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    Ranger Man

      “<span style=”color: #4d5051; font-family: Raleway, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 17.1429px;”>I regard gaming magazines as advertisement platforms only these days, even the “reports” are written in such a timid way thats its nay impossible to glean anything remotely “new” from them….you know….stuff I can find myself if I d chose to look into it hard enough. As for their “recommendations”……yeah….NOT.”</span>

      Amen to this.  Advertisement platforms is so true and no journalism about them.  Most of the articles are shallow and as you say timid that give us nothing but get clicks because we think they might.  I don’t do that anymore unless I’m following a link from a site like this.  It’s sad when Forbes does a better job then the media that supposedly covers the field but then Forbes looks at it from a business standpoint which is how it should be done.



      Ranger Man

        That was a good response and I’m glad to see she gave credit to you.  I do still take issue with how she approached the issue calling those who do not agree “F*ing Trolls” does not fit with her plea for mature responses. I would have had more respect for her if she had simply stated this was here opinion and view on Star Citizen and not done name calling.  If she wants mature responses she needs to have a mature broadcast.  Frankly, I don’t think doing a broadcast the same day she had surgery was wise!

        But, from her response she has chosen to ignore all the red flags and still believe CR.

        Times Poster

          Funny, I actually made the same calculations with their money (just writing as of now). With a burning rate of 3 million $/month, their money pot will be empty end of 2016. And what then? Then it’s over. Over and out. Money stream has slowed down already…

          I am pretty sure no official publisher will take the risk taking over this trainwreck – especially if they see what a trainwreck it really is. Nothing there after 5 years.  Maybe 5% done? The only thing I see being completed is the single player campaign – and even that is highly doubtful. I mean, they have only 6 months left before running out of money. And we never saw anything from the SP campaign but a miniscule section of the game (some starting scenes, walkthrough of the arrival on the first capital ship).

          Well… maybe… when CIG is “finished” (by means of finances), a publisher will take over and give them money to finish their Singleplayer Game (but not their Multiplayer endeavors). And this publisher will enforce strict progress control. Then we’d probably get a Wing Commander 6 (Squadron 42), removed off all feature creep, without Coop (which was already trashed), without Multiplayer, without Persistent Universe, without Star Citizen. I really can’t see Star Citizen happening… maybe Squadron 42 will see the light someday and after many hard pushes, but not Star Citizen. All this money for Star Citizen is lost.

          That said… it’s unbelievable that most game magazines stay quiet about this mess of a game. It’s like they only repeat pink flowers, dancing elephants and purple dream bubbles. Journalism at its worst. When I see people at this point still claiming “everything is OK”, I almost wish their dream to be crushed. That is an evil thought, but people staying ignorant is also evil, because it allows shit to spread and pull others into the abyss. However, hope is not lost. The critical voices are rising. They become more every day.

          Man… I don’t understand it. At the time I heard MMOG at his first kickstarter I facepalmed already. If Chris Roberts had just focused solely on the singleplayer then we’d probably had a game by now. And after that they could have still made a MMOG. At least they would have had existing(!) game assets for the multiplayer game (and not only sketches which exist on paper). But no… they chose the decline. Just thinking about all this shit with selling pets, hats, underwear… it’s so retarded it should drive the honest backers mad.


            There is nothing for a publisher to pickup. The IP is already tainted and the game is FUBAR. So when it collapses, that’s going to be the end of it all.


              I was on an OpenHouse stream yesterday discussing the latest blog, the ToS fiasco etc.

              Martijn Otto

                We’ll maybe never know how much money has been spend on non-game stuff, but money has been spend on developers etc. for several years now.

                This project is FUBAR in it’s current state, but it has shown that a certain (space sim) gametype can attract a large audience. So maybe it might attract a (big) company to pick up the concept(s) and the work done from the remaining ashes and give it there own spin? I have absolutely no clue about game development, but isn’t there anything build by now that couldn’t be used again? Just wondering…


                  True but thats probably the main reason why we see titles like COD:IW and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out, big publishers trying to get into this segment of the market without the NEED for any of croberts assets. I guess other companies were watching RSI closely and trying to judge its success but it should ve been appearant soon after they picked up development that “something” isnt right.


                  The modular design sounds alright at first but people were probably worrying how you can bring all the different modules together without horrend glitches and bugs. Other companies were trying out new stratgies in the past and surprised the world so I guess croberts got a period of “good will” from the professional crowd.


                  Unfortunately by now its quite appearant that he cannot do what he claims. Croberts simply doesnt provide any proof that would justify supporting his idea with hard cash. Publishers usually buy-out assets when the groundwork is done and works. No developing company lets in publishers if they dont have to in any case. For CS anybody willing to continue its development would ve to start at the very beginning and build up a completely new base which can actually do what croberts “promises” and thats simply not very cost-effective (so I d dare to state: better to build their own games).

                  lir big

                    Well there is nothing but thrown ideas/vision of Chris Robert in a non-structural manner. The millions $$ enabled him to test his ideas. Beside that, they have modded cry3 engine and made a couple of  test-builds (the ‘modules’). The PTU, ArcCorp, Arena Commander, Star-Marine is all that is : unachieved mods and maps from the cry3 editor. Just some test builds.
                    I used to map then mod for Half-Life then Quake3 Arena back 15 years ago, then did a bit for HL2. Some of the greatest mods on those games are by far more complex than anything CIG has been able to release so far. Only because modders are limited by the game tech limitations.
                    Back to CR, not that core-idea wasn’t good from the begining, but only because he used the wrong tech for the job.
                    It is a simple as that : when you have one 700k poly ship but your gfx can run 1 million/s its fine. But what then whe you have 2 then 3 etc, then you have to add the buildings, cities, etc etc.
                    For example , Arc Corp will never grow up to the huge city they claim it was to be because of the computer limitation.
                    Same goes for anything they produce; It is too big for nowadays tech. That’s why it is splitted across different “modules”, in reality different mod/maps builds.
                    This is what Derek has been saying all along from the begining and why they should have made their own engine.

                    As for the core idea of SC, the concept, well, Elite:Dangerous has grown up to the point it nearly got everything SC claimed to have and even more ( 400billions systems right from the start). The next COD looks like all Sq42 claimed to be , Dual Universe has a similar approach as SC, talking about AAA games; and there are so many others that already do what SC claimed to be revolutionary, Space Engineer, Empyrion, Angels fall first etc.
                    the great ‘Vision’ (and this is how the cult started) CR had is now old. Nothing new, it’s been done.

                    And then when this scam gets undercovered , the IP will be doomed anyway, and anything related to CR and SG will be avoided.

                    If you see and understand these things, then you know there is nothing that can be salvage from this ‘project’.

                    Now there is a lot of space for fresh new crowdfunded space game project, maybe this time without the ultra high expensive access, and no guru lead.

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