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    About ilftonic, I would love to know what happened there. Their name has been thrown in the mud because of SC.
    If I was the CEO I would be pissed of by all the slander, for all we know they did perfectly what they where asked to do.


    lir big

    I believe they had all modules, hangar, arcorp, pu map, race and AC ready and complete as tech demo back at late 2013, and initial plan was to make them playable by 2014. Then they went nuts, reallocating resources onto promoting content and marketing. Few people left to work on actual hangar and AC . F42 assigned to comercials realisation. Illfonic messing up and waisting an entire year. When CR had come back from his mocap holidays there was nothing to show. So now since september they’ve been rushing it and took the work back on modules from where it was left at ,in 2013.
    people just don’t see the cashgrab company it has muted into.

    MDrake SC

    About darn time… CryEngine was acceptable (enough) for the original game from the old website. I have been waiting for the excuse and begging phase. Let’s see how many whales cobble up the rest of their savings, benefits, and even loans to try and save this project.

    “Refactor the updating of the objects and also the network messaging”… heh. Didn’t Chris delay the release of AC to redo the network stack? What the hell did they code back in 2014? What are they even using now?

    It just proves again… Chris has been out of the industry for so long, he has no idea of the costs and technology involved, and scope creeped the project from the very beginning. They really should have made the single player game and coop campaign first. But nope. Motion capture and movies.

    Maybe there will be a new Idris variant for sale? The corvette still hasn’t been seen. Just like with LTI, maybe the F8 lighting will finally be released.


    During the holiday live stream on Dec 16th, not having anything substantial to show, Chris decided to show a proof-of-concept demo running in CryEngine level editor and try to pass it off as something that is coming soon to the game. This was my immediate response:

    it’s all smoke and mirrors. as an engineer who has done this all before, I tell CLEARLY how they’re faking it

    Note that the procedural generated planets was a $41m stretch goal that was for “future iterations of Star Citizen

    Just another piece of tech which, like VR, Star Marine etc will never see the light of day.

    Of course the crazies are lapping it all up, trying to make comparisons to ED:Horizons (a released, and working game btw) etc.

    I know better. As do some of the people who, like me, have actually worked on this sort of technology before.

    It’s nothing more than a glorified CryEngine mod. In fact, there is a tutorial on how to do it, as well as an entire thesis paper on it.

    All they did was take the Nyx mining base and put it in the middle of a proc gen height map. Any graphics engineer can clearly see the discrepancy between that base and the height map around it.

    Robin A.

    I also noticed that there was no large-scale view of the planet, in both videos there was a star behind that probably wasn’t there just for the shiny effect but also to show the planet pitch black without raising questions. That, and the large amount of fog when they are near the surface.

    However one can’t deny the showmaking skills of RSI to create such wow effects, even among non-backers, with unfinished or broken techs.


    Well, looks like after convincing Chris to play 2.0 on the holiday live stream, Ben is probably getting fired. Gonna miss that guy.

    Daniel G

    Total amateurs, ofc things can go wrong and your PC might freeze/crash while playing but normally you start up the game before going on a Live stream and make sure things work. 100 mill. dollars professionals at work here!

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