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    MDrake SC

      This is a forum bug post report.

      Apparently, some of the forum structure and replies show up properly only when logged in.

      Reading the forums as a guest, results in some replies being treated as new separate posts, which makes things annoying. I just noticed it on my #3170 post responding to Backer42.

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      MDrake SC

        I didn’t pay attention to the ED forums until Nov 2015. Probably missed all of the major rule bending and other events. On a side note, I never forgot alpha access was near $400, and thus I ignored ED.

        I was too busy fighting for my Grand Admiral (P2W combat ships) refund, and I am someone from the old RSI site. I am aware that 1500 was one of the first to make the refund denied messages public, with Derek’s help.

        Glad to see you got your refund early on. I got mine after a lot of threats. I did not have time to be polite once I suspected they would try to release something, and Derek bringing it up too also worried me.

        Also, it’s a darn shame your snarky remark was deleted. It was too much for poor mod Jenner. Who is not even willing to admit how much he actually spent.

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        MDrake SC

          Yes, the ED forums must be so fun with people like Max. Can’t counter with logic and facts, go with hyperbole to bait others, and get protected by the mods. Gets interesting when the mods are also big SC spenders, but you only learn that months later, unless their names are obvious.

          Jenner is the mod that caught my eye as a “balanced” shill for quite a while.

          I will give the mods some credit for allowing a good amount of criticism to go around, unlike MMORPG.

          I wonder if MaxLexandre and Erillion are the same person. They both spend way too much time shilling SC news, and effort sniping people with the slightest valid criticism.

          FoxanotBond on ED is a suspicious shill account created pretty late. Doesn’t seem to be posting as much.

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          MDrake SC

            The progression of the ELE seems to be building momentum. We now have a free flight week to celebrate PAX East (what?), even though CIG is not able to attend (lawl $$$).

            But of course that’s never enough. What is April 15? It is TAX DAY in the USA. Another military ship sale until April 22!

            And then, of course… another ship sale right after that with the $140 MISC Prospector concept sale. Another mining ship, when there is zero mining gameplay! The $325 RSI Orion isn’t even making progress, since Feb 21, 2015. Yeah, that’s one year ago, and nothing released.

            Here’s to hoping Derek can reveal how fake the funding chart is soon (gotta protect sources though). I am certain that 3,000 whales continue to buy as many ships as possible, so that’s $420k for CIG.

            Oh CIG, don’t be such a baby. Whale ribs grow back.

            (No they don’t)

            (Same with directing talent)

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            MDrake SC

              I have a happy Friday post to share with everyone. I do not know if the goons are aware of this detail or not, but I must share it. It’s just that good because I noticed it after coming home.

              Remember Sandi’s motion capture footage here?

              Well, from Reddit and MMORPG, we have a SQ42 script leak.

              Sandi’s mocap footage matches the leaked script. From 0:03 to 0:45, it matches the lines 1516 to 1523.

              It also includes the Morrow Tour at line 140.

              As an extra bonus, I found this video elsewhere. I did not know Gary Oldman was… that amazing as an actor. His talents are 90% wasted on SQ42, and even more so under Chris’ writing.

              Things must be pretty bad at CIG for something like this to slip out. No build process, code base and branches in shambles, refactoring code (incorrectly). I hope you all enjoyed this tiny little tidbit as we slowly move towards the ELE.


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              MDrake SC

                With Derek and the goon leak’s ELE posts raising the activity level of white knights everywhere… the toxic $28,000+ backer, Wulf, has returned to make noise.

                Wulf has not only spent $28k on JPEGs… he also regularly sends CIG staff food and drinks. In this case

                Yep! I have proof!

                Usually happens when I send them beer… :p

                I know nothing about beer, so I ask the liquor store that does the deliveries for their suggestions.

                From the responses I’ve gotten from the CIG folks, they’ve been very happy with the selections. I think I pay around $250-$350 per pony when I order. So, we’re not talking Coors or Bud here.

                You read that correctly. He spends extra cash to send CIG gifts. This is the creepy behavior that we see on the surface. The ones CIG has hidden, hmmmm (in Derek’s blogs). If I knew where it was, I’d even post a video snip of Wulf bragging about buying more space ships with the CIG team live, and Lando looking at the camera with contempt.

                I am particularly curious what will happen to all of these $25k+ backers when CIG is forced to scale down drastically due to recent events. Though seeing how they worship CIG staff… they’ll continue to buy into each new JPEG sale a week. I’d much rather see how they will react when CIG closes down, but I think that day is way out in the distant future.

                I do not know where Erin Roberts is within this scam, but I sure hope he is just being complicit out of fear. If he is actually doing what he can to sustain it, or sell JPEGs… so much for someone that I heard such good things about. For his sake, I hope he does not ignore Derek’s message.

                For those curious, Erin worked on StarLancer in 2000, and watch the intro here, to get an idea of what can be done when he is the project leader.

                Chris Roberts is simply… pathetic.

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                MDrake SC

                  The $250 Vanduul Blade goes on sale just 1 week ago… a “flyable ship” sale added to it, and out comes Patch 2.3.0 with another ship sale.

                  The Starfarer was $175 originally. The Starfarer Gemini was $220. Now, the hangar ready Starfarer is $300.

                  At the same time, the Khartu is on sale, again, because it is flyable for $170 instead of $150.

                  Does this mean they are even more desperate than before? I sure hope so. Reshooting mocap ain’t cheap. Good thing Chris is in the UK to get started.

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                  MDrake SC

                    @ lir big

                    No problem about talking in my place. You answered it in a way I was not thinking about, which is why it was really good.

                    I am not a goon, so I cannot read SA for leak or investor posts. In fact, ever since the SA paywall, I have been following this scheme less. Less info, less interest to follow on an extremely frequent basis.

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