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      Some Dude: Personally, I think Chris Roberts and Ben Lesnick talk a lot of shit. They are well known for saying LTI is not significant and bringing LTI back over and over.

      I don’t see how Chris Roberts can act like a badass game developer when his last game Freelancer was a failure for Microsoft.

      Arena Commander is a half assed buggy piece of shit. It is even more shit thanks to interactive mode.

      I want my refund, and CIG is not giving it.

      Did you know? Steam offers refunds “if the request is made within fourteen days of purchase, and the title has been played for less than two hours. There are more details below, but even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look.” Steam is a lot nicer than CIG is. They also have qualified employees handling customer support.

      If you are 1 of the 100 that review bombed Derek’s game, and then got a full refund, that really just makes you a hypocrite.

      Edit: It looks like the post I replied to is gone. I was having fun.

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      MDrake SC

        I agree with you A R.

        I am no longer willing to contribute anything to crowdfunding. Derek was dead-on months ago when he mentioned SC would drastically affect video game crowdfunding.

        Also this forum is much easier to use than the blog comment system.

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        MDrake SC

          I hope that our comments will convince others to get their refunds, if they want it. Or give outsiders a chance to see what people cannot say on reddit or the official forums.

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          MDrake SC

            “One way or the other, the manipulation needs to stop. We’re talking about real money, Real investments. Its not a game.”

            If you want to be guaranteed impartial with the above line, you should have written it as “One way or the other, the manipulation by Chris Roberts and Derek Smart needs to stop. We’re talking about real money, Real investments. Its not a game.”

            That revision is more neutral sounding.

            As for me, I’d like my refund asap instead of a lawsuit.

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            MDrake SC

              The funny thing is that CIG will not give refunds to the people that want them. I’ve lost track of how long my refund ticket has gone nowhere. Looks to me CIG wasted a huge amount of money. They wouldn’t have to restructure or downsize if they were good on finances.

              When game companies downsize, it is near the end. It is called “going gold” or “gone gold”. Downsizing without a finished flight model in Arena Commander? Downsizing without releasing Star Marine in any form? Downsizing without the ability for people to play pirate swarm? Downsizing without even releasing 5 out of 50 missions for Squadron 42?

              CIG is cutting itself up. In public.

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              MDrake SC

                New folks need to wake up.

                Only a minority of backers ever grew suspicious with the constant sales, followed by the ever increasing price of ships.

                The amusing example I have is the Constellation Taurus ($150 cargo ship) vs Constellation Andromeda ($225 multi-role+combat). It cost $5 to downgrade from the Andromeda to the Taurus to keep lifetime insurance. It was one of the earlier signs that CIG is not trustworthy. The constellation series was also the first to receive a quantity limited variant, the Phoenix for $350. Buying the upgrade item by itself for $125 had no limit though. As much as I liked the idea of a hot tub, luxury ship with snub escort, this was one of the most expensive ships released back then.

                I never expected the $350 price point to become the norm with the Reclaimer, Carrack, Hull-D, Orion at $325. CIG was blatantly money grabbing. The white knights constantly defended the new price ranges with “the ships are huge compared to everything before” or “paying for the development of the new gameplay design”.

                Also, the reclaimer was the first of the Wave 3 concepts, for $350. Shortly after that, the 890 Jump was revealed and on sale briefly for $600, and was limited to 3560 units.

                So many die-hard Star Citizens wanted to be free from the evil ways of Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, DLC, nickel and diming, and yet… CIG uses every single one of those evil examples. Citizens have a complete and utter lack of critical thinking. It is not wrong to say that they hero worship Chris Roberts.

                Chris has never been seen playing the game competently, as he is known as “Crash Roberts.” He has also been using gamepads or mouse to fly. He cannot handle criticism, especially that of the flight model, and has the forum moderators quelling any constructive criticism or outright outbursts by dumping them into Katamaris. The most famous of these is the Katamari Damashii Controller vs Controller. My view is that Chris loves the casual and easy to playness of the mouse and gamepad because it is the only way he can enjoy the game. So he’ll force feed everyone what he enjoys. Original kickstarter promises be damned.

                Chris Roberts is a washed out, arrogant, foolish man who needs to hide behind his fan base. He cannot handle criticism or have the ability to take it and disprove it with calm debate. As the CEO, game designer, shot caller, he only has 104 public forum posts. He does not particularly interact with the community. He may have the 10 for the Chairman Letters and shows, but those are one direction only, and many backers or subscribers are not happy with the re-used questions.

                The Roberts profile at

                Star Citizen will smash, crack, and collapse with Crash Roberts at the helm. He did it before and he’ll do it again. The citizens are paying for the game Chris always wanted to make. Not actually the Best Damn Space Sim Ever.

                “I’m getting to make the game I’ve always wanted to make. And uh, I think it’s the game you guys want to play.”
                CitizenCon 2015 at

                That’s bullshit. $94 million egotistical, arrogant, cult leader bullshit.

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                MDrake SC

                  This end game will be long and drawn out. Patience is a virtue, but with crazy amounts of public money at risk, the customers are still on the losing end.

                  I hope the next blog hits like a jackhammer. Seems it will be a very long time before the Escapist and Defy make a move.

                  On a tiny note, MaxLexandre is the white knight of the ED forum thread, and does not consider the loss of Dan Tracy as important. “Oh i heard about him, but he wasn’t any Lead Engine coder” and “It certainly means something, yes.”

                  These people don’t want SC to fail, yet completely lack the critical thinking that it takes months to get new technical designers up to speed and that burns up funds.

                  Scratch that. Crucible sale coming soon. If not that, the anniversary sale. All funding issues are “solved.”

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                  MDrake SC

                    Customer service is completely backlogged and completionists like Admiral cannot even melt their Idris P’s for credit.

                    They either have very few customer service folks left after firing them or they cannot afford to hire experienced ones. I have noticed that quite a few of these folks are original backers. Trading wage for passion is my guess.

                    I remember service used to be based in Santa Monica. Not sure if that is still true or not.

                    Fun times ahead as a few more citizens wake up. Word is spreading, and Derek is doing something that the majority do not have the knowledge, contacts or resources to pursue.

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