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    Hotsauce ShoTYME

      Question I have is how do I request financial accountability or a refund via CS without having to sign in and accept that shit.


        You can’t. Basically, since you are already logged into their system, you already agreed to the current ToS 1.2. So you have to hope that they don’t change it before May 31st. If they don’t, then on June 1st, send them an email requesting a refund and citing the ToS section. But don’t get your hopes up on the financial accountability angle, short of a lawsuit, it’s not happening.

        If they do change it before May 31st, then simply don’t agree to it. Decline, then communicate with them via email only.


        lir big

          Just e-mail the CS from your mail client. Don’t click-accept anything from website/launcher/mail they might send to you. Don’t use the webby at all./
          In the mail you’ll send just be franck :
          _ 2.4 doesn’t meet the goals as claim in the former ToS
          _ you have not accepted the now incoming ToS.
          _ Therefore you claim for a refund.

          Bonus ideas :
          _ Without any news from CS in a matter of a reasonable time (day, week, up to you) > chargeback
          _ Inform them you have already tell your bank about a possible chargeback targeted at CIG. ( you might want to do that now).
          _ FTC as well as the European equivalent for online fraud matters are aware of CIG. No need to add much I guess.
          _ Everything you can think of as an unhappy customer.

          Good luck for your refund.
          (edit : sorry Derek, cross-anwsers, just seen you had already)


            For starters, congrats to these guys (the players) for trying to make a playable game out of this mess.

            We see two major glitches right out of the gate, First, one of the players suddenly dies of a random glitch. Oh well its (pre) Alpha.  Then, the players leave the hangar and promptly clip through what should be solid structure, Oh well, chalk it up to (pre) Alpha.  Then, the game begins.  Running up to a door it’s hard to tell if it opens properly or if they just clip through them (shhh! Pre-Alpha!).

            That’s OK, time for hot PvP action! The player raises his rifle to look through the sight and…  wait, they have a “look down sight” mode, but no sight. (Pre) Alpha. Oh well, as long as this bad boy sprays and prays who cares about aiming!  Well…. I guess it’s spraying. Shots from other people show up, but anything from the players gun is invisible. For all we know, there are no bullets.  Even when we see tracers hitting another player there is no hit indication. Are they hitting? Doing damage? Who knows. What I do know is that it looks like one of the players soaks up about 50 rounds and no one ever dies during the whole exchange (except the one who auto-died to a glitch).

            Listen, I don’t care if this has been in development 5 years or 1 year, it’s embarrassing that they took a perfectly functional FPS engine and managed to make it less functional than the off-the-shelf version. It’s times like this you know that the people who claim that the game is”lots of fun” in it’s current state have either never played a PC game in their lives, or are escaped mental patients.

            As a final reminder,  CIG ran with the excuse that Illfonic’s build of Star Marine “didn’t fit their standards” and that was why they were ditched.  They then later claimed that everything in Star Marine is in the current build. Let that sink in.





              How is it possible that nobody is freaking out? I am a software developer and I can tell you that when you see so little progress over such a big period of time, you can be sure that code quality has reached a point where you work more on dealing with complexity than developing new features. At this point good managers prefer to discontinue a project and mark it as a failure.”




                With the introduction of aUEC, it makes sense to drop REC items from the PU — CIG needs to test a currency dedicate to the PU. Players can now buy FPS weapons, FPS flight suites, and clothing with aUEC.

                Notably, however, they cannot yet buy ships, ship components, or ship weapons with aUEC… meaning that the only way to use a ship or weapon in 2.4 PU will be to buy them with cash. This leads me to the question: why did CIG prioritize buying clothing over buying ships?

                Add that to the horrendous FPS, rubberbanding, one-shot kills, Cruise/QD instant escaping, and 2.4 is arguably going to be worse than even 2.3. I see a lot of excitement for 2.4, but I can feel the discontent immediately following. When does the focus come back to performance?


                  Well all that goes back to what I’ve been saying since July 2015. They can’t build this game, and it’s now completely FUBAR. According to my sources, even SQ42 is now in jeopardy as well.

                  Hotsauce ShoTYME

                    I backed like 2 years ago and didn’t back for that much so I could care less about the money, hell i probably spent more on LOL than this.  I just want to see them held financially accountable and I would pay money to see them deposed especially Chris and Sandi after their weekend benders.  I think backers should be entitled to deposition videos as compensation for this failure.

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