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      Another day, yet another art plagiarism accusation at CIG

      You can read it over here

      It has been that kind of week for CIG. 

      It all started with the disparaging tagging of backers in their Zendesk CS system:

      The latest plagiarism fiasco involves actor Ian Somerhalder. 

      The privateer concept image created by Rob Mckinnon for CIG is of the actor

      An image which, like the Banu ship in yesterday’s fiasco, was used to sell yet another JPEG concept ship

      An image which CIG then plastered a copyright notice (see lower right corner of screen) on 

      Here is the composite comparison:

      In case you missed the previous plagiarism festivities from earlier this week:

      Make no mistake, contractor commissioned art or not, CIG is 100% liable for this stuff because it is their responsibility to vet and approve of any assets used in any form; especially in a commercial “for profit” venture. And no, this is not Fair Use; so just ignore all those nutjobs on Reddit who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

      This is CIG. There’s always more; and it’s always worse. 



        This poll was deleted after only 64 votes. Draw your own conclusions

        Ranger Man

          If I login will I have to accept the TOS and if so will I loose anything.  I’ll need to login to capture what I purchased and have been given.



            LOL at people spend million to buy JPEG that was made off internet photos and some PS, the morons never knew its much cheaper to buy directly from Deviant Art.


              Last evening, a thread about CIG art plagiarism ended up on Reddit. As expected, the Shitizens showed up and got completely eviscerated. That’s what happens when people outside of the Star Citizen bubble, weigh in on the bullshit within.

              It was glorious.


              Cliff Walton

                this lampoon is hilarious, thank you for the time and effort…

                lir big

                  Lol yeah. Of course aside of that we all agree on how they absolutely needed Garry oldman, Gillian Anderson and others ; people well known to be great game designers at a certainly low cost.

                  lir big

                    Hmm I think the never settle edition stuff ahs been delivered. It was the Mustang AMD ? where AMD gave a coupon when you bought a gfx card of theirs.

                    Nevertheless something in what you said is interesting : Maybe there are group of people that we don’t know of (and  maybe they don’t know of Derek Smart and his campaign) that are already into taking action against CIG.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 921 through 928 (of 1,084 total)
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