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      LOL!!! I have to admit, you had me going for a minute. Well done. 🙂

      MDrake SC

        New folks need to wake up.

        Only a minority of backers ever grew suspicious with the constant sales, followed by the ever increasing price of ships.

        The amusing example I have is the Constellation Taurus ($150 cargo ship) vs Constellation Andromeda ($225 multi-role+combat). It cost $5 to downgrade from the Andromeda to the Taurus to keep lifetime insurance. It was one of the earlier signs that CIG is not trustworthy. The constellation series was also the first to receive a quantity limited variant, the Phoenix for $350. Buying the upgrade item by itself for $125 had no limit though. As much as I liked the idea of a hot tub, luxury ship with snub escort, this was one of the most expensive ships released back then.

        I never expected the $350 price point to become the norm with the Reclaimer, Carrack, Hull-D, Orion at $325. CIG was blatantly money grabbing. The white knights constantly defended the new price ranges with “the ships are huge compared to everything before” or “paying for the development of the new gameplay design”.

        Also, the reclaimer was the first of the Wave 3 concepts, for $350. Shortly after that, the 890 Jump was revealed and on sale briefly for $600, and was limited to 3560 units.

        So many die-hard Star Citizens wanted to be free from the evil ways of Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, DLC, nickel and diming, and yet… CIG uses every single one of those evil examples. Citizens have a complete and utter lack of critical thinking. It is not wrong to say that they hero worship Chris Roberts.

        Chris has never been seen playing the game competently, as he is known as “Crash Roberts.” He has also been using gamepads or mouse to fly. He cannot handle criticism, especially that of the flight model, and has the forum moderators quelling any constructive criticism or outright outbursts by dumping them into Katamaris. The most famous of these is the Katamari Damashii Controller vs Controller. My view is that Chris loves the casual and easy to playness of the mouse and gamepad because it is the only way he can enjoy the game. So he’ll force feed everyone what he enjoys. Original kickstarter promises be damned.

        Chris Roberts is a washed out, arrogant, foolish man who needs to hide behind his fan base. He cannot handle criticism or have the ability to take it and disprove it with calm debate. As the CEO, game designer, shot caller, he only has 104 public forum posts. He does not particularly interact with the community. He may have the 10 for the Chairman Letters and shows, but those are one direction only, and many backers or subscribers are not happy with the re-used questions.

        The Roberts profile at

        Star Citizen will smash, crack, and collapse with Crash Roberts at the helm. He did it before and he’ll do it again. The citizens are paying for the game Chris always wanted to make. Not actually the Best Damn Space Sim Ever.

        “I’m getting to make the game I’ve always wanted to make. And uh, I think it’s the game you guys want to play.”
        CitizenCon 2015 at

        That’s bullshit. $94 million egotistical, arrogant, cult leader bullshit.


          Oh yeah, I remember that Constellation farce well.

          In fact, even with the incessant outcries in the forums, it is amazing to me that they are still doing that crap. But then again, since they don’t have a “game” to sell, these are the only ways for them to keep making money. It’s just unfortunate that amid all this, they somehow keep roping more people in to this bullshit.

          moon raker

            Nice write up Derek I think you covered most of the concerns you already predicted many things that others did not see coming . Think its a question of waiting it out now and watching things unravel. I don’t think the penny will drop for many backers until they play the first episode of SQ42. Then start thinking about the persistent universe and there dream JPEG toys and then it will slowly dawn on them. That CR and Ben had been selling them dreams and are in fact AAA Bullshitters who change there story and move the goal post to where ever then next dollar can be made . My guess is 70% of the money in this project is backing the dream PU and not SQ42 .

            Amir Jonis

              Good writeup, I like the links you integrate to the post – it makes it easy to follow your arguments. One part I hadn’t seen before was Chris’ talk about the multiplayer stuff. A lot of stuff has changed since then eh?

              On another note, I linked a funny GIF on Twitter I had found of Derek hurling fireballs at ships but I was immediately blocked for reasons unknown. What’s that about?


                Hi Derek,

                I’ve read your latest blog post and in all seriousness, 5 months have past since your first blog post and your promise that you would be moving forward with a lawsuit.

                You continue to make some serious accusations but don’t get me wrong. Its speculation. GIZMONDO money laundering? Are you now claiming that Chris and company are part of the Swedish mafia?
                Do you have any proof that they were in anyway involved in that?
                And by the way. As you know Erin Roberts has developed several recent well received games. Do you have any evidence he has ever done anything wrong?

                Look. Obviously some people will believe in you. As well as some people belive CIG isn’t doing anything wrong.
                But this just shows that you have turned this into a political battle. White Knights vs Derek Smart and so on.

                Some may choose to believe you and may disapprove how CIG handles SC development, but in the end if you just continue on this accusation path without actually moving forward with the lawsuit you have promissed, people will simply stop believing any word you say.

                People are free to choose what they want to believe in. Recently there have been rumors that No Man´s Sky is facing dificulties and probably will be cancelled.

                Back when The Witcher 3 was being developed, there were accusations that PR was creating an overblown impression of the game that didn’t exist, (similar to SC) and the team was in crazy crunch time.
                As we now know, The Witcher 3 is now considered one of the best SP RPGs of all time.

                Final warning?
                I hope so Derek. Because I’ve been here reading your posts, sharing what I hope are constructive opinions and I for once want this issue resolved once and for all.
                So, I’ll make a final warning as well.

                CIG obviously won’t respond to your accusations. As such you now either move forward with a lawsuit, or if you don’t, you’ll just loose any support you have.

                One way or the other, the manipulation needs to stop. We’re talking about real money, Real investments. Its not a game.

                A R

                  Hrmm, cant seem to post on the comments on the new blog.

                  Anyway, Derek: you said before you were working on a big post of a bunch of other space games and your thoughts on them right? I’d like to see you compare them and their situations with Star Citizen in a bit more depth (we’ve got a few decent ones that aren’t selling jpegs and are having at least limited success while not being some predatory fundraising scheme, plus a bunch of other neat ones that seem more or less overlooked – heck, it looks like Infinity Battlescape is hurting from the SC kickstarter shenanigans because they beat em to the punch and now people are in ‘fool me once’ mode, even though they have modest goals and a great campaign)


                    That’s why they now have a lot riding on SQ42. It’s a make or break scenario now. Hopefully they make it; but I’m not optimistic at all.

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