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    MDrake SC

      Is it actually true Star Marine was around $20 million? Damn. Must have been only $8 million originally, but with Chris’ habit of redoing things pointlessly, it tripled.

      What’s funny is that Star Marine may be the first straw that wakes people up. Not the loss of story based drop in-out coop, Chris or Ortwin’s replies to the Escapist, or Sandi’s email to Beer (all major warning signs). Though I still have doubts that it will do more than annoy a few moderators for a week.

      Everyone that wanted out either got their refund, or failed and were denied, and likely forum banned or put on a watch list to be banned as soon as they speak up. After all, one regular poster on this forum is permabanned for no reason, and I suspect the reddit will apply to have him shadowbanned asap. I guarantee that if I identify myself, CIG will put me on a watchlist to ban as soon as I give them the tiniest excuse. I already lost a former acquaintance, Seria. We both supported LTI for everyone. Just imagine how much crap we got.

      There is no end to the corruption at CIG. It is still possible for the completionist whales to finance this ponzi scheme until at least March easily. I remain curious what sales attempts will be made to guarantee survival from April to June. The corvette won’t have a sale anytime soon. Which means Esperia Prowler at the very least.

      I will continue to be amused by deranged cultists like real_lethality who spent at least $1000. Our pledge is a donation, blah blah blah. These idiots deserve what’s coming.

      MDrake SC

        I am posting something straight from the goon forums, but is actually not a “goon”… Very juicy. I purposely left this post vague to make it harder on CIG’s interns.

        I wrote a long post and then deleted it. Its turning into Custers last stand and I just don’t want to get people in trouble . I have already said to much I reckon and if people get in the poo poo because of whats discussed here and the very obvious source then that is nothing but bad.
        I can highlight some stuff in bullet points but nothing at Derek Smart level of excitement
        – A couple of very public faces have left CIG UK right under everyone’s noses. This may be out there already . You will know who if you check ATV and all that bollocks and then see who doesn’t appear anymore. Not actual game developers just CS monkeys but significant none the less. The old adage poo poo rolls down hill is never so true when you are involved with CIG … B4TBG email exchange is still causing fallout … and all the wrong people are getting blamed
        – I know what they are currently concentrating on , it is simply unbelievable . I cant say what it is for obvious reasons but it is up there with the farming module. talk about fiddling while Rome burns …..
        – All the jobs being advertised are legit and they are getting really desperate now to fill those positions. However they just cant and Mr Smart’s blogs are being cited as the reason. if anyone is interested they are paying above industry standard but you might only have the job for another 12 months at best.
        – The whole animation system is simply hosed. You are looking at a team of very competent animators working flat out for a year or two to get anything working properly.
        – Sq42 looks absolutely stunning (The space bits) FP stuff looks like a PS1 game and no one seems to give a poo poo. However it is not a game, there is no game play or direction. Nothing just amazing graphics in an editor. The whole thing is in a constant state of flux and a dev cycle that was already floundering is now totally FUBARED because the emperor himself is taking a hand in it personally. Some big news outlets have been in there recently doing all sorts of walk around’s and interviews.
        – All the hilarity and fallout from 10ftc, Starmarine being cancelled and the reddits etc have caused absolutely no concern whatsoever. Literally no one gives a gently caress. The attitude is , ‘ Its just noise let them have their fun we know better’. Chris in particular is totally detached from it all

        The other stuff I cant talk about at the moment because it will be so obvious where its coming from

        Derek will probably know about this already, unless he fell behind again. I am posting this for the semi-convenience of this forum’s readers. Hope you enjoyed.

        Kristoffer S

          Again I have to interupt this broadcast to correct facts:

          “There will be no Star Marine module, and there need not be one, as the features formerly promised are now available in the PTU. Deal with it.”

