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    Kristoffer S

      A good read, albeit long but getting used to that now. And one of the bigger tragedies is that your blog and twitter are my best source of news what’s going on with “Star Citizen”, I just can’t stand more of the awkard Sandi / Ben shows.

      Now for the negative – Unfortunately it’s still filled with “reports indicate” (and sometimes you’re the one reporting :/), “sources tell me” and predictive statements much like the one that CIG would fall apart in January. Well here we are in late June and they _say_ they are still rolling and publically they aren’t showing any signs of being in any trouble at all.

      Now for the positive – what I did like was that it wasn’t as personal against Chris/Sandi as some of your previous blogs have been, that was refreshing.

      But if I ever saw a red flag that this is indeed going to hell it’s the new TOS. Fortunately I’ve worked enough with lawyers to actually read those so I didn’t click accept. Which means I’m an original backer with some $1000+ pledged that can’t play “the game”, not that I’d want to in it’s current state. And consequently politely requested a refund. Which was equally politely denied.

      I’ve said it many times before, even if (which seems to be likely) the money has gone down the drain I still think of it as a donation to all the hours, days, weeks probably even months of enjoyment Chris earlier games have given me so not too upset about that.

      What I am upset about are the things that went down early on that made people like me go “well they can’t be that stupid, CR is an experienced game dev, he must know what he’s doing. I wouldn’t do it like that but what do I know” and here we are years later being proven right that yeah, he was that stupid. One example being the “MVP” should have been the goal from day 1 and then built upon and expanded like E:F instead of promising the world and kitchen sink and then scale down to “MVP”.

      At this stage I’m atleast hoping there’ll be a SQ42 campaign worthy of being a Wing Commander sequel. Even with cheesy script (which is Chris’ signature) and stuff like that, I’d play it as long as it was stable enough to play and immersive enough. I’ve never been that into the whole MMORPG in space thing he expanded this to be.

      Btw, whatever happened to Nyx? We had the video demo of Nyx last august ( with “coming soon”? Is it in 2.4 (as I said, I wouldn’t know because I’m not allowed to start the game). Not to mention what happened to multi factor auth for our accounts that was promised 4 years ago.

      As always time will tell and fortunately there are some great games coming out to kill the time until this folds or delivers. COD being one. But there’s plenty of space for space games 🙂

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      Kristoffer S

        In the case of this crowd-funded game, which has been paid for many times over, they have no plausible reason to restrict backer access. None.

        I like how you kind of answered this one yourself in the text 🙂 Distributing 10-30 GB internally -> no cost. Distributing it to limited “evocate group” -> small. Distributing it to the PTU -> not so small. Distributing it to all backers -> HUGE! And since the “dev build” that is being tested in evocati is updated daily, the though of doing that for all backers, ouch!

        I absolutely don’t get why the patches are this big, I’ve never seen anyone else doing gigabyte patching this regularly (ok, that Quantum Break patch was kinda rediculous), but if they could solve that I’m sure they would have because the distribution of these files to everyone must be a major pain. Which is why they want to limit it to as few as possible. They thought they could do it with the PTU but it’s just too many people there, so they had to make it “more exclusive” which I’m sure feels salty for some backers that were promised more. But really, how many backers are willing and competent enough to test dev builds and report bugs. And can’t really argue that everyone has the right to it either, they only promised alpha builds be made available, not developer builds.

        But there you have it, that’s one reason they have for keeping to numbers down in evocati testing, it’s to safe $ for bandwidth, simple as. And one reason negates the “none” in your text 🙂

        But I’ll give you another thing to bash them for and add to the “promised but no way near implemented yet” – multi factor authentication! This was requested way way back when they were in that little house in Austin and promised that they we working on it. Still hasn’t happened. So all the people like me with a few $100 in JPEG ships don’t have much protection…

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        Kristoffer S

          There still is no Uppsala Maffia, it’s a fictious name given by the swedish tabloid to 2 criminal people, that does not a maffia make. But in your way of exaggerating facts, it fits perfectly being able to connect CIG with “maffia”. That it’s poor company to keep, absolutely, but still …

          And sure I was speculating. But I said that it was “my conclusion” so made it clear I was speculating. You are speculating and stating it as fact or something you’re 100% sure on. You predicted CIG would start falling early January when you said “I give them two months”. They are still at it.

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          Kristoffer S

            Ofcourse this is about Derek, it says so right in the address fields and everywhere around here! There are plenty of places to discuss SC but this place is about what Derek is saying about SC!

            But I get what you’re saying that regardless of the messenger and what Derek says CIG is fucking up alot, which I agree with. It’s not Derek creating the drama, he’s merely highlighting it so we don’t miss it 🙂 What I don’t agree with is the statement that there are overwhelming proof they aren’t making a game. I’d say there is overwhelming proof they are. It’s slow, it’s being redone alot, it’s buggy, it’s basically all the wrong progress and it may take 5 years more but they are atleast trying to make a game out of this mess somehow. And it’s not like I’ve given them any money .. well I don’t know when the last time was tbh, but it was long ago. And then probably for some merchandise, and that they have delivered actually. Not the best quality but atleast it’s delivered 🙂

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            Kristoffer S

              If it makes you feel any better Denan I agree with you 100%.

