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      If you watched today’s 104TC Ep 84 and noticed where Chris was explaining how some of the art assets (e.g. armor) were not compatible with SQ42, then you already know why I said that the PU was in maintenance mode and as good as dead. Which is why all hands are on SQ42 as I had previously stated.

      As someone on SA pointed out.

      So pretty big revelation right off the bat.

      Q: “What can we expect from clothing in the first iteration …”

      A: “[the implementation you’ll get] will kind of be our legacy art […] Those armor sets will not be in Squadron 42 and [mumble] not in the final game because we’ve got a whole new character pipeline and tech pipeline with new shaders and alltherestastuff so we’re working on those assets and it’s a whole step above where the old stuff is, but … It’s not all ready for everyone to use JUST YET (laughs) So we’ll be selling that stuff for Alpha UEC down in Arc Corps…”

      So the PU is now officially significantly out-of-sync with squadron 42 in terms of the art assets AND the shaders in use, but they’ll be selling you the old shit that will inevitably be scrapped.

      This is again more evidence that the PU is dead. But if they just let it languish and get out-of-sync, that implies PU will need to be re-done, effectively from scratch. There’s no way they’d let the PU get this badly out-of-sync with Squadron 42 and whatever newer better fitter happier asset and shader pipeline he’s casually waving about in this video.


      Mike B

        So what’ll happen once Star Citizen bites the dust? I don’t think people who funded this product will get their money back, but do you think CR will face any jail time for scamming people out of millions?


        Edit: Sorry, I meant this post to be on it’s own, no idea how it ended up under someone else’s post.


          The only way anyone will do jail time, is if there are lawsuits or Federal investigations, and there is evidence of malfeasance and/or fraud. Other than that, no, I don’t believe that anyone will ever see jail time when this collapses without fulfilling promises.

          ps: to create a new post instead of replying to someone, go to the top of the page, then hit ‘reply’. That’s top-posting. Only when you hit reply under someone else post, will it be attached to it, thus nested underneath.


            Yeah, they always show up at these things once it gets out on social media. It’s their equivalent of picketing. Except with the usual insults, attacks etc.

            They never even addressed any of the issues in the discussion. Just because we used Star Citizen as an example of how crowd-funding needs some regulation, they got pissed.

            They’re morons. Nothing ever changes.


              So another Glassdoor review has appeared online. And it’s a doozy. Fake or real, just read it and let your mind flow. General consensus is that Sandi wrote it. Regardless of who wrote it, can you imagine how anymore working at CIG would even write such a thing, and expect people to want to work there?


                Assuming it isn’t fake, and I currently see no reason to think it is, this could only have been written by Sandy.  My reasoning:

                1) As Derek has stated, the Vidya Development industry is a relatively small, well-connected one.  No technical person would have shit-talked their former co-workers in such a fashion knowing full well that to do so would be career suicide.

                2) I find it hard to believe that any normal person in the non-technical side would have the utter balls to criticize the technical side employees. Not without feeling like they had some kind of massive support from those in power at least.  Always possible Sandy could be standing behind this person looking over their shoulders I suppose.

                3) The utter heartlessness of the way people are talked down to in this “review” is just mind-blowing.  This (assuming it still isn’t fake) is clearly written by a sociopath.

                4) A fake review would have been funny.  This….. this saddens me deeply.


                  Yeah, the general consensus is that either it’s her, or someone wrote it with input and/or direction from her.

                  J HOW

                    4) Is troubling. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, it does.

                    Sounds very managerially specific too, also the 9 votes it has is also oddly specific considering when it was posted.

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