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      CIG insist on complete centralized service, does that means all those crazy ships people spend a house to buy will suddenly vanish? Imagine a scenario when CIG going down and does a final ship sale before foreclosure, retard fan spend a thousand and drooling over it in the hanger and dreaming how awesome if the thing is flyable and all the PR promise come true, suddenly the next day, server not found, then server can never be found. Go to CIG website, nothing but 403, go to forum, all the users become bot, spam post flood all topic, free sex ads everywhere, mods cannot be found, deterioration in cosmetic features become apparent. The place is rotten full of maggot. Then MajorTom make his final video…


        @starship “CIG insist on complete centralized service, does that means all those crazy ships people spend a house to buy will suddenly vanish?

        Yes, that’s precisely what it means. The ships require the game. The game requires the client and server. With no server, the client simply won’t run. Game over.

        And that’s precisely what is going to happen.


          This clearly indicate they are going to sell, CR the professional conman must had this thing in mind for sometime, by keep it close house as possible, CR the professional conman can easily sell the IP when things gone South. In reality, CR the professional conman aren’t even selling the IP because the IP will be damn worthless, CR the professional conman is selling the fans, by keep a centralized control over a rabid fandom, they will appeal to whatever the next shady minded clown as if they can continue farm a few more leftover bucks. A crowd funded project is morally obligate to be transparent if not open source, the backer paid their coffee machine, the backer should be the ones call the shot. A game boater to become the indie revolution yet apply even more DRM measure than industry, how many mods out there is for industry IP and how many for indie?

          Stan Porky

            The comments by Shitizens here are extremely telling about the level that so many SC backers think at.

            Very sad.




              They still talk as if they had the game, I been saying this many times, that those fans talks as if SC is real, the problem is SC in its current state is nothing but a broken tech demo with 1% of its ambition implemented. All those TFC or Verse shows, all those fan explaining SC concepts are self inflicted mental conditioning, they pretend they are playing this make believe game. It is laughable to compare SC to any real game out there, this is like saying X-wing is a better plane than F15, the fans argue that X-wing can go around galaxy without refuel, the fan don’t know is X-wing only exist on paper, it only exist as plastic, as JPEG, where F15 is a real plane that fly above their head. This is like playing Ace combat where you get to unlock some of the SF concepts in the roster amount the cold war jets, if you only played video game 4 life and knew nothing else in the world, you will conclude that such SF concepts are better and cooler plane, you can rationalize justify your argument only because you don;t know SF concept is only a “paper plane”. Its also like the fantasy racing game have cool cars mod with guns and other heavy weapon, you can keep telling yourself its a great car, it is one man army, it has chainsaw, laser, and other cool shit, and you think it can be made for RL, when in fact any real engineer will tell you a real attempt to build it would result in an embarrassing Swiss knife monster truck sports car that only capable of self destruct. There is no point to talk how much money they raised at this point, no one asked how much money they still have NOW.

              Kristoffer S

                In the case of this crowd-funded game, which has been paid for many times over, they have no plausible reason to restrict backer access. None.

                I like how you kind of answered this one yourself in the text 🙂 Distributing 10-30 GB internally -> no cost. Distributing it to limited “evocate group” -> small. Distributing it to the PTU -> not so small. Distributing it to all backers -> HUGE! And since the “dev build” that is being tested in evocati is updated daily, the though of doing that for all backers, ouch!

                I absolutely don’t get why the patches are this big, I’ve never seen anyone else doing gigabyte patching this regularly (ok, that Quantum Break patch was kinda rediculous), but if they could solve that I’m sure they would have because the distribution of these files to everyone must be a major pain. Which is why they want to limit it to as few as possible. They thought they could do it with the PTU but it’s just too many people there, so they had to make it “more exclusive” which I’m sure feels salty for some backers that were promised more. But really, how many backers are willing and competent enough to test dev builds and report bugs. And can’t really argue that everyone has the right to it either, they only promised alpha builds be made available, not developer builds.

                But there you have it, that’s one reason they have for keeping to numbers down in evocati testing, it’s to safe $ for bandwidth, simple as. And one reason negates the “none” in your text 🙂

                But I’ll give you another thing to bash them for and add to the “promised but no way near implemented yet” – multi factor authentication! This was requested way way back when they were in that little house in Austin and promised that they we working on it. Still hasn’t happened. So all the people like me with a few $100 in JPEG ships don’t have much protection…

                lir big

                  <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>The version backers have is a tech demo build. </span>I think they push a 30gb file each time cause imo, when they want to get a release, they have to compile a full new build each time they ‘add’ or ‘fix’ features. Why ? I think because the build structure is so fucked up they can’t just ‘patch’ the standard way . Well this is how I see it.
                  Maybe I’m wrong, Derek or any Programer might correct me please.

                  lir big

                    This is one of the best comment I’ve seen so far. The dude is right, 8Ace said it was not designed as a scam but up to what point?
                    I had been extremistic in my speculations about CIG exec but come on Derek, I can’t help but think there had to be at least one con brain in all this, that had all this planed from the begining. They really look like ‘The fool, the bad and the ugly’ .

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