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    MDrake SC

    Play this song, and enjoy. I needed it to go through 40 pages.

    Derek responding to a cultist, the same one from TNGS that attacked Beer, and considered Sandi a friend.

    An idiot who just happens to be a fool.

    Do you for ONE minute think that after the PR nightmares they have been dealing with since I landed on their front porch, then The Escapist dropped through the chimney, that if the Beer emails were fake, they won’t have jumped on it?

    That aside from the fact that they’ve been sending (empty) legal threats left and right for even LESSER transgressions.

    Derek commenting on the grey market,

    No; because, I’m sorry to say, they’re sorta right in this regard. This is similar to buying Grey market accounts, ships etc. As long as you didn’t buy directly from CIG, all bets are off.

    And if someone sells you an account, then does a chargeback, thus taking the money out of CIG; yes, that’s actually fraud.

    HOWEVER, if CIG wanted to do the right thing, they would dispute the chargeback from the bank and they’d have to prove that the digital asset in question was in fact gifted to someone else. I suspect that they simply have no way of proving this. Hence the reason that they’re after this person (who now owns the item) in order to claim that loss.

    Also, if this was in the EU, they’d have a problem because the EU courts have ruled that people must be allowed to sell digital goods.

    This is also similar to eBay/PayPal scams; which is why buying/selling with verified accounts offers the most protection.

    The real crime here is that CIG is bothering to go after someone for this small (all things considered) amount of money. They must be desperate.

    Goon leak says,

    A good man from CIG UK is quitting and off back to the Fatherland.
    Its not a firing and he is leaving on good terms. A familiar face to anyone that’s been following the B4TBG email drama ..

    And an Australian goon got his $80 refund. Image here. Consumer protection laws there forbid time limits on refunds.

    Extra fun info. Sandi is from Adelaide, Australia, so shouldn’t she know about that refund stuff? Maybe, the exemption was made because she remembered her home turf. “I am one of the best saleswomen in the world without a shadow of a doubt and always have been since I was a very small girl.” – Dec 18, 2015

    My guessing summary is… Sandi is a wealthy nutcase, Patrick is leaving, a large group of the UK CS team is leaving with him, CIG is expecting an Australian refund spree. CIG is desperate for cash, but since Chris and Sandi are not mentally normal… can they feel normal desperation?

    We require more vespene tears.


    Yeah, I just got wind of this earlier this morning and have been looking into it. This is just part of the shafting of backers. And it’s going to get worse.


    If they survive 2016, financially, they have no choice but to do a console version of SQ42. Remember also that all his “PC chest thumping” has been related to Star Citizen. Since there is no way – that I can envision – to bring that to a console, my guess is that they will probably port SQ42. And he won’t be regarded as lying either. And aside from the cash grab, the product split is also part of this plan I think.

    MDrake SC

    This update comes in later after inspiration, looking and typing. A lot of it is done from memory.

    I am in the zone, playing Halo’s Reclaimer music right now. Careful with the volume and enjoy reading the next parts with music. It’s motivating and fun.

    I would like to mention that the reddit post itself is 4-5 pages down. So, it won’t get much notice at all.

    Here is a story about the Grey Market, featuring Kane. It was published after announcing LTI returned. Coincidence? Say hello to the true vanguard of LTI, the Reclaimer.

    The LTI fraud is one thing, but it impacted refunds. Say “Late Backer (LB)” wants a hornet package with LTI, he had to get a “Nice” original or veteran backer (NB) to flip. LB buys $140 hornet package (gift cards did not exist yet), gifts it to NB, and the NB melts it and uses the credit to buy the $140 Hornet LTI package, then gifts it back to LB. And hello, $125 LTI hornet. I did not forget you.

    Years later, if the LB or NB ask for a refund, regardless if they specified the full refund amount, CIG would attempt to not count the flip as part of any refund, because it was gifted. This is why some accepted partial refunds. A tough hurdle to clear unless you are persistent, or carry an advantage.

    The best advantages for full refunds went to original and veteran backers that never gifted anything, and other later backers that only had 1 item. Fail to deliver. No product. KS page. TOS. Recent purchase. Chargeback ammo.

    Forced to rush 30 GB releases on the PTU from Nov 24, in the middle, Dec 11, we made them suffer.

    The flood of refunds hammered CIG. They could’ve made it easy. Or we will make it legendary. And we did.

    There is no great journey. No salvation. Only vindication.


    Yeah, is giving free SA accounts to anyone banned. But you have to prove who you are though. Just Tweet or email him via SA.

    B B

    Yeah, SA goes extremely fast, by the time I wake up I have to catch of 10 pages lol. Some really good people there.

    MDrake SC

    @ B B

    Feel free to repost elsewhere. I like information freedom and sharing. I think the goons are already talking about it. They move a lot faster than I do. They live on the internet all day compared to me.

    B B

    Holy Poo Poo! Someone put this on reddit and see the cult react.

    So this guy owes SC 500 dollas for ships he got gifted? lmao. This is a new low and clearly shows they are running out of cash rapidly.

    BTW : MDrake SC Really appreciate your posts!

    Edit : Mdrake SC I reposted your post on SA, Hope you don’t mind.

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