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    Yeah, I saw that. It’s full of so many holes that it would take an entire blog post to document all of them. Bottom line, it’s the same crap he posts in order to continue selling empty promises.

    Most of his missive is bollocks.

    the biggest yet in gaming

    Seamless fps, space, planetary combat has been in Universal Combat (free on Steam btw) since 2004. Including EVA (as a Space Force Marine)

    Elite Dangerous currently features the largest gaming world in existence. Second would be my Battlecruiser/Universal Combat games

    80,000 backers have explored Crusader in 2.0 in the week since its launch

    yes, he’s actually celebrating this. This despite the fact that the actual backers is probably around 300K-500K; but they still refuse to give actual numbers

    2.0 shows the naysayers it can be done!

    So Chris thinks that the shoddy 2.0 which isn’t even 10% of the game promised, “proves it can be done”.

    MDrake SC

    It’s Christmas Eve! To celebrate, a new letter from Chris Roberts and a holiday sale! New Euro exchange rate incoming, so buy more at the old rate! Don’t forget, the Unmelting and BuyBack tools do NOT let you use store credit at the moment. Don’t let that FRESH holiday cash burden your wallet!

    As an extra late bonus, TrackIR updates their website to feature Star Citizen! Except support has been broken in the launch of Alpha 2.0 for quite a while (HydroBIGBANG is a celebrity). Welcome to Christmas Eve space simmers! Enjoy your mouse flight and aim.

    In our juicy new letter, we have Crash Roberts thanking folks for contributing to a “bold game that doesn’t compromise!” Yep, infinite budget, infinite scope creep, no delivery date. He is “Hiring the best talent possible” and they are slowly leaving. Lack of money? Frustration? Toxic management? Only the Escapist and Derek knows!

    Mr. Crash proudly proclaims “2.0 shows the naysayers it can be done!” The heretics have to say, “substantial part of the promised game”? Nope nope nope. CHARGEBACK!

    “80,000 backers have explored Crusader in 2.0 in the week since its launch.” Wow, with 1,118,671 citizens, ahem accounts, that leaves us with only 7% ever playing the game. Fantastic. No need to worry about the 859,527 UEE fleet number.

    “2016 is going to be a great year for Star Citizen!” Oh yes, yes it will. More sales, the Esperia Prowler LTI concept sale, maybe a new corvette. Since wave 4 is almost over… After that a wave 5 reveal?! Everything to get (as much of) SQ42 out the door! Don’t forget, most folks are only getting a third of the story. All of you kickstarters, originals, and veterans, are the most important backers for getting this project off the ground.

    Do your part, citizen. “Your pledges have made all this possible.”


    Oh wow. Some German guys put together some performance tests for Star Citizen. Yikes. Sure it’s alpha and all, but if look at the online vs offline, it is easy to see that even with optimizations, the issues remain with online play. This guy said it best.


    A lot of key people have already left since July and more will be leaving this period, going into the new year. This nonsense with mini-PU 2.0 and their rust to get some version of SQ42 out, are the clear indicators that in all likelihood something catastrophic is going to happen in 2016.


    @BB They have a CE3 source license. Which means they can do what they want with it. As long as they continue to pay the support licensing fees, they will continue to get updates (new features, bug fixes etc). The problem is that merging in those updates in their custom engine built with CE3, is a huge problem.

    We do the same thing with the custom engine we built for Line Of Defense using Havok Vision. We merged their updates up to a certain point, then we stopped because our own custom engine built from it had so many changes that it takes a long time to merge. I suspect that’s the same issues that they are faced with as well.

    Also, add-ons like VR are additional license fees to CryTek. My guess is that there won’t be a VR version of the game because the engine would have deviated so much that they simply won’t be able to do it. Assuming they even have a VR license; which my sources tell me they don’t have at the time it was told to me.

    A crappy game launched has no impact on the engine license because we all know that having the best engine doesn’t guarantee a quality game.

    Hotsauce ShoTYME

    That’s the video.  20 seconds he is high as hell. LOL he created a mess.  It was all good early on but then he started fucking up fast and picking up speed

    Tracey leaving
    Travis leaving

    Mayberry leaving

    Those people leaving those positions mid-project are not normal turnover despite what the armchair developers on CIG forums think.  The fact they can’t read between the lines of all those monthly updates is appalling.  CIG really lays the screw ups out there but dress it up real nice.  A pig wearing lipstick is still a pig.

    Forget hiding it,  not disclosing the fact that your wife is a VP in your company is shady.  Much better story to tell when your wife is helping you build your dream versus the crap they did.  Her resume(from her introduction video) for that position is laughable.

    Blatant misrepresentation of backer numbers.  Fleet size is a blatant lie too considering a large amount have multiple ships.  Do they even have fleet size in visible location on the page anymore?  I’d wager actual backer numbers to be around 25%-33% of fleet size.  Here is a question for 10 FTC.  How

    Unmelt “feature” won’t let you use store credit.  Hilarious.  That is a blatant attempt to try and pump cash out customers.  Like you really think it was a mistake to not allow the use of store credit.  It was designed that way.  That is a configuration setting change unless Turbulent are that bad at web development.


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