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      Also, I mentioned this guy before in my blog post comments section. He too has been taking steps to get his money back by reporting to various agencies. They said they would refund him, but have yet to do so.

      I know Derek can speak for himself, but trust me when I tell you that outside our mutual disgust of CIG, I have little in common with the man.

      But dare I fucking say it, “he was right”. Not only was he right, but he helped me in recouping my $3,000 I flushed down the toilet.

      I don’t give a flying fuck about his game career or his motivation for tearing down CIG, and yet despite that he’s done more to help me than CIG ever has.

      I didn’t come here because of something Derek said, I came here because I finally opened my god damn eyes to see what SC really was.

      I don’t think you’re ever going to convince me otherwise when it wasn’t Derek that convinced me in the first place.

      He’s less “a leader” and more your community boogeyman because that’s what Chris painted him as.



        When truth bombs appear on Reddit, people run for cover. Nope, that’s not me.

        Moreover, even huge development funding in no way guarantees a good game.

        You only need to look as far as #8 and #9 on that same Wikipedia list to find examples. Too Human and APB: $100M+ apiece for two unmitigated failures. Both developed by relatively small, relatively unknown, independent studios. Both of which collapsed shortly after releasing said games.

         Somehow we’re meant to believe that CIG — an independent developer with literally no history or track record, now in control of a project budget larger than the national debt of some small countries — is going to be different. Simply because it’s the fans paying for development out of their own pockets this time.

        We all want to believe that. I want to believe that. But at the same time it reeks of the modern of “just throw more money at it and it will automatically be better” mentality.

        lir big

          Masterpiece posts, it should be mind opening for whoever claims to be a ‘wait&see’ backer.

          We all want to believe that. I want to believe that. But at the same time it reeks of the modern of “just throw more money at it and it will automatically be better” mentality.

          And because it seems that big  and shiny,  people are having hard times admitting CR and crew are a bunch of liars.
          Wich brings to another gem, the now too infamous ‘weeks not months’ . It’s been one year lol.

          Ranger Man

            I received the letter from my Consumer Protection department Friday with their response (two pages) and they have determined it’s in the best interest to cancel my account and issue a refund which I will receive “promptly”.

            I figure Morrison/Lee is swamped.  I’ll let you know on Discord what happens.



              “And in one other recent response to a backer, they are now saying that CIG is not the “correct” entity to address grievances to; that is should be RSI. This despite the fact that they only made that company liability change (it’s in my recent blog) in the latest ToS…which this person hadn’t even agreed to.”

              Ha! Exactly like I predicted weeks ago in the Frontier Forums.

              Next steps will be the liquidation of the shell firms associated with the “crowdfunding” and all debts with it. Then the scam is completed.


                That’s good news. Where are you located? And how does this agency have any control over what CIG/RSI do? Meaning, how do they know that you will be issued a refund?


                  I wrote about that back on June 12th. No clue what they’re planning, but whatever it is, it all seems a tad shady to me.

                  London Hyena

                    Another ‘backer’ here that bought into the dream of SC many months ago.

                    Then I started getting a ‘feeling’ about it, as the $$$ started being raked in and nothing came to fruition. ‘Just a little longer, have faith’ I told myself. Then the hanger module appeared, which was a buggy mess.

                    So i waited a little longer…

                    Then Arena came out, which was yet another mess and my ship was an uncontrollable mess.

                    Then a little longer…

                    Low and behold the grandly awaited big 2.0 thing appeared. I logged in once, realised that there was nothing to do and didn’t log in since. This was several months ago.

                    Tried emailing for a refund, made sure it was clear I hadn’t accepted or seen any recently updated TOS and no intention of using the product. My exact email was:


                    I would like to request a refund on all purchased items.

                    I have not accepted the most recent Terms of Service with regards to finance. I will not be playing Star Citizen/Squadron 42 or any components thereof.
                    I am sad to take this course of action however I do not feel that the investment I made has been a fruitful one nor have I been supplied goods that could be deemed ‘fit for purpose’ in the months since this initial purchase was made.

                    I do however, genuinely hope that Star Citizen/Squadron 42 makes it out of development into the product that it has the potential to be and I will continue to watch with interest.

                    However at this time, I do not currently feel confident in the direction that is heading and as an investor I would like my investment returned.

                    Best wishes for the future,


                    What did I get back? The standard wall of pseudo nonsense saying my money had already been spent. On what exactly? What does a hundred million dollars purchase if there’s nothing to actually show for it being spent?
                    I have to say Derek, you gave me a Han Solo moment reading your blog.

                    “It’s true… all of it”

                    Thoroughly despicable state of affairs and i’m happy to add my name to the growing list of misery. I don’t understand how they have managed to amass such a huge amount of money, other peoples money, with no real financial oversight or accountability.
                    Not even a sniff of an audit, no details of investment aside from vague overhead titles. Where is it all going and more importantly what does any of it mean to the end user who still, years later, is no closer to any sort of viable product?

                    I’ve seen pyramid schemes less opaque, truly shocking.

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