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    Ranger Man

      Reference the link  If I understand it correctly if I own several ships from an Aurora to a Constellation (which I do) then if I am flying the Constellation and the decide I want to fly the Aurora I will be charged if I switch ships because their database schmegs???  (I’ve been a DB Admin for several types of databases such as SQL, DB2, etc.  and I’ve never had a database schmeg whatever that is <G>).  What happens if I go from an Aurora to the Constellation?  Doesn’t the database schmeg then?

      If we accept the reason given this is just one more indication of how screwed up the code is (doesn’t matter where the database resides – Turbulent or CIG) as well as telling us how desperate they are and how stupid they think backers are.

      It was interesting to note that the number of CIG cultists was small compared to the ones using reason and logic to point out that this is truly  a bunch of nonsense.


      J HOW

        That makes no sense. They referring to a database schema? …

        Database schema changes when changing ships at a guess? Although that would be VERY bad.

        Unless they are being billed for database transactions (more transactions = more costs) which would make more sense.

        Ranger Man

          I know, it makes absolutely no sense at all.  You don’t change schema on the fly – if that’s what he meant.  And if they are just now figuring out they are being billed per transaction then that shows a total lack of planning.  Using the cloud for something like this is one thing but you had better calculate ALL the costs and the cloud people love to nail you on per transaction charges.

          So they sell you ships for your fleet but if you want to change ships they charge you.  Either it’s a way to get more money or somebody did not think this through – or both.

          Just another example of total incompetence.


          Stan Porky

            This reminds me about the complete bullshit fantasy they sold us about how they would handle lots of players in say a bar and only see the people they had or were most likely to have a relationship with in the game..

            Ranger Man

              It’s all been a fantasy trip for CR.  He started wanting to do WC with today’s technology which in itself, done several years ago, would have been great .  Then he got all the money and is trying to build a complete model of reality/life/the real world/whatever you want to call it that is impossible to do unless you have knowledgeable people and good leadership (and even with that you can’t make it real life) and CIG has no good leadership.  The projects CR had that were successful had other people actually running them and setting the goals, keeping things on track.  The ones he’s done have been failures unless someone like MS took over. WC he had a part in and somehow his name got attached to it.  He wanted to build this virtual reality world back with Freelancer and all the things he wanted to do but they had to cut them to ship it.  Doing what he wants is semi-achievable if it had been done one step at a time, with the right engine, and concentrating on delivering a solid base, then build.

              That bar fantasy isn’t real either. When you go into a bar you see everyone, not just those you know or might know!  If that were real that would be a boon for meetups.  If you know that everyone there is either someone you know or will relate to then it makes dating a whole lot easier <G>.

              COD:IW is the first nail in the coffin with Mass Effect: Andromeda and No Mans Sky being the next.  They’ve done what he keeps promising but can’t deliver.




                A somewhat tough choice on deciding which scenario is playing out here – incompetent design, cash grab (due to impending failcascade) or both? (any fee is likely above actual cost.) Looking forward to finding out!

                Ranger Man

                  All of the above <G>. I think CR and his cronies lack of ability in running projects is showing and as it spirals out of control no matter how much duct tape they try and put on the engine they get desperate because the project demands large amounts of cash to be fed to it.  Given CIG’s total unwillingness to accept any criticism they won’t change course, admit they have issues and need to back up and come up with a plan that says here’s how we are going to fix it and provide what we can they keep going after money with saies of ships, buggies, bikes, shopping in a bug ridden universe anyway they can.


                  lir big

                    I’ve read somewhere (I’ll try to retrieve the link ) a former employee explaining how the word from the head-execs is : make that asset as fast as possible  and move on to something else. From that it is easy to see indeed why the AC, Hangar , Arc-Corp, Ships, PTU, don’t seem to gain any improvements. Port Lolisar got new shops? Okay, but its still a buggy mess that goes worse each time they patch. Ships revamp ? Okay but why am I still falling throught the Retaliator floor lol.
                    Then you would say what are they working on about if it is not for fixing bugs ? Shitizens will say the have been hard working on S42 and hiding most of the stuff away ( before that they were claiming how they had been hard working on StarMarine, and now when you ask them they don’t remember it , FPS is ingame lol). We know that not to be true.
                    Besides the ships , the only other explanation is that they’re working on keeping the cash grab machine up and running.
                    So indeed, it seem to be a combination of mismanagment – would bet on CR ; scam buisness plan style – lol I let you bet on who; and loosy lawyer specialized in laundering plans – hello Ortwin.
                    have the 3 of them together and you have the best Con-Team ever.
                    For real, people tell me I’m up to the extreme, indeed it sounds like extreme, but come on, everytime you try to compare an hilarious thing CIG does with a scam pattern : it fits.

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