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      They got away with it because of all the media hype surrounding the product. All the content they created in Cinebox, passing them off as “in game”, also helped build the hype.

      The momentum has kept going because of the whales who are still propping it up. This is evidenced by the fact that, even though funding is down (we still think the chart is BS) year on year, those whales (who still have faith) still keep putting money into it. Which is why the only time their funding spikes now, is when they have JPEG ship sales.

      If you don’t get a refund, report it to your bank, your consumer organizations etc.

      London Hyena

        I will definitely be trying although I doubt after so long there’s much the bank can do about it. I was about to say European consumer law is very supportive.. but yeah, #Brexit.

        I should be thankful that i’ve lost less then £100 in total, I feel for the ‘Whales’ throwing so much money into this with blind optimism. I get that some are a vocal minority of nasty people (I’ve already had one trying to stir trouble with me on twitter for daring to post I was unhappy, just a complete stranger!) but the vast majority, like I was, are just suckered.


        Ranger Man

          I live in South Carolina.  For this all they did was file the complaint (which was basically what you had in one of your posts with updates to reflect the day I wrote it) with CIG.  The Agency did call and speak to me to get more information before filing the complaint.  CIG responded with the usual smoke blowing and the Agency sent it to me with a cover letter which states that at this point it’s considered resolved and if further action is needed I’ll have to get an attorney.  They do not track whether I actually get the refund but if I do not I could file another complaint.  It I do not get the proper refund then probably the best course of action would be an attorney.

          They may have figured that if I filed a BBB, two FTCs, and with my State that I was serious and wasn’t going to go away so they would shout me up by giving me a refund.

          My concern is that I doubt if I’ll see a refund and if I do I bet it won’t be anywhere near the proper amount which means I’ll need an attorney.



          SJ Parkinson

            Just seen in /r/starcitizen in reference to a question about a “free fly week.”

            “<span style=”color: #4d5763; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 20px;”>There was supposed to be one at the same time as E3, but 2.4 live was a hot mess of connectivity issues, missing ships, and bugs”</span>

            I wondered why he specified that about 2.4 when all 2.x patches have been hot messes with connectivity issues, missing ships and bugs. Made me laugh.


              Major Tom released a nostalgic video yesterday.


              Carl Walters

                New Chart that pretty much sums it all up.

                SC Chart


                  Yeah, I saw that last night when a Goon created it. And that doesn’t even give the full picture.


                    My one year anniversary war blog just went live. Check the front page.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1,065 through 1,072 (of 1,084 total)
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