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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    lir big


    Yeah I was a late backer , somehwere on a former blog you can see my first introducing post. What got me in, as a FPS player before everything, was Star Marine. Also interested in space genre, and was fed up with STO that was becoming so shitty back then already. I’ve really started to dig into the whole lot of overwhelming brain washing website about february-march 2015; When I saw a report about a happy proud-of-himself Chris Roberts enjoying his fracking mocap holidays at backers’s expense when everyone else thought they were working HARD on star marine. This is when my brain gone ‘what the heck’.

    As for the cultists, they will go on the wrong fight untill the end, so blind they are. As long as they’ll trust CR they won’t let go.

    J HOW

    A good point raised by one of the goons:

    It’s also worth noting if they are spending time and effort on trying to manipulate, discredit 0r twist what we are saying then that is time they are not spending on the game.

    It is a futile effort at this point but rather than spending time and resources (staff time) on Derek / SC controversy / collectively “us” wouldn’t it be more productive to use this time in fixing the engine or working on the actual game?

    Priorities at this point seem to be out the proverbial window, or rather the horse has bolted and is in the next field would be a more fitting analogy.

    It seems strange that after negative controversy they want to keep digging, wasting people’s time in the process.

    MDrake SC

    @ Backer42

    I am kinda surprised that you had that strong of a no-BS policy and didn’t know who that woman was (at the time), and was also an original backer. I could’ve been a golden ticket holder, but since I never ever forgot just how terrible the Wing Commander movie was… I did not jump into SC right away. I kept following the original RSI news and Kickstarter, and the cringy final push video, and waited until I saw signs that the project had a chance of going somewhere, and Chris had acknowledged his past mistakes.

    Wow, Chris sure fooled me. I was seriously convinced he learned from his mistakes in the Wing Commander movie, and Freelancer with Microsoft in his interviews. I was even willing to overlook the woman who I suspected was the wife (thanks to said cringy video).

    @ lir big

    I never realized you were that late of a backer, even though you were aware of the project from the start. I had assumed you were a 2013 backer.

    @ Both

    We are now a happy family of Derek Smart alts or flunkies. Joined SC in different ways, but all bailed when Chris made his public statements. I would like to take a moment and brag for fun.

    “honestly I think Manzes is 2 of em Derek is 2 but the guy Mdrake I can’t work out who he is on SA, but he’s definitely a Goon”

    “…and for more entertainment visit the comments in the blog forum and behold Skippy talking to himself through an alt-account. I mean it’s so blatantly obvious, it’s not even funny… Derek, go see a therapist. A real one.”

    “It could easily be just a goon responding to him and feeding him with comments everyone knows DS uses all of the time.”

    I’m too cheap to be a goon, despite being a former Grand Admiral under the sole purpose of P2W. I love cultists and their lack of critical thinking and observation.

    J HOW

    It is worth pointing out that whilst we are finding out things and coming together and confirming tibits of information that there is a risk if we don’t confirm what we’re hearing – it could make things worse for us by accepting faux information as fact. Ideally verify your sources and if it sounds too off the wall (then again what doesn’t at CIG these days?) then they may be a reason someone has told you information. Rather to look a gift horse in the mouth than to assume false information is true.

    Let me explain:

    It had went silent at CIG Manchester and now have suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. However I am concious some of things I’m hearing are contradicting themselves over current employee conditions and especially mentioning he whom shall not be named in the office (Hi Derek!). Now since I managed to dodge a bullet and not working for CIG and can’t directly confirm what I’m hearing. I am aware they are trying to discredit anyone associated with their idealistic vision of Star Citizen which gives us a moment of pause.

    Effectively they are trying to push false information our way to see if we pick up on it and repeat it as fact (rather than stating it’s what we heard but can’t confirm it). At the moment it seems prudent to air on the side of caution.

    If anything it proves there is something to be worried about within the project as a whole. Recommend we’re all cautious in this regard.


    …and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. If you can imagine that.


    I felt relief when I got the official statement of being released from my status as “original backer” or “citizen”. Having myself officially disassociated with the “crowdfunding movement” was much more important than the money (though it’s still nice to have it back). If one day SC members start going after each other for not spending enough money, I’m very glad that I’m not part of this anymore.

    lir big

    @Backer42 Exactly this; See shitizens, most of us didn’t know about DS but yet we were already very suspicious at CIG.
    Short story here : I’ve heard of SC back in 2012. Pledged in dec 2014 when they announced StarMarine ready for March 2015. I thought to myself they were making progress. Then well, a bit like you , I didn’t let myself beeing overwhelmed by all their bullcrap, only looking forward to hearing about star marine progress. By June 2015 I had already stated to myself this was kinda weird. Gamescon2015 help my thoughts about this beeing bullshit. DS, and TheEscapist only confirmed. Refunded by the end of October. I had the same reaction as you about CitCon 2015, any sane person would react the same way. This was absolutely fume and amateurism.

    PS : I would never have heard of DerekSmart if it was not for the WhiteKnights advertising for him on CIG forum. You guys are absolutly magic; you made more advertising for DS than anyone before.


    Glad to see you got your refund early on.

    Well, it wasn’t so early on. I mostly ignored all the media buzz before fall 2015, because I had (and still have) a strict no-BS policy of only looking at the delivered downloads and make my assessments based on them. So I deliberately ignored all that video content (except a few Wingman hangars back in the old days), but I also ignored the Escapist articles. As a result of that policy I never sank into the cult.

    This was changed by  Chris Roberts himself, when he posted his “response letter” wall of text on the RSI site. This was also the first time when I heard about Derek and his example of a forced refund. That thing made me decide to watch the “CitizenCon 2015” livestream about a month later.

    Then the stream was a disaster. The first minutes were the creepiest thing I ever watched on the video game streaming site Twitch: I simply didn’t know the women who just fake-cried on stage and had no clue why she was there. This was followed by hours of false promises and the PS3-tier “Morrow tour”. The latter evidence finalized my decision to request a refund (and without Derek’s example that would have been denied). The “birthday cake” at the end wasn’t needed anymore and it was just reinforcing the decision.

    Just to clarify: It wasn’t Derek nor Goons nor “Star Citizen haters ” or anyone else, who convinced me to bail out, it was the man (CR) himself and his wife and their own actions. The same man who convinced to pledge three years earlier, back then I didn’t know anything about the shady history ( I should have done my research.

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