          That is not what he said! What he said was that they have SOME of the FPS features in he PU today and will continue to implement them along the way, he specifically mentions the cover system as coming up next. After that the maps and FPS competitive mode will be enabled with the maps we’ve already seen. But there will be no big patch or drop labelled “Star Marine” (maybe because, as you pointed out, they don’t even own the TM for it)

          That is what CR said. If that is what is actually going to happen or if he’s plain old lying we’ll see soon enough.

          Yes it goes against alot of what was stated last year, such as the infamous “matter of weeks” and yes the people who backed because of cool pew-pew may feel they have been bait-and-switched, but the fact is that everything that was promised is either in the game now or will be in the game when it’s done. (If anyone has reason to yell foul it’s the early backers that backed a Wing Commander like game (vision 1), not a MMO with fully fledged FPS, but that’s beside the point)



            Right there it is canceled. lol. I had a discussion with a shitizen the other day and all it was – was repeating.

            I believe,

            I trust

            I will wait


            My god! they dont hold the govt or any other institution to that standard but CIG they do? And about those who dont share their sentiment?

            Who cares!


            And then they get hostile when you start to bring facts into the equation and revert back to I trust. I admit that because of the fiasco of LTI and gifting shit I am/was screwed out of a refund but to be honest i am just as happy because I have gotten more entertainment from this and the hours spent watching, laughing and poking fun – welp money well spent.


            I cant wait to ride the front row the Chrisdenburg and the Sanditanic first class to the bottom! Cheers and toasts been a hell of ride so far and it is going to get better soon! I have my deck chair prepared and am comfy let the fireworks begin!


            lir big

              Well, even if I had choosen to be neutral such as you are (wich obviously I’ve failed to do since I’ve been in an outrage mode towards CR), it would still be outrageous, from a factual point of view alone. That indeed, they’ve spent over a year luring us into updates and how soon Starmarine would be out.  Telling stories to people, making promises, then finally dodging into blurry discourse when these have failed, gets a very simple definition in any dictionary : lie. This alone, only this, is outrageous . How many time have they stated ‘omg we can’t wait to put this into your hand’, ‘weeks not months’ (BenLesnick), ‘Yes more StarMarine’ (after CitCon B.L. , him again). Soon (CR) . WTF have they done with the money, ONE year of backer’s money thrown out the windows. It is outrageous alone. I’m upset. I give no credit to whatever CR says because in my mind, him and his lead team are liars. They’ve done everything to prove me right.
              So when he says in ATV75 : SM still in pipeline I don’t and can’t believe him because from the facts I can see, nothing he had said ever happened.
              And when you say ”That is what CR said. If that is what is actually going to happen or if he’s plain old lying we’ll see soon enough.” well we are seeing it. It is happening right now, why would you give that man more credit? more hopes? more time? Just remember StarMarine was to be out 3 weeks after PAX East March 6th 2015 from the man’s own word ! EVEN in a wonderful world where this would really delayed, omg, one year later is totally unacceptable. + the blurry explanations. No really .

              And I can’t agree with you because the FPS mechanics as seen in SM videos have nothing to do with what actually exists in the PU. as for the ‘will be’, as I said I don’t believe a single word from this Liar Master.

              He’s a liar, we’ve been fooled, we’ve lost money into this shit, and thats’s why it’s so hard to accept it. we don’t want this to be true, yet the sad truth is that we have all be coned.

              lir big

                Lol I’m fast becoming a Goon now but look how easy it is, I picked up that one right one now. Easy-peasy,  on front page.  Crew not affected by G-force now?! WhiteKnights themselve are wondering wtf all this is about . Everyday on their forums you can have your popcorn moment with some new thread of the kind. Evidences, facts are there. Everything CIG and crew says/shows ? more talks, overwhelming talks, literally feeding crowd with talks and talks (locking-up the minds , preventing them to outhink). On other hands fact : Very few content to show experience. Deception all along the way. 110M$ . Hmmmm something’s wrong in that pattern.

                lir big

                  Wow this is big and I’m guessing we’ll see more of this sort soon.


                    Yeah, that post is spot on; and I am already aware of some of that.

                    ps: Allie_C is one of those now gone too

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