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    Stan Porky

    The Shitizens seem to think that whatever CR imagines and vocalises is simply a matter of spending a few $$ and a couple of months to make a reality.

    Even the people claiming to have knowledge of the technology involved here dont want to analyse what is being offered up critically.

    We need experienced developers coming out analysing the claims – CIG are not recruiting the only people in the world that might have a clue and are probably recruiting a lot that dont have one instead.


    Stan Porky

    This is great but we need a version where at least Chris and Sandy are wearing very expensive clothing, jewelery etc .. or perhaps even riding a racing horse and doing video shoots whilst Lesnick fawns over them and eats pie….


    We need to add Shitizens,  up to their neck in (CRs)  bullshit,  throwing more money at them . .and a cliff or lawsuit etc that the staff are pulling the Connie towards…

    Stan Porky

    They say ” quite a lot of the promised game play is now available”

    Definition of Quite

    used to ​emphasize the ​degree or ​amount of something, or to say that someone or something is ​impressive, ​interesting, or ​unusual

    They have been ​working on this for quite some ​time.That’s quite a ​beard you’ve ​grown, ​young man!”

    Definition of (a) Lot
    A word that refers to a person, place, idea, event or thing.”LARGE AMOUNT

    So they are saying that what we currently have constitutes an impressive large amount of what they have sold to those that have pledged……
    <b>Lying [email protected] !</b>
    MDrake SC

    With the latest 10FTC, we have Chris talking about increasing server instance capacity. Transcript here.

    We know they are at 16 players, and are attempting tricks to increase it to 24. 16 players can spawn ships, the other 8 cannot. I don’t really know what other tricks CIG is trying, but the results will be amusing as they attempt to go MMO.

    I’m not gonna copy and paste a lot of Chris’ chatter, but I will highlight the main point…

    “We’ve been doing a whatever you want to call it; a network LOD and an update LOD that scopes depending on whether you can see things, how far away they are, whether they’re acting, whether it’s another player, whether it’s relevant to you.”

    It isn’t exactly the first time Chris has mentioned it… but his recent re-mention of this “method” to increase player counts is significant. It will become their new method of showing progress, or more likely be an excuse that they tried, failed and need a lot more time.

    This is significant because Planetside 2 (MMOFPS) uses this methodology for its gameplay and functionality to achieve 200 player and vehicle battles. As a player, you only see around 40-60 players at absolute most. The stuff outside your view and your minor combat area are not rendered or interact-able.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work during peak hours on a daily basis. During heavy server loads, you will see allies and even enemies vanishing in and out of view, making spotting and killing frustrating. Or worse, you got killed by someone else that you didn’t render, when they should have been because the server cannot keep up on what data to send.

    Basically, Planetside 2 was built from the ground up for truly massive battles, but still doesn’t have the ability to perform well at its intended scale.

    Star Citizen is not being built from the ground up for massive battles. Technical and network talent from the Austin studio have left. Chris’ habit of having multiple code branches for a game and a show has caused horrific problems for the remaining engineers. They cannot get anything reliable ingame, even at 16 players.

    Of course… cultists are really pathetic folks and say things. $2,500 invested and like this. Chris doesn’t play games. Cultists do not play modern games. Idiots galore.

    I know Derek’s Line of Defense is being designed for major scale battles, but since it is not released or free to demo, I do not know how he has handled player limits with server performance.


    Yeah, a Goon made that. I was laughing so hard.

    And actually the tide is already turning. Even with the 2.2 patch which includes features nobody asked for, nor which were previously discussed, is causing quite a stir.

    The end is coming.


    Oh wow. So they’re still going with that explanation. Well, at this point, it’s either lawsuits or the FTC. We just have to wait and see which comes first.

    Jason Jones

    Got my response from the BBB.


    <b><span style=”font-size: small;”>On February 26, 2016, the business provided the following information:</span></b>
    Customer’s complaint is addressed to the wrong entity: his contract is with Roberts Space Industries Corp. (“RSI”), and we are responding on behalf of that entity.

    Customer committed his pledge for the development of Star Citizen in 2012, on Kickstarter, and he accepted RSI’s Terms of Service when he migrated his account pledge to RSI.

    Pursuant to the Terms of Service Customer accepted when he made his pledge, funds pledged are treated as deposit to be used for the “Game Cost”, and such deposit “earned by RSI and become(s) non-refundable to the extent that it is used for the Pledge Item Cost and/or the Game Cost…” Customer specifically agreed to “irrevocably waive any claim for refund of any deposit amount that has been used for the Game Cost…” Please see RSI’s Terms of Service, Sec. IV A for further reference ( The Customer committed his pledge to the development of Star Citizen in 2012. Development of the Game has proceeded unabated and RSI is delivering content on a continuing basis. The full value of his pledge has been earned by RSI over years of effort and production, and no portion of it is unearned or returnable to Customer now years after the fact.

    Contrary to the Customer’s complaint, an accounting is only promised in the unlikely event that the Game is not delivered. The development of the Game is in full progress, involving over 290 developers and staff across four studios. Development has not been abandoned at all, and consequently the accounting is not owed.

    Pursuant to Sec. VII of the Terms of Service, Customers did “acknowledge and agree that delivery as of such date is not a promise by RSI since unforeseen events may extend the development and/or production time.” While quite a lot of the promised gameplay is now available, we acknowledge that delivery of some game elements has been delayed. This is a direct result of the community’s declared desire to have the initial release version of the game developed to a much greater depth, detail, and fidelity than contemplated originally upon start of the campaign. Ultimately, this evolution of development will benefit all backers including the Customer, since every backer will be receiving a much greater value for his/her pledge, but it may – as in this case – cause an extension of the delivery dates. It is inherent to the nature of crowdfunding that such an adjustment to the project may occur.

    In summary, RSI has earned and applied Customer’s pledge to the development cost of the Game, and in accordance with the Terms of Service, to which Customer expressly agreed, Customer is no longer entitled to a refund. These terms are consistent with the specific nature of crowdfunding. We understand that some individuals may not want to wait for the completion of the project and ask for refunds, but put simply, “takebacks” are not compatible with the whole concept of crowdfunding.

    lir big

    Yea pretty this. Well it’s nicely done, only for the ‘A’ in wich case Chris writes faster than his pen. Goon’s work I guess?
    Beside the goons, and close community, gamers are starting to wonder where has SC disapeared. My friends are more like ‘we gonna have another DukeNukem-like’ while very few understands it’s a scam. To be honnest they don’t really care yet. As for the non-gamer people don’t even know what SC is and never heard of it, and I guess will do when they’ll hear of it when it crashes.
    It’s still early, but we’re getting there, have you noticed upvotes on the different Youtube videos that criticize SC are turning over to a favorable way now. I remember Corpsealot having tons of downvotes VS very few ups for example. This is not the case anymore.

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