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      So CIG/RSI put together yet another ship preview. Again the Caterpillar. And some of the Shitizens are acting as if this all of a sudden means there is progress. This despite the fact that they’ve shown this crap before – months earlier. All this aside from the fact that ships like the Starfarer which they hurriedly stuck in the game, remains a broken mess.

      Remember all those movies (Star Marine anyone? Oh, how about how the Cutlass turned out?) of various parts of the game over the years, and why are nowhere in the game, have been scaled back etc. Well, this Caterpillar is another shining example of the on-going MVP and a key component of the new ToS where they – again – assert that anything can change, and they promise nothing.

      Well, let’s take a look at the Caterpillar “progression” shall we? Courtesy of Stolen Goon Valor ūüôā

      Jun 17th, 2016
      cargo, habitat, engine modules showcased. Note how simplified it is compare to the second showcase.

      Jun 7th, 2016

      Nov 21, 2015


        It’s a pure cash grab now. I’m quite certain that he thought he was building a game at one point. But now that it’s all too obvious that’s not going to happen – and that this once in a life time chance is gone and never coming back – getting as much cash before the exit makes a lot of sense.

        It’s an absolute tragedy.


          Over the weekend, Scott Manley tried to capture a movie. Well, the results were disastrous to say the least. He expressed his discontent. Well, the result on Reddit is that, as expected, Shitizens when on the war path.

          Quote from Beer

          My threads on SA are actively hostile because I think CIG is fucked and over there I don’t have to hide my feelings about it. I’ve spent YEARS trying to make things better, to tell them how they’re acting like assholes and fucking up left and right. What did I get for it? Ben patronizing me and telling me he’s “bored” of me “trolling” him, even when the conversation is between him and me. Or Chris wasting millions of dollars and weeks of time directing A-list actors like it’s 1999 and people still give a shit that Gary Oldman is playing some old white guy suffering from laryngitis. Or the fucking abortion that was the Cutlass, an “agile dogfighter” that turned into a fat, lumbering piece of shit. Or a community full of self-entitled idiots who make Scientology seem like free thinkers. Or Sandi actively abusing her employees and Chris responding to the article by putting Derek Smart on a giant pedestal and validating EVERYTHING he’s doing. Or getting banned for trying to verify that Smart wasn’t full of shit, being told that’s WHY I was banned (and subsequently verifying that he was RIGHT), and then watching CIG lie about it to the press because they’re managed by a bunch of incompetent fuck-ups.

          You know what I didn’t get? A fucking game.

          Over here I watch my words carefully because folks are at least receptive to criticism (a far cry from a few months ago) but only to a point. Well you asked so fuck it, that’s how I really feel. Watch this post get down voted for trolling or whatever, I don’t give a shit. At this point I’m convinced that the only way this community is going to get anything closed to what they were promised (and paid for) is if Chris Roberts is fired, his wife is kicked out with him, and people who actually know what the fuck they are doing take over and deliver a product.


          Ranger Man

            My credit card company can not help but that’s because the last time I bought anything was mid 2014 and then I did nothing for to long. ¬†As ¬†with you I’ve written it off but I have filed with BBB, FTC, and contacted the lawyers Derek recommended (didn’t hear back yet). ¬†I to would gladly consider a class action suit with the hope it exposes things that can be prosecuted as a criminal case.



              When Sandi posted this on FB, she had NO idea that the crew were watching the E3 reveal of COD:IW. I kid you not!


                To any shitizens out there I have good news!

                It seems some people in Canada went to the trouble of simulating the future of Star Citizen. Admittedly it was scaled down somewhat with the most expensive package at $274.99, but on the other hand they did promise the world (literally).

                I recommend initial reading about it to be done here:

                Highlights include – “Holy shit. Store page is still active, but their website, forums, Twitter accounts are all gone. The fuck is happening?” and how one year ago funding status was described as complete.

                Seriously though there were as others are saying red flags about this project and I totally see Star Citizen going the same way. Store up, everything else gone and then after a short while the store goes too. No refunds.


                  Yeah, this one died during E3. The reasons they gave – assuming true – are pretty interesting. Polygon and a few other sites wrote about it yesterday.

                  SJ Parkinson

                    Are Donald Trump and Chris Roberts the same person?

                    They are both running organizations on the edge of bankruptcy.

                    Past business performance is sketchy at best for both.

                    They are both proven liars.

                    Roberts want to build the best damned space sim ever.

                    Trump wants to build the best damned border wall ever.

                    They both state¬†they don’t need any more money.

                    They’re both actively collecting more money.

                    Roberts rambles on with a camera in front of him.

                    Trump rambles on with a camera in front of him.

                    What they both say is somewhat separated from reality.

                    Trump has multiple corporate entities globally.

                    Roberts has multiple corporate entities globally.

                    Roberts refuses to divulge financial info.

                    Trump refuses to divulge financial info.

                    Roberts promises things that he can’t deliver.

                    Trump promises things he can’t deliver.

                    Report anything negative and their supporters send ridicule and death threats your way.

                    Their supporters refuse to see their flaws.

                    People either love them or hate them.

                    Has anyone ever seen Roberts and Trump in the same room?

                    Could Trump be Roberts in a bad wig and saggy rubber mask?



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