              – CIG has gone on long enough without being able to produce anything playable
              – There are way too many things undecided “up in the air” that should’ve been hammered out a long time ago, like trading and mining.
              – All the “yeah, we don’t know how that’s going to work exactly”, “we’ve just begun rewriting the netcode” and “we’re redisgning the constellation again” that we hear on the 10FtC is just a kick in the nuts to people like me that backed during Kickstarter and have heard it all over and over again.
              – Their excuse for not doing refunds (“the game is delivered”) is laughable!
              – What Ben wrote all those years ago isn’t pretty and to consider he’s one of the people appointing moderators on that there forum is .. uncomfortable.
              – The amount of companies involved in this is absurd, it just reeks of hiding the moneytrail!

              And on the other hand …
              – Derek has some valid points, but it gets lost in the noise.
              – So much of what Derek says is unverified and remains so even after the facts – like the “Potato”-ship incident.
              – The lack of evidence or proof doesn’t prove anything which Derek and the goons seem to think. (in regards to Sandi lying about her credentials, afaik that hasn’t been proven to be lies, just not confirmed to be true)
              – Derek is taking the argument to such a personal level that it just gets silly listening to. The rock bottom for me, and judging by what we’ve heard it was “gloves are off” moment for CR and Sandi, was when he posted the picture of their daughter, that felt low. Even though it was publically available for anyone to see it really did feel like a really low blow.
              – Derek keeps hinting at lawsuits or the feds are going to stop CIG (“When the authorities get involved..”, operative word being “When”?) but nothing has happened that anyone is aware of. If there really was something illegal going on there, why isn’t anyone doing anything?
              – The point Derek “lost me” was when he tried to connect CR & CIG to a non existent mafia, that was pure gold (atleast for a Swede).

              My one conclusion as to why Derek is still going on even when the points have been made and CIG failed to step up to the plate is he wants to be damn sure there isn’t some wealthy investor out there thinking of sending a few million their way but when doing the due diligence would definitely find his or her way here and back out. That’s the only thing that makes sense at this stage. If so… well played 🙂
              The most disappointing thing in the drama isn’t that Derek is necessarily right about the things he’s predicted and written – it’s that CIG is failing to step up to the plate and just prove him wrong. But they can’t which by default gives Derek more creed :/

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              Kristoffer S

                So I’ve been “away” for a few months. That is “away” as in “paying attention but not interrupting”. And when I saw the countdown for an ELE I thought “great, finally the nail in the coffin, the smoking gun”. But instead it’s another long blog detailing things you’ve written over time on Twitter with very little new stuff. Still no smoking gun, still no “here’s proof of something illegal”, just some very grandiose FUD.

                And then I look at CIG and… they’re doing even worse! Still not delivering on things, still redoing things, still talking about adding things, still changing they way they interact with the community and still no sign of a playable cohesive game.


                Oh well, back to the cave I go…

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                Kristoffer S

                  You’re just arguing semantics as usual. Star Marine is no more. There is no other way to explain it away. Even if everything that was promised in Star Marine was coming to the PU at some point, it does’nt take away from the fact that: Star Marine, as was sold to backers, is no more.

                  What you call semantics I call sticking to the facts. When you say Chris said something he didn’t I’ll point it out, just as much as I’ll happily point out all of the facts CIG get’s f*cked up.

                  But the thing about this issue it seems to be very relative and opinionated and no clear black or white. You say “Star Marine, as was sold to backers is no more” which is a matter of opinion. There will be no Star Marine patch/drop (which goes against pretty much every PR they had last year), but everything we saw of Star Marine and was promised is still going to be implemented. It’s hardly a point you want a court to settle, especially when CIG can wave their screenshots of “all things subject to change” alert when pledging.

                  But it’s safe to say that my guestimations of the full PU as promised ever seeing the light of day outside of CIG are going down to single digit percentages with all this crap. We still only have ONE landing zone for example, we barely have the ships promised in the KS campaign even flyable. Good thing I backed for SQ42 because that may actually come out .. sometime around 2020.

                  in reply to: Star Citizen – General Discussions #2369
                  Kristoffer S

                    Again I have to interupt this broadcast to correct facts:

                    “There will be no Star Marine module, and there need not be one, as the features formerly promised are now available in the PTU. Deal with it.”

                    That is not what he said! What he said was that they have SOME of the FPS features in he PU today and will continue to implement them along the way, he specifically mentions the cover system as coming up next. After that the maps and FPS competitive mode will be enabled with the maps we’ve already seen. But there will be no big patch or drop labelled “Star Marine” (maybe because, as you pointed out, they don’t even own the TM for it)

                    That is what CR said. If that is what is actually going to happen or if he’s plain old lying we’ll see soon enough.

                    Yes it goes against alot of what was stated last year, such as the infamous “matter of weeks” and yes the people who backed because of cool pew-pew may feel they have been bait-and-switched, but the fact is that everything that was promised is either in the game now or will be in the game when it’s done. (If anyone has reason to yell foul it’s the early backers that backed a Wing Commander like game (vision 1), not a MMO with fully fledged FPS, but that’s beside the point)


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