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    MDrake SC

      Just to remind you, fact checking is very painful. I asked for help in the end.

      1. Watch from 2:24-2:32, published on Dec 19, 2014:
      2. Watch 0:22-0:32, published Nov 5, 2015:
      3. Read some comments here:
      Comments by Broken_Blade, Enoril, and therealdiscolando about retaliator escape pod.

      “This was an old previs/lookdev created in December 2014. Parts of it were used in the CIG version of the Imagine trailer. We just thought you’d like to see the full, uncut version. =)
      Remember, as this is previs/lookdev, it’s an exploration of ideas and concepts, and is in no way guaranteed to be representative of what you’d see in the finished game.”

      Derek’s repost of this image is accurate:

      Jared is a CIG employee and had to make an excuse. Notice the 73 upvotes. Also someone’s post got deleted.
      So many people accept anything CIG says. I sure don’t.

      Kristoffer S

        MDrake : I still fail to see where anyone from CIG said or wrote that this is NEW footage? Disco said right there on reddit it’s OLD footage? I don’t get how they can get flak for trying to pass off an old video as a new when I fail to see where they say it’s new? Yeah, it was “sneak peak” but that doesn’t say it’s totally new? How many times have we seen the hangar remix in the sneak peak? So my objection to this argument stands until someone can show me anyone from CIG saying that this is supposed to be new footage.

        MDrake SC

          Well, not only did I waste a whole bunch of time watching segments of AtV 2.06 to check what you replied with, I realized that what you want is CIG to outright make a lie. That is the hard facts you want. I do not think you consider the end of LTI to be a lie, back in November 2013. The change to re-selling of the M50 exclusive racing suit as a separate item outside of the Lightspeed package also doesn’t affect you or come off as a lie.

          Did you ever once question the lack of Vanduul character animations, appearance, anything in new stuff not from the Cutlass trailer? The Vanduul are the main bad guys, and there is nothing about them. Sure, CIG can be holding it back as a secret… but what if they actually never did anything with the Vanduul? Didn’t see any Vanduul in the Bishop trailer from CitCon. But I digress…

          “Sneak peek” by itself implies something new is being shown. It is true that neither Ben or Sandi actually said anything in the actual show. The new stuff they referred to was the livestream on the 19th. For others, the implication is enough. For what you want, I have realized that I will not be able to present anything that meets your standard of a “smoking gun”.

          Oh wells…

          I am sure that the only thing that will convince you something is wrong, is something that will occur when it’s too late. CIG is trying to make less mistakes now. If you did not consider Chris’ response to the Escapist sufficient, then nothing else will work short of never releasing anything. I am assuming you think it takes 5-7 years for SC to be made, which means another 2-3 years is needed for module releases. My opinion remains, the only things that will sway you are a lack of quality releases at the 5-7 year mark. Anything during the 3-5 years is perfectly acceptable to be in a horribly buggy, and unfinished state. Always time and money to fix things.

          If the referral program doesn’t make you suspicious… maybe it’s a cultural thing in the USA. Maybe.

          Well, at least I can give you free entertainment. Just sit back and enjoy the popcorn.

          Kristoffer S

            Mdrake: It wasn’t my intention to make you waste your time because I honestly do want to know if this was another downright lie from CIG (of which there have been a few) or if it was another truth-twisting story from Derek (of which there have been a few as well).

            The “sneak peak” does indeed insunuate it’s new stuff we haven’t seen before and in my case it actually was, but I guess their standard is “stuff that may seem new”. But if you watched the Lando interview on INN you’ll understand that it was about lowering the quality of “sneak peek” because it turns out some people only watched it for that segment! “So let’s make it bad” is basically what he said.

            As you can get from the way I write, I feel stuck in the middle. I see CIG slightly fucks up, Derek is there to exaggerate, maybe twist the truth a bit and glote over it as the internet warlord he is. Derek makes a valid point and CIG delivers a 2.0 presentation that looked awesome. It just goes back and forth like this all the time. It really is annoying. I wish I could say I have no allegiance, but my high admiral status on RSI forum would make me a liar I guess. But I’m not blind, I see the fuckups they do with offering LTI again, the M50 debacle. But I’ll give you points for the lack of Vanduul though, hadn’t considered that. I’m more looking at the “we have ONE finished landing zone, out of what, 100?” and going “this is gonna be a while”. But I’m not dying of any terminal disease (other than normal aging) so I can wait a while. But I’ll be damned if I contribute to the projects demise, atleast without some good, solid facts.

            MDrake SC

              Thanks to the effort in going back to fact check, the AtV 2.06 retaliator pod thing was at best an implied lie. Ben and Sandi never talked about the Sneak Peek as new footage. I called it a waste of time mainly because I hate watching that show. I do not watch INN stuff often, so I missed the Lando thing about downgrading Sneak Peek. Fact checking still eats a lot of time though, so I’d like to not do it. I’m sure the white knights are happy with this partial fact check at least. They don’t play fair when it works towards Derek or haters.

              Yes, I can tell that you are extremely in the middle. You are not the only one tired of the back and forths. I mentioned it many times in my comments in Derek’s older blogs. But since Chris is the one running SC, and Derek is just an independent blogger, I will slam CIG and Chris for every mistake or lie.

              The real stuff will only occur when Derek’s lawyers finally give the green light. That will take a long time…

              I made a minor mistake. The Lightspeed package had the 350R and the exclusive racing suit. It was changed to the origin racing suit and then removed from sale after Ben was called out on it.

              I somehow forgot to mention the whole 1 of 100 landing zone thing. We only have Arc Corp. What the hell happened to Nyx?

              Still no more info on Vanduul. I do not accept the excuse of it’s a secret for story.

              I understand your point that every refund hurts SC, and you only want to refund when there is solid-hard facts that SC is in trouble or really screwing with backers. But my opinion on that is still, it might be too late when those symptoms show up.

              As long as CIG makes $3-4 million in the Anniversary Sale, and another $3-4 million in the Christmas or Holiday sale, they can run till Feb 2016. Only a major screw up, will give CIG major trouble. I think Chris wised up a little since. There is still a Prowler sale to buy an extra month.

              Alex Grncarovski

                lmao uhh, what?

                “Personally I expect it in 2020 – if they have the money to go on for that long, which they should.”

                What information do you have that noone else has for you to make that claim? Just curious, because it sounds like a lot of bullshit to me.

                Kristoffer S

                  I have as little information to make that statement as Derek has (publically available, i.e not “trust me”) to make his prediction the company will blow up and crumble by January 6th next year.

                  The only thing we have are the available facts – they have $95 million of crowdfunded money. Beyond that, according to them, they have subscriber’s money (that sponsor the YouTube videos) and sponsordeals that pays for marketing. Add to that the additional millions that is gonna roll in in the next few months and the sale of SQ42 if it comes out next year (of which they’ve already sold about 1 million copies so not sure how much more they can make off of that) … And when comparing to other major AAA titles their completely on track (I just wish they’d stop saying otherwise). But that’s if you believe everything that everyone tells you (for all we know, that crowdfunding counter may be completely bogus).

                  Point is, as thing stands right now, with lack of evidence to the contrary, I’m chosing to go with the people that knows their financials, rather than Derek who has presented 1 single fact about their financials (the publically available F42 financial reports which says nothing to me).

                  But you’re right, I don’t have any insider information on that. Derek might have – we don’t know.


                    That’s precisely the sort of rhetoric that is partially responsible for how we got here. For someone like Soren saying that it’s OK and expects it in 2020, which is five years and God only knows how many millions away, is irresponsible and laughable.

                    I don’t expect the project to survive 2016, let alone last until 2020.

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