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    J HOW

      A good point raised by one of the goons:

      It’s also worth noting if they are spending time and effort on trying to manipulate, discredit 0r twist what we are saying then that is time they are not spending on the game.

      It is a futile effort at this point but rather than spending time and resources (staff time) on Derek / SC controversy / collectively “us” wouldn’t it be more productive to use this time in fixing the engine or working on the actual game?

      Priorities at this point seem to be out the proverbial window, or rather the horse has bolted and is in the next field would be a more fitting analogy.

      It seems strange that after negative controversy they want to keep digging, wasting people’s time in the process.

      lir big


        Yeah I was a late backer , somehwere on a former blog you can see my first introducing post. What got me in, as a FPS player before everything, was Star Marine. Also interested in space genre, and was fed up with STO that was becoming so shitty back then already. I’ve really started to dig into the whole lot of overwhelming brain washing website about february-march 2015; When I saw a report about a happy proud-of-himself Chris Roberts enjoying his fracking mocap holidays at backers’s expense when everyone else thought they were working HARD on star marine. This is when my brain gone ‘what the heck’.

        As for the cultists, they will go on the wrong fight untill the end, so blind they are. As long as they’ll trust CR they won’t let go.

        MDrake SC

          @ J HOW

          I am under the impression that you are now having a lot of fun with following SC. I mean, it sounds like you are a goon now. If true, kinda funny considering how you got involved.

          Anyways, I agree that CIG may be planting out false information in order to discredit us and goons. Fortunately, Derek has his sources (which he actively protects), so anything CIG does will not affect him. It will only affect those of us who are well outside of CIG’s clutches.

          I will also admit, I am slightly jealous of what you have heard. Learning of CIG staff applying for your workplace, and being denied, actually makes me happy. It’s not fun and games when someone can’t get a job. However, the fact that many people at CIG are complicit (especially LA office) in supporting this ponzi scheme certainly makes me question the moral quality of those left at CIG. Aside from sources who chose to stay as whistleblowers.

          Personally, I am very curious what kind of game company you work at, but I know you cannot tell us without endangering yourself.

          Here’s to hoping SC goes down sooner, rather than later. I really want to be wrong about my 3000 whales-survival-power analysis.


            And now to something (not) completely different.

            I just stumbled about this nice little article:

            “To anyone outside of the Silicon Valley bubble, the Theranos fallout is not only hard to believe, but hard to understand. How could a startup with nearly $100 million in funding potentially be a giant fraud? How could her investors not see the writing on the wall before the SEC started banging down the door?”

            I’m just wondering if CIG will draw the same amaount of attention, since it is not backed by VC.


              [quote quote=3178]@ Backer42
              I am kinda surprised that you had that strong of a no-BS policy and didn’t know who that woman was (at the time), and was also an original backer. I could’ve been a golden ticket holder, but since I never ever forgot just how terrible the Wing Commander movie was… I did not jump into SC right away. I kept following the original RSI news and Kickstarter, and the cringy final push video, and waited until I saw signs that the project had a chance of going somewhere, and Chris had acknowledged his past mistakes.
              Wow, Chris sure fooled me. I was seriously convinced he learned from his mistakes in the Wing Commander movie, and Freelancer with Microsoft in his interviews. I was even willing to overlook the woman who I suspected was the wife (thanks to said cringy video).[/quote]

              I never saw the Wing Commander movie. Back then in 2012 I didn’t even know it existed. I got mostly misinformed by video game media outlets, which promoted Roberts’ Kickstarter and praised him like a genius.

              When the funding campaign launched, I was positively impressed by the successful remake of the XCOM franchise, so I thought bringing back another 90s classic couldn’t hurt. I already participated in various crowdfunded games, which also turned out good.

              Of course, I expected them to bring over the good things from 90s sci-fi PC games (like diverse and customizable input controller support), not the bad things (like the excuse-tier storytelling). Turns out Descent Underground from Wingman previously working at CIG seems to be the title, which fulfills this promise, not the 120 million movie project.

              Chis’ wife only appeared inside the marketing videos and I didn’t watch those. After pledging I even canceled the email subscriptions, because the weekly mails reporting the “progress” where basically just “give us more money pls!” and my stance on that was: “Come back when you have something to download”.

              So it went downhill early on, but I wasn’t suspecting enough. I was fine with just waiting two years, of course, then there was no finished release, just Arena Commander.


                I wonder how much of what CR now does is really voluntarily. He wouldn’t be the first revolutionary, swept away by his own movement.

                Looking at the  non-critizens, one really would not want to cross there paths in some dark alley. When do you transit from a cult leader into a hostage of that very same cult? Maybe we should start a railroad for kickstarter prophets who over promised and now have to run from the crowd who is not to fond.

                If you sink the monetary value of a house-

                Derek was right to not state his address.

                MDrake SC

                  It’s been a quiet few days for official news. On the hate-reddit though… a bit of fun has occurred.

                  “Dear Derek, this subreddit exists for one reason and one reason only at its core. To document what you say. A fun byproduct of that are the numerous individuals who provide counter evidence or prove your wild accusations are in fact baseless lies.

                  There is no hate here, any personal attack against you or invasion of your privacy is swiftly deleted because it is against the rules. But you know that already don’t you? After all the only person who has been banned for operating a hate sub should be familiar to you.” – Sledgejammer

                  The whole thread can be found here. I don’t expect many people to go through the drivel they spew, so I’ll spoil and explain the fun.

                  “Shitposting and baiting will be dealt with severely. Today has been a bad day for posting violations, keep it civil and cut down on our workload. This is your warning, do not be surprised if violations in this thread net immediate temporary or permanent bans.” – jester86 (moderator)

                  The cultists are going more and more insane. They are increasing their irrational attacks, harassment, whatever and it is forcing the mods to keep things under “control.” Many comments are deleted, and warnings are issued. It is amazing to see them breaking down slowly.

                  It is weird that there are “moderates” over there that are willing to join the anti-SC camp, when proof is provided, but otherwise hate Derek. Always saying what Derek has shown is not proof enough. Then they ignore official things like Chris’ response to the Escapist. Beer’s emails with Sandi and Patrick. Loss of game features. Minimal viable product.

                  Just how broken are these people? Should we be worried or sorry for them? Endure their harassment and constant attacks in hopes they will understand that they have been deceived by CIG? Especially at this late stage?

                  My opinion, nope. Those guys are screwed up and irredeemable. Even those “moderates.”

                  The ELE is progressing slowly. The signs are all there. I just love sharing the small details.

                  MDrake SC

                    Oh wow, the mods are moving faster. They deleted Sledgejammer’s post. I was hoping to save this later, but I’ll post it here before the mods completely nuke it.

                    Derek has been doing some fun stuff. He is going after the hate-reddit itself. Here is the thread simply about Derek’s actions, and the relevant images that were posted by Remolode that make up the original post. One, two, three.

                    The moderators are scared. I wonder what the cultists will think or do… Finally accept Derek is legitimate? Or more likely say “Derek is just a liar and bully with fake lawyers.”

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