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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    Now you look back… just what a shit show this thing turned into.

    MDrake SC

    This is a forum bug post report.

    Apparently, some of the forum structure and replies show up properly only when logged in.

    Reading the forums as a guest, results in some replies being treated as new separate posts, which makes things annoying. I just noticed it on my #3170 post responding to Backer42.

    MDrake SC

    I didn’t pay attention to the ED forums until Nov 2015. Probably missed all of the major rule bending and other events. On a side note, I never forgot alpha access was near $400, and thus I ignored ED.

    I was too busy fighting for my Grand Admiral (P2W combat ships) refund, and I am someone from the old RSI site. I am aware that 1500 was one of the first to make the refund denied messages public, with Derek’s help.

    Glad to see you got your refund early on. I got mine after a lot of threats. I did not have time to be polite once I suspected they would try to release something, and Derek bringing it up too also worried me.

    Also, it’s a darn shame your snarky remark was deleted. It was too much for poor mod Jenner. Who is not even willing to admit how much he actually spent.


    [quote quote=3156]Not to mention baiting/harassing E:D customers on their own forums when they disagree with the crap.[/quote]

    I’m at least redpilled about those space sim communities now. Could have happened under different circumstances which a real game account at stake (I bought ED at sale, so not much loss here). But I decided to look how they deal with SC critics first, before I involve myself for real.

    Well, that ended fast.

    I got a full refund for SC thanks to man operating this site. And I was one of the first backers (day one) who helped to start this thing.


    [quote quote=3155]I will give the mods some credit for allowing a good amount of criticism to go around, unlike MMORPG.[/quote]

    Well, to me it looks like they had to wait until they could construct a rule violation to make it look legit. If they could they would ban critics right away and I heard that also happened in the past. So don’t be fooled, they make it look like this, but outright delete any relevant dissent from the thread without leaving a trace.

    The first occurence was a badword filter (which I’m fine with BTW). So you self-censor yourself like expected and stay civil. But then moderation hits: On Frontier forums, you are not allowed to do that. You are not allowed to use “language” even if you don’t write it. It’s already forbidden to think it! Sounds like creepy 1984 stuff, doesn’t it? Of course, it was a remark about CIG, which was deleted, they bent the rule as excuse.

    But it was this snarky remark earned me the ban (and then got deleted of course):

    —Quote (Originally by mrsanders)—
    Well then this thread would be pretty desolate and empty since there is no game yet and not much development shown so far…
    —End Quote—
    Then just talk about Chris Roberts’ birds and how much you spent on concept sales. This is what this thread is for. Just don’t talk about Star Citizen oder Squadron 42, the company which makes it, the crowdfunding project or anything else related to it. This will get this thread locked.

    Irony is also forbidden by the forum rules and is called Public Moderation Contesting. Of course, it’s obvious the ban was for bringing up unwanted facts in the posts before, which earned over 60 reputation points for a reason, not for this remark.

    And there is the usual mess of moderators intermixing personal opinion on SC with official moderation, which is really unprofessional. One moderation post is: “Star Citizen is the greatest thing evar!” and the next one is “Please don’t discuss Glassdoor or I lock the thread”, while the forum software forces you to read every single one of them (the other shills you can easily filter out).


    Holy shit. I clicked on the link to MaxLexandre’s profile, noted the total post count and ran the post history search.

    Literally – Thread: The Star Citizen Thread v 4 by MaxLexandre  x2000. No need to guess the thread where his first post was. An obvious shill or completionist (well maybe down to one of the ‘admiralty’) who stared at the jpegs too long.

    Seriously shitizens? You think this is ok? Going onto a CIG competitors forums then promoting your game and casting the rival game in a relatively negative light. The fact that Frontier and CIG are on ‘friendly’ terms does not make this behavior better. Not to mention baiting/harassing E:D customers on their own forums when they disagree with the crap.  I left the frontier forums a while ago but it is sad to see it struck with this infestation, when in the beginning it was an awesome place. I expect to return though shortly after Star Citizen failcascades. I will no doubt get banned, going out in a blaze of glory with humorous observations as well as by then, obvious very favorable comparisons for E:D.

    MDrake SC

    Yes, the ED forums must be so fun with people like Max. Can’t counter with logic and facts, go with hyperbole to bait others, and get protected by the mods. Gets interesting when the mods are also big SC spenders, but you only learn that months later, unless their names are obvious.

    Jenner is the mod that caught my eye as a “balanced” shill for quite a while.

    I will give the mods some credit for allowing a good amount of criticism to go around, unlike MMORPG.

    I wonder if MaxLexandre and Erillion are the same person. They both spend way too much time shilling SC news, and effort sniping people with the slightest valid criticism.

    FoxanotBond on ED is a suspicious shill account created pretty late. Doesn’t seem to be posting as much.


    And don’t know where the 120M went.

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