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      Who remembers this one?


      Carl Walters

        It’s a sad truth that the majority of the gaming media seems unwilling to really look into Star Citizen, when the Escapist did, CIG threatened them with legal action which ultimately they were unable to followup on as they had no leg to stand on in the first place.

        It way past time the mainstream gaming media started to ask the hard questions and keep asking them until we have an answer.

        Until then keep on going Derek, glad someone has the balls to standup for us silent backers.


        Ranger Man

          Some idiot thinks that just following the progress is worth the money he’s pledged!!  Just don’t be upset if we don’t like what is’ become and we don’t need to spend any more money.  Well, it would be nice if I could play what I payed for but with the new TOS, as Derek has pointed out to her I can’t do that even should they release something.  People have a huge ability to delude themselves.  And all those who say we know nothing about software development obviously don’t know either <G>.  But some of us are familiar with project management and have enough sense to see red flags.

          Good response, Derek.  Be interesting to see her response.

          Ranger Man

            You re right but most gaming  media won’t do anything to tick of advertisers and being invited to reveals, special sessions, etc.  The gaming media makes CNN and that lot look like real news outlets but the gaming media just writes good stuff about games to get rewarded by the game producers and they won’t actually tell the truth.  I never look at a gaming media site unless it’s an article linked from a site where I’m following a thread as here.  If I want reviews of games I go anywhere but a gaming media site.

            They will never really investigate CR and Star Citizen.



            Martijn Otto

              Maybe too much off topic, but I just got an update release e-mail for another Kickstarter space sim game. Just a guy with his son. Small as it all may seem, they’re lightyears ahead when compared to CGI. For one thing, it all actually works 🙂

              Maybe the Shitizens can back as well. At least that money will buy them an actual funded and build game, but more importantly, it will give them something to do while they wait for SC Alpha build 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 et cetera. Not to mention a forum that could use some life 😉



                I think the last time I opened a computer gaming magazine with shiny eyes and high expectations / excitement was when I was 16 or 17, thats almost 30 years back now. Somehow after reading so many reviews and “sneak peek” material shown I was able to figure out that a lot of the stuff gaming magazines write (all of them) doesnt quiet fit with the reality.


                I got burned a few time by recommendations which sounded like a perfect fit for me on paper only to realize that the testers missed to mention the broken mechanics or missing content or how the game does NOT work as promised.


                Most of the reviews…REGARDLESS of the game involved….are either praising it like the new messiah or “try” to stay neutral. The only times I ve seen game magazines actually ripping apart a game was when it was a proven desaster from companies which most probably would sink as a result. Or maybe if they got 80% of the playerbase touting the same horn. But thats not professional reporting in my eyes, something I was paying for when I bought that magazine. Time and time again gaming sites (the online variety as well) refused to ask the tough questions and didnt dare to make a projection which isnt “middle-ground”.


                I eventually looked elsewhere for information about the games interesting me, this means I usually have to wait till the game is out and tested by REAL people who are not afraid to voice their opinion.


                I regard gaming magazines as advertisement platforms only these days, even the “reports” are written in such a timid way thats its nay impossible to glean anything remotely “new” from them….you know….stuff I can find myself if I d chose to look into it hard enough. As for their “recommendations”……yeah….NOT.


                  Before the announcement of the new CoD and other space-related games from the major publishers, this would have been true. But I think that although the gaming press has seen the writing on the wall for quite a while, but were reluctant to get involved, they now have an incentive to encourage candid discussion of the true state of SC’s progress, and the chances of anything ‘released’ matching the dreams pre-sold.

                  The major publishers would approve. It reduces the risk that money that could be used to purchase their own games being sucked into the SC black-hole – and receiving the approval of companies that have advertising dollars to spend is always interesting to those that depend of the same advertising dollars for their survival.


                    She responded on already. I added it to the thread comment section. I thought it was a good response.

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