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    Stan Porky

      Great post but what “design documents” does he think were produced ?

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      Stan Porky

        From that thread …


        “Lmfao @ the White Knights

        This is Chris Roberts fault for giving IMPOSSIBLY UNREALISTIC dates like “beta by December 2014” just to get more funding back at the start

        I for one knew how long MMOs took, but I didn’t think Chris would flat out lie so I just believed they were further along in the process or that he knew something I didn’t when he gave those ETAs back in 2012

        If he had been honest about the date of release being ~2018 and how “rare and limited ship sales and original backer perks” would eventually be offered to everyone there is no way I would have given him $2,400

        I’d have bought one package and walked away for 4 years, not stayed here constantly checking updates waiting for some kind of “playable” dogfight module or Alpha

        Actually if he had said we would have Interactive mouse mode and pilot controlled gimbals on fighters like Freelancer 2.0 I wouldn’t have preordered at all “

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        Stan Porky

          Thanks for this.

          I don’t see CR making much $$$ from ad endorsements as a % of what he needs.

          Every little bit is welcome but  a smarter person would have been doing this sort of thing since the project inception.  You can pay the salary of a sales/marketing professional many times over from the deals they can do to place product or advertise in the way they have with Warner and in a way that doesn’t piss off too many fans.


          Obviously someone did the deal with AMD but wtf were they doing since then ?


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          Stan Porky

            I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as potential pledges for SC.

            It is certainly possible that CR can pull in plenty more $$ in funding from Joe Public but it is also certain that the project will continue to have delays and problems that might lead to its demise.

            Human nature being what it is – it is going to take a lot to take down the beast because whilst CR maintains a reasonable amount of credibility people who are invested will find it hard to step back and see the wood for the trees.  People will make up all sorts of excuses for themselves.

            Absent the involvement of government bodies to protect consumers, there are plenty more tricks up the sleeve to generate funds.

            A game can launch and CR will hail it as a deliverable delivered.    How long will people wait for their $500 ship in a PU as described – probably quite a long time as long as there are incremental “improvements” and we are not seen to be past the 5-7 year development mark.


            The Idris for example doesn’t seem to be too far off a launch of some sorts.  I would suggest that even if that were to be made hangar ready with a simple interior that would be enough for many backers with other larger ships to give CR another 6 months or so of time .  On the way he can have several more false dawns and give tasters of other ships.

            Essentially there is a large pot of crap CR can pull out of the toilet and wave at the fans – if he can do away with Star Marine largely scot-free he can even do away with SQ42 in 12 months time and say the focus has now shifted back to the PU for say integration reasons etc, or a new bit of technology has just come out etc etc ….

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            Stan Porky

              The more I read about the PU game play design and the inability of the technology to deliver the CR “visions”, the more I think there will be no community to speak of IF CIG ever deliver.   How much interaction between players will there be in low population instances and a world with 80% NPCs controlled economy.

              I don’t see how they can deliver the different professions as anything other than a text based, largely solo,  simulation on an in game screen where you click buttons and await an outcome rather than actually “play” with other people.

              Any fool (rotund or otherwise) with the art ability of a two year old, can design a ship on the back of an envelope.     It is another thing to deliver it in a modern game.


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              Stan Porky

                Yes but it certainly seems as though there has been an increase is dissatisfaction of late.

                It is possible the goodwill of older backers or a deluge of new backers will keep the the atmosphere positive and thus keep CIG in the business of continuing to mask the real state of the project and it s financing.

                It is a risky game to play because if opinion does change there will be one hell of a scramble for the exit and like any market crash an awful lot of people will be left out of pocket with egg on their face and feeling very angry and foolish indeed.

                CR has to maintain his credibility and with each passing week, each new discount or ship to drag in some extra $, each excuse or about turn on the tech the deliverables, any poor press, the ex staff members etc etc …that becomes more difficult to maintain.



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                Stan Porky

                  Click on the BBC is a reasonably respected show but as you say this was a fluff piece.

                  SC will get some additional pledges from this but now that Click has reported on it, we should expect them (Click and/or other parts of the BBC) to report back if things hot up.

                  CR saying he hoped SQ42 would be out this year is telling.  It won’t be but IF the funding doesn’t run out I suspect he has a good six to nine months of hiding behind it in much the same vein as Star Marine was used in 2015.

                  Do we know much about all those empty seats Click showed as they toured the LA new offices ?


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