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    My new blog is going live in the AM. It was finished but at the last minute, something came up that legal needed me to source.Once you read it, you’ll see why.

    By the time I got around to doing that, it was already late and I was busy with other things.

    The blog will go live at this link tomorrow morning at 10AM EST

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    MDrake SC

    @ lir big

    Thanks for the reply and hope.
    Unfortunately, I am not the only large pledger that is being ignored. I have been talking with other high and grand admirals that have been ignored.

    While there are other difficult options to go with, depending on how we want to get our money back, they also have risks.
    The only sure thing is that CIG is only refunding $45-500 pledgers easily. Any higher is case by case.

    Some of us will go down with the ship if other options don’t work out.
    We will join Derek’s lawsuit when it becomes available.

    Kristoffer S

    I know. I remember it well when he promised SQ42 before the end of the year. CIG are coming off as complete noobs in game making when they say stuff like that, I don’t know anyone that follows game dvelopment that believed what he was selling. So I’m not arguing that, I totally support that and they shouldn’t ever say anything like that again and then not deliver anything.

    But that’s not what this disagreement was about. It was about “lir big” saying that Chris promised 2.0 in “2 weeks” during citizen con 2015, which he didn’t. Joe then linked a video to support the argument he did promise that, but didn’t check where that videoclip came from (Gamescom 2014 talking about 0.9, so that’s 3 errors of 3 possible). And that’s what I really dislike, when people are internet arguing with things they think are facts without actually checking up on them. Fact checking is boring as hell and only sticking to facts is boring, but it doesn’t serve anyone to come up with false arguments like this. And I’m sorry I have to be bad cop about that, but the good thing is I have no problem admitting to CIG’s fuckups as well!

    CR did not at CitizenCon promise a date for 2.0, he was so careful not to because “people give me shit for giving dates”. Blizzard pretty much trademarked “soon” and you know how many ex-Blizzards there are at CIG? Too many to count!

    Kristoffer S

    @Janis Egle ; If you’ve followed a project to make a AAA game in incomplete alpha for 6 months and felt you needed to “get out” and sold your ships, then you really shouldn’t sign up for a project like this again because you’re a part of the problem with open development!
    As the white knights will be quick to tell you – a project of this size should take 5, up to 7, years to produce, and you wouldn’t even know it existed the first 3. And as all the big publishers are now allowing “beta” access to their games, that “beta” is 4/5 times for promotional purposes and 1/5 for load testing alone, i.e the game is pretty much complete and “gold” at that stage. This project is alpha modules that aren’t really bound together yet so yes, they are buggy and absolutely not feature complete! So if you expected differently then you were wrong to do so. But I’m happy that you got out, because CIG is showing with their refunds, albeit slow, that they don’t want people to feel screwed.

    The counter argument here is ofcourse that it shouldn’t be in this alpha mess at this stage according to CIG own promises. As late as April they said SQ42 will be out before the end of the year, which I’m pretty sure everyone realises isn’t going to happen. Their projections are so off and amateurish that it seems like they’ve never done this before! So yes, it’s CIG’s fault for getting people’s hopes up and all this “PR talk” that seems exist to simply get more money into it when it’s nowhere near complete.

    Personally I expect it in 2020 – if they have the money to go on for that long, which they should.

    Janis Egle

    I watched SC progress up closely for last 6 months, and decided that there is no hope for this game. Cant even say it is a game, just glitches and instability… I liked very much idea of this game, but looks like that idea is just in air, peoples minds and forums. Tired from all promises, next week, next month, soon… And it seems that there is no hope for SC without 3rd party investor anymore… So i sold my ships and will return to this game only when it will be finished (if)…

    Hyco Cam

    Here is a full clip from GamesCom 2105: The Road to CitizenCon

    At 2:51:13 is when Chris Roberts, himself, talks about how much progress has been made and what the backers should expect before CitizenCon. In this particular clip Star Marine is touted as being out by the end August. Important to note that CR never states which August. Might be August 2020, might be August 2016–it sure wasn’t August 2015.

    Kristoffer S

    Let me be a bit of fact checker for you regarding that clip at 4:09 – that is taken from GamesCom (not Citcon) of 2014 (not 2015) and he was talking about 0.9 (not 2.0) dropping in about 2 weeks. As always, correct me if I’m wrong.

    This is what is dislike the most in this “argument” – supporters of both sides have their facts wrong or scewed, which is where I step in because facts should be facts and not something made up and repeated enough so it becomes assumed fact! As I say, both sides are guilty of it.

    Kristoffer S

    He’s not talking about 2.0 in that clip at 4:09. Link the original video for context please.

    Joe McClintok

    @Kristoffer S

    Apparently you dont remember that Chris indeed did say “about 2 weeks” at Citcon. Here is a link to the video that is posted above in this very thread:

    2 Weeks

    If you go to about 4:09 into the video and play it from there, you will see he does indeed say “this will drop in about 2 weeks”.

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