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      Ranger Man

        That should be “meanwhile back at the Kool-aid jug”.  The delusions continue.  I’m alright with no game.  They haven’t spent it unwisely, blah, blah, blah.  All posted by people who have no ability to look at facts and put them together – or more correctly won’t put them together – and have no idea of how life really works.  “I trust people” – yeah,, well that doesn’t mean they are trustworthy just because you think they are.

        I think CR and gang are getting ready to leave the country with what’s left.  Maybe the US can revoke their passports!



          No doubt you have seen the Mass Effect reveal.

          Ranger Man

            Thanks for the heads up but there are many issues with ME:A.


            It’s characters not only have heads but clothes.  They have female characters.  The animation is very close to real and does not have the jerky movements or department store dummy features..  The buggy can actually be driven?  Where are the scenes when your character is frozen while a seat rotates and you get in?  Where is the ability to go through walls and spaceship hulls?<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”> I’m not sure it will be successful</span>



            lir big

     Next COD
              Uhahahahaha Another BIG fuck-you from EA to Sir LordKinggod Chris Roberts.
              Indeed Fuck You CR all the promises you made for SC is everything EA has made now, you’re a thief, a con man, an incompetent manager.

              _ upgraded morrow tour version lol
              _ Star Marine > Cr promised, Ea made it 🙂
              _ low gravity combat
              _ FPS (well its CoD)
              _ Space combat
              _ maybe dogfight in arenas?
              _ Stations/ships assaults
              _ seamless transitions
              _ etc

              Thanks you EA, you’re an ‘evil’ publisher but I like how you’re giving the finger to CR. It’s only fair after all those years of lies from the incompetent fool.


                This is basically the Squadron 42 Kickstarter pitch executed. I’m looking forward to trying it. Though in one point you are off: CoD is not an EA franchise, it’s Activision. 🙂

                PS. Looks like I got another infraction of Frontier forums for mentioning CoD. The others were already discussing it. Should have made new thread instead. After that reveal I think I’m done with discussing Star Citizen “the game”.


                  A higher quality version of the Squadron42 killer from Activision.

                  Ranger Man

                    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the ED forums.  Have they gotten that uptight that you can’t discuss other sims?

                  Viewing 8 posts - 945 through 952 (of 1,084 total)
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