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      That’s because gaming media are not journalists. And nobody wants to pick sides, especially if it means admitting Derek Smart was right. So my guess is that they are going to wait until the final collapse, then pretend as if they knew anything. When that happens, it’s up gaming and readers to make up their own mind about how this whole train-wreck has been ignored, while some in the media continue to pander to Chris Roberts and co.


        Just went you thought it couldn’t get any worse, another tier one dev has exited. Mark Skelton – Art Director – has quit CIG.


          Another Star Citizen JPEG sale is today. The Drake Buccaneer.

          Notice anything in that Facebook image? Yes, that’s Sandi, head of marketing. In a Drake emblazoned dress – paid* for with backer money, to sell a JPEG of a ship that doesn’t exist, in a game they know can’t be made.

          This ship is still in concept. It hasn’t been constructed. It’s not in the hangar. It’s not in the game.

          And in case you had forgotten what the ship engineering debt looks like. Also note that the Bucaneer wasn’t even in that chart, and is just another ship from the scope creep.

          And while we’re on the subject..

          This is the X22 Aurora from Line Of Defense. Flight ready, and in-game since 2011; one year into dev.

          This is the Drake Buccaneer from Star Citizen. JPEG concept.

          Guess which one you can actually fly – right now – in a game that actually, you know, works as designed.

          *ShitiZens aren’t very bright. Whoever did that photoshop, was paid to do it. They were paid to spend time to composite the face of Sandi onto a female model, in order to get her into the scene. Apparently the artist/modeler who spent so much time on it, somehow couldn’t find a stock female model to use. But he found a body (which we know doesn’t belong to Sandi. You have seen her and know she’s an actress/model, right? Related


            It’s an arcade FPS meant to be played with mouse and keyboard and maybe a XInput controller. You simply fell for the simulation BS like many others. SC is not a sim and never will be. BTW: Freelancer was using mouse X axis for yaw too (no stick support), so it’s no surprise that SC controls the same.

            lir big

              It’s working out perfectly when you know that the core of the project is the cash-grabbing machine.
              Since this is the 1st announced and only feature that has worked full time from the start.
              Not even talking bout the darker purpose….

              Hotsauce ShoTYME

                That’s kind of a big deal


                  When in doubt, do a ship sale. This mighty JPEG, is the holy grail of Star Citizen’s success. It dwarfs all other crowd funding, it brings magnificent coffee machine into paradise, it is the source of life in all the verse, it gives meaning to our life, it transcend mortal into godhood.

                  –Christ Robot

                  SJ Parkinson

                    The gaming media is web based and wants clicks. The more clicks they get, the more they can charge for ads on their site.

                    There’s a lot of SC players out there and many are vocal supporters. Positive SC articles get a lot of exposure through their shares and retweets, resulting in site traffic for the article.

                    A possible reason they are playing nice at the moment could be because CIG advertises with them and they don’t want to lose that revenue. When the web sites realize they can exceed that revenue with click traffic they will trash them. Herd mentality will mean when a couple of sites stampede toward criticism, the rest will follow. When the tide turns and they realize they can make more money by trashing CIG, they will, in a heartbeat.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 817 through 824 (of 1,084 total)
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