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      According to E3 rumors, AMD partnership doesn’t go that well:

      AMD dude who is part the AMD game promo thing posted:

      We’re partnered with them [CIG], of course. We are. It’s four months before E3 and we’re getting our PC showcase set up. We’re reaching out to get demos, sizzle reels, all kinds of different promo stuff. We hear back from a lot of people; there’s some new stuff, new games, new partners, all that. Absent is a response from CIG.

      Someone else here handles all that, she’s calling and calling thinking there’s some mistake or she’s not getting through to the right people. It’s now three months until the PC Gamer showcase and there’s nothing on the table from CIG. She’s trying to set up a conf call or a face to face with CIG and there’s nothing solid set up.

      She finally talks to someone over there and is assured we’ll get a slice of scripted gameplay and some cutscene stuff with the big name A listers on the project. E3 is what, six weeks away? Maybe seven at this point.

      A week later what we get a package with a disc, no explanation, table of contents, nothing. On it, there’s nothing new, [its] a mashup of all their previous trailers. It’s not even cut differently. We have the Hamil one, the Oldman speech, some fighters shooting things and some FPS segments that were lifted straight out of the last con they did. They’re all just dumped into a “Promo” folder on a blu-ray.

      She’s thinking this is a mistake, they sent us the wrong material — easy mistake to make, you throw in an old disc instead of the one you just cut, it got handled differently, an intern misunderstood what we wanted, whatever. So she calls them up again, no response, emails, nothing.

      Two weeks later we get what is referred to around here as the “Letter.” Capital “L” letter. The email is addressed to everyone high up at AMD, not even the gaming guys but the chip designers and the heads of departments. The PDF attachment is a rambling statement from Chris about how we’re pushing him into something he doesn’t think is necessary, he has a vision and that it’s “too important” to be disrespected like this.

      The decision was made to drop them from the show after that. Probably from our partnership as well, but that’s above my head.

      lir big

        wow just wow. So he really thinks of himself as a kind of highness lord. Not surprised but how unprofessional the way it spreads around.
        But hey, Not-a-cult.

        hey I got another one after the BL developer  :

        Chris Roberts, Chairman.

        lir big

          oops made a lapsus calami , I was talking bout Activision of course , not EA

          lir big


            5th iteration of the star citizen thread; if you keep beeing polite and civil, you can emitt fair critisim without beeing moderated , and actually lately most of the people have lost faith into CIG there and don’t let shitizens spread their lies when they show up.

            Ranger Man

              Interesting thread and sounds like they are not fooled.  Unlike some of the SC cultists that I saw in the links in the thread you referenced.  I still don’t understand why you got an infraction as long as you were pilot. The thread was discussing COD.





                Elite: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                NMS: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                COD: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                Effect: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                Citizen: >>        OTZ

                lir big

                  The Awakening.

                  A backer  and his hundreds of dollars in , VS CoD 60/70 euros at launch?

                  ” What this has to do with SC
                  I give CoD a lot of credit in this post, but it’s still CoD, and as childish as it is for me to say it, CoD doing it first cheapens the experience for me.not only did CoD steal SQ42’s thunder, it’s trailer alone highlights a level of detail that is straight up absent in SC. It’s hard to make a fair comparison at all, because we haven’t seen much of SQ42, and the only piece of SC in our hands that isn’t on a server of some kind, the hangar module, has very little to actually do in it.
                  But it’s still there. The character animations are laughable, the character models are jankey and unimpressive, the gunplay isn’t great outside the ships, the animations to get into the ships are jarring and often bugged. Nearly every “First-Person” aspect of this “First-Person-Universe” is unfinished, unimplemented, and downright unimpressive. In 2.4, I could see my player characters high-resolution eyeballs and I wasn’t trying to look at them.
                  And all that is before I get to the unbearable UI, and other various bugs with the game. Why does the launcher download limit not work? Using the internet while patching the game is surprisingly difficult…

                  And I have been totally okay with it too…
                  …Until CoD showed up. It showed me what I’ve been so disappointed by in SC. They took the space fights, and the FPSs and the concepts, and made a game out of it. A game with smooth player animations, physics that don’t look broken, and gunplay that looks very solid, (this is quite unfair though, it is CoD).
                  I want to show my friends Star Citizen, I know that upon release, it and SQ42 will still be the far superior game. I want them to “Ooh” and “Aah” over all of the cool things they can do in it. But now, I don’t know if I can do that anymore without them asking “Didn’t CoD do that?” Sure, I could explain to them the difference of using double floating point precision, being able to fly to any silly little thing I wanted to, that there are no invisible walls in SC… But I think the gameplay should speak for itself, and right now, it doesn’t. “


                    An excellent read to break up TOS change fun. It is an excellent summary of how Chris is burning bridges, how people now reap the harvest from their previous lack of due diligence and how beyond hope Chris actually is. haha Hey Chris, did your rambling statement to AMD take you 8 hours to write up just like your other missive of lol? Anyway how messed up is the organization at CIG? I know experience may vary, but I had the pleasure of previously working at a company ‘not doing so well’ and marketing were still able to take calls, answer emails and even send out new promotional material!

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