the game? How can people stay calm with that? How can they still say stupid things like:

          “But it’s Alpha… listen to me….it’s an Alpha…. no… I mean…. it’s Pre-Alpha.. Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha, okay? Pre-Alpha was it until now and Alpha has just begun. So everything is fine. It’s perfectly okay. ”



            Yeah, the forum plugin for WordPress is horrid. That’s the issue. I am planning on setting all the forums to read-only this weekend and installing proper forum software.

            J HOW

              After a lot of silence on the part of CIG once again there has been *something* poking the hornets nest in Manchester. Picked this up from a game devs meet and greet,

              This I have been unable to verify despite my best efforts:

              Some workers are currently tight lipped in regard to ongoing work of the project which is obvious but for a different reason. They are trying to discover leaks which are apparently unrelated to Derek Smart rather information leaking from the studio on their ongoing work. Not too sure what they mean by unrelated, this apparently ties in to their customer service team. It has been speculated their management team is merely suffering from paranoia and likely jumping at ghosts for whatever reason. From the sounds of it they are trying to prevent future leaks rather than deal with information already out there.

              This I can confirm as somewhat genuine, although I am still skeptical:

              Some developers have been asked informally not to attend game developer events outside of CIG or to have contact to other people in the industry, other game studios without approval from management. This seems to tie to the point above from a different source which offers some small amount credibility. To me it sounds more like a cult than a UK company.

              These are genuine after speaking to third parties at a few of the meet and greets,  and another company:

              They are attempting recruitment drives again in Manchester, sadly they have managed to piss off some recruitment agencies in the process over constantly changing requirements, long delays at responding to possible hires, odd informal background checks on new hires to verify they are who they say they are, odd reference requirements for positions which are driving one recruitment agency half mad. Along with arbitrary requirements on possible hires which change last minute, sometimes it takes CIG 2 weeks to respond.

              Some other local companies are upset and unhappy that CIG got a large part of the funding pie from the local council. It seems they stumped up more money than they should have from the local government which meant other companies did not get an equal or entirely their share. This is in reference to CIG creating UK jobs and business which some other local game development studios are understandably upset over.

              Hotsauce ShoTYME

                Wow just wow.  It’s not just the cult thats toxic but the entire damn company is toxic to the industry. Holy fuck.

                MDrake SC

                  @ J HOW

                  Dang. Someone at CIG might be scared of you. Very low key, yet in the industry and area. Simply keeping minor tabs on things.

                  lir big

                    Hmmmmm . For real, it’s now plain cult. It is not like we didn’t know about the odd managment method SG and CR use though. Remember Sandi saying something like ” Chris is the only one that can make/think this vision, without him there’s no game’ . He’s the only one, only him, him only can do. and she’s been the best at seeing that since we know well when. Odd.
                    What’s her background? Everything she fracking say (aside from beeing totally stupid 99% of the time) tend to lead to think about scientology, ACN, Herbalife, or any other cult/scheme buisness.
                    She had to learn all that somewhere.

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