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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    Ranger Man

    Thanks.  I’m not hopeful but I will pursue all these avenues.  Even if I get nothing I’ll cause some grief.



    I used the Amazon services and it was on my Amazon card.

    I’m a little unsure about TOS v1.2.  Since I did access my account I’m under it which means no refund or accounting as I read it.  Is that correct?

    Ranger Man

    I’m not a kickstarter but did start around June 2014 if the records are right.  I’ll follow up with the credit card company and anything else I can do.  I may not get much or anything but it will be worth trying.  I think they are simply denying refunds and hoping we don’t followup.  From what I’ve seen here and elsewhere if you push you may get some refund.  At the least I can cause them a little grief <G>.




    Yeah, that’s how it is now. Your only recourse is a chargeback through the bank.

    Also, if you paid through PayPal, then you should do it quickly because effective June 25th, they will no longer do refunds for crowd-funded projects.

    Also, key to your claim is that come May 31st when the current ToS 1.2 expires, you have a right to a refund, and a full accounting for the project.

    If you are planning on reporting to the FTC and BBB, here are some resources on how to do that.


    MDrake SC

    @ Brett

    I do not know if you are an original, veteran, or simply 3rd or 4th generation backer, but the only way to actually get your money back this late into the scam is to open up a dispute with your bank, and ask them to perform a chargeback against CIG under the basis of false advertisement and failure to deliver. Send them emails and documentation as additional proof.

    Chargebacks have conditions, and usually a time limit. Act fast. Much easier if you purchased from a credit card.

    Just google “star citizen chargeback” and the first few links should give you what you need.

    Ranger Man

    Thank you for the research that is exposing the sham that is Star Citizen.  I was a WC fan (I have all the CDs of the Windows versions) and was excited when I saw Star Citizen and the goal to create the Wing Commander we always wanted so I subscribed and ended up at around $2500 USD.  However, by then I began seeing the signs.  I have project management experience both in heavy industry (projects around 2 mill) and IT projects and there were too many red flags such as adding new features and apparently just taking resources from one place and throwing them at other projects.  There was no apparent direction but  more – “oooh.  Shiny. Let’s chase it”  Instead of ships and a game we were given fish tanks and liquor cabinets for the hanger.  This was before your work but given the red flags I suspended any giving or subscribing.

    Yesterday I requested a refund based on non-delivery and got the standard letter of how it’s over 14 days, etc.  I responded that I expected this answer but was aware many had gotten refunds after the 14 days and wanted to give them the chance to do the right thing before I contact the FTC and Better Business Bureau which I am now going to do. Once I contact these agencies I’ll let CIG know but I don’t expect much.

    Keep up the good work.


    Stan Porky

    The trouble is that CR is the one making claims that he is developing Star Citizen with all its burgeoning content and futuristic gaming experience.

    Where is HIS EVIDENCE that he can and will deliver while he lies his way to $millions of backers money and spends it like a kid in a candy store ?


    Wow, still seems some people still don’t get it. And by ‘it’ I mean how far down the toilet star citizen has gone. The latest blog is called Extinction Level Event for a very good reason. Just my speculation but perhaps those such as Denan want to believe that there is still hope for the game, simply because they don’t want to face the fact that their money has been wasted. Following that reasoning, if everyone pointing grim opinions like that out, as well as the other horrors occurring then go away, everything will be better. The shitizen community and CIG management/CS team will accept all their valid concerns with open arms with the ‘obstacles’ then removed. LMAO.


    Seriously dude for whatever the reason, how is it so difficult to understand from all the evidence that has been presented (a multitude of sources not just here) that we have passed the point of no return.  You can have any number of concerns, very valid concerns about a variety of aspects of the game.  But it does not mean anything at this point in time. You are not going to get a game with even a 1/4 of what was promised.  The best you can hope for is some shit tier game as described in that goon leak sometime ago. The why this is happening has nothing to do Derek and some goons. Its been less then a year since Derek’s first blog about the game! Hell, I am an avid space sim fan who started following this hilarity since the second half of 2013. Never gave a single cent to the project because I saw it for what it was with all the hype and scope creep. Thats right, ~ 2 years before 1st blog! Just want to emphasize that.

    The reasons why you have lost any money put towards star citizen is as follows:

    1. Chris Roberts. Constant rework, movie aspirations, history of incompetence speaks for itself. No Microsoft to save the day this time. Not to forget unprofessional as demonstrated by the 8 hour missive of fail and lol he wrote. A CEO doing that in other businesses would typically be on the way out. The fact Chris is still there with power shows what a farce this all is.

    2. Organizational culture plus external community. Reports of CIGs internal failings are the stuff of nightmares and the external community is regarded as the most toxic that ever existed which is saying something.

    3. Crippling technical issues as covered expertly by others here and elsewhere.


    I strongly recommend those that are accepting that the project is in serious trouble yet are placing the blame where it does not belong, to instead focus on getting your money back. If all attempts at this fail then take it as a life lesson and get over it.

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