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      Where, oh where could the ‘snowflake’ tag have come from? All we have to go on is if any CIG staff had been unprofessional enough to use the term in direct communication to a customer. But surely that is impossible…right?

      Seriously though, how amusing the shitizens were on this one. They seemed to divide into 2 main groups.

      1. It is all lies! The old reliable shitizen defense shield against reality. A key step here is to not make any attempt to check if it is true.

      2. It does not matter! How fortunate! I will be saying the same thing when you are raging about getting your money back when CIG goes bust.


        When CIG took down the CS site this morning to address the tagging issue, Goons noted that CIG pilfered the “Under Construction” sticker from the 1st Google search hit. So CIG has now removed it. ūüôā

        Ranger Man

          It seems the closer they get to the end of the tracks the faster they run the train.¬† Just when you think they can’t do anything more stupid they do.¬† Should be spectacular when it wrecks.¬† I hope they end up in court and eventually jail.¬† Bernie Maddoff did.¬† And the cultists still defend them.



            No sooner did one CIG controversy end, and another one appears. This time, plagiarism. My sides.

            UPDATE: Looks like the image owners are on the case; which explains the scrubbing.

            So over the weekend, the customer service brain trust at CIG were caught disparagingly tagging backers in their Zendesk CS backend.

            The dust hasn’t even settled on that one yet, and last we checked, the CS site was still offline and being sanitized.

            So, less than 24hrs ago, someone noticed that the image used by CIG to peddle the latest Buccaneer JPEG ship concept – for which they raised almost $500K – was based off artwork used without permission. btw, that’s for an image – of a ship – that is yet to be created – for a game that doesn’t exit, and never will.

            Anyway, the post by an artist first appeared on


            Rapidly, others jumped in to prove that the image was in fact sourced elsewhere.



            Then the CIG damage control kicked into full gear – again – even as Goons got involved and once again, came across a cliff they simply couldn’t resist jumping over. And so jump it was.

            First, it was reported to the image owners. Because why not?


            Naturally, an argument broke out on Sandi’s Facebook page where the image first appeared.¬†
            Amid the usual Shitizens denying everything, blaming ( Goons for doctoring the image and fighting a proxy war for CIG – like they usually do – it was clear that the image in question had been used and doctored.


            Less than a few hours of the social media frenzy, the original Facebook page (above) where Sandi first posted the Buccaneer image, was taken down. Since it is her page, she obviously took it down. 


            But of course, as these things go, there’s a screen cap. There’s always a screen cap. Always.


            They also scrubbed it from the RSI website:


            Here’s the Google cache of that page. If you scroll left, the “show floor” block is where it used to be:


            ..and is now a 404 page after being scrubbed


            But there’s always an archive. Always:


            They scrubbed it from the Pinterest page. If you click on the thumbnail, it goes to the 404 page on RSI server where the original resided.


            They scrubbed it from the RSI forum post where it was first posted


            They also scrubbed the video segment where – again – Sandi was thanking the CIG artist, Jim Martin, for the work. Again, someone already had it extracted and archived.


            Which brings me to the part where Goons do what Goons do best in the never-ending quest for lols….


            This is the part where you ask yourself this. Why would a CIG artist do something like this? How hard is it to create a female model. Oh wait! Considering that five years and $115 million later, there are still no female models in Star Citizen, not to mention the Godawful character models in the game (and in Squadron 42), this probably makes sense. 

            Companies buy and use stock footage all the time. So normally this won’t be a big deal. But it is. Why? Well scroll up and read it all again. That’s why.

            This is CIG. There’s always more; and it’s always worse.¬†

            It’s the culture.¬†

            And backers gave them $115 million to make a video game; even as the wife of the CEO and a best marketing exec since she was a leetle gurl, continues to pursue a failed film career while taking a large paycheck from CIG and shooting said movies on company premises – paid for with backer money.


            The E.L.E is in full swing. These small meteors are just a distraction. It’s only a matter of time now. And Goons will be right there on the ground floor when that final asteroid (trust me, it’s coming – fast) hits.¬†


            lir big

              Amazing how a company claiming to have 260+ employees¬†couldn’t find any graphist that could genuinely make a new jpeg scenery for the buccaner+ Sandi.
              _ options :
              Maybe they don’t have 260 employees, thus the need to cut on time vs quality.
              Or¬†¬†they have 260 employees but they don’t have an inner graphist .
              Or They don’t have any of that.
              Or maybe they do and then it’s even worse /


              Ranger Man

                From one stupid thing to another.¬† I love how the white knights in the post got shot down by the artist pros.¬† No waffle here – if it’s got copyright showing you stole it. The one guy penned a lengthy why it was really none of our business even it if was bad response.¬† Sure it is – we’ve invested in a company that is proving itself to use fraudulent, shady practices over and over and this is just one more instance.¬† Why should I believe I’ll ever get my Star Citizen game!¬† Like Ceasar’s wife they need to be above reproach.


                Stan Porky

                  Streuth !

                  She is a terrible actor…

                  Stan Porky

                    It is entirely possible that MVP means something different to Lesnick when he looks at himself naked in the mirror.

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