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    My new blog is going live in the AM. It was finished but at the last minute, something came up that legal needed me to source.Once you read it, you’ll see why.

    By the time I got around to doing that, it was already late and I was busy with other things.

    The blog will go live at this link tomorrow morning at 10AM EST

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    MDrake SC

    Well, not only did I waste a whole bunch of time watching segments of AtV 2.06 to check what you replied with, I realized that what you want is CIG to outright make a lie. That is the hard facts you want. I do not think you consider the end of LTI to be a lie, back in November 2013. The change to re-selling of the M50 exclusive racing suit as a separate item outside of the Lightspeed package also doesn’t affect you or come off as a lie.

    Did you ever once question the lack of Vanduul character animations, appearance, anything in new stuff not from the Cutlass trailer? The Vanduul are the main bad guys, and there is nothing about them. Sure, CIG can be holding it back as a secret… but what if they actually never did anything with the Vanduul? Didn’t see any Vanduul in the Bishop trailer from CitCon. But I digress…

    “Sneak peek” by itself implies something new is being shown. It is true that neither Ben or Sandi actually said anything in the actual show. The new stuff they referred to was the livestream on the 19th. For others, the implication is enough. For what you want, I have realized that I will not be able to present anything that meets your standard of a “smoking gun”.

    Oh wells…

    I am sure that the only thing that will convince you something is wrong, is something that will occur when it’s too late. CIG is trying to make less mistakes now. If you did not consider Chris’ response to the Escapist sufficient, then nothing else will work short of never releasing anything. I am assuming you think it takes 5-7 years for SC to be made, which means another 2-3 years is needed for module releases. My opinion remains, the only things that will sway you are a lack of quality releases at the 5-7 year mark. Anything during the 3-5 years is perfectly acceptable to be in a horribly buggy, and unfinished state. Always time and money to fix things.

    If the referral program doesn’t make you suspicious… maybe it’s a cultural thing in the USA. Maybe.

    Well, at least I can give you free entertainment. Just sit back and enjoy the popcorn.

    Kristoffer S

    MDrake : I still fail to see where anyone from CIG said or wrote that this is NEW footage? Disco said right there on reddit it’s OLD footage? I don’t get how they can get flak for trying to pass off an old video as a new when I fail to see where they say it’s new? Yeah, it was “sneak peak” but that doesn’t say it’s totally new? How many times have we seen the hangar remix in the sneak peak? So my objection to this argument stands until someone can show me anyone from CIG saying that this is supposed to be new footage.

    MDrake SC

    Just to remind you, fact checking is very painful. I asked for help in the end.

    1. Watch from 2:24-2:32, published on Dec 19, 2014:
    2. Watch 0:22-0:32, published Nov 5, 2015:
    3. Read some comments here:
    Comments by Broken_Blade, Enoril, and therealdiscolando about retaliator escape pod.

    “This was an old previs/lookdev created in December 2014. Parts of it were used in the CIG version of the Imagine trailer. We just thought you’d like to see the full, uncut version. =)
    Remember, as this is previs/lookdev, it’s an exploration of ideas and concepts, and is in no way guaranteed to be representative of what you’d see in the finished game.”

    Derek’s repost of this image is accurate:

    Jared is a CIG employee and had to make an excuse. Notice the 73 upvotes. Also someone’s post got deleted.
    So many people accept anything CIG says. I sure don’t.

    Kristoffer S

    There is another example of something I haven’t seen as concrete proof – of them saying “this is new stuff”? They showed it very recently, yes, but I don’t recall them saying “this is new stuff”? Please point out where that was said.

    And yes, Jared has as much credibility of the making of this game as .. well anyone really. Because I believe him and even CR saying “2.0 will be out soon! Look more shiny pictures and videos” as little as I believe Derek when he only says “I have proof”. The only thing I can remember Derek having actual proof of was that they were married and had a kid – which was open for everyone who bothered to check IMDB. But that’s about it. And that’s not proof of anything regarding the games existence or not. What is proven is that this project has genereated a bigger budget than most AAA games has and that from a crowd funding campaign and she, as head of marketing, should get a little respect for that in my book because it goes in the category of “what is factual”. And yes, ofc there are more people now working there but “in the beginning” it was just a handful of people. But I digress.

    What I meant with the comparison to Donal Trump is that Donald Trump is a certified asshole and very few people who have done business with him have good things to say about him. But you can’t argue with his results. He’s made it work and made insane amount of money. For all I care CR could be a royal jerk, he can be muslim or hindu, he can be a freaking trained monkey for all I care, if the results are there it doesn’t matter in this case. It’s not like I’m asking to have a beer with the guy, I’m asking to play the game he wants to make 🙂

    And it’s pretty ironic how this place has more intelligent, respectful discussions in one week than RSI forum in over a month…

    MDrake SC

    Donald Trump has far more wealth than Chris Roberts does. Trump could finance all of Star Citizen, if he wanted. Chris had to ask for crowdfunding to convince outside investors in the beginning. Not a good comparison at all, even if they run a company. Chris did run 2 of his into the ground though.

    Jared or DiscoLando has already been caught lying. They tried to use an Avenger rescuing an escape pod as new footage, when in fact it was a year old. I do not know where it is on reddit now. Derek posted it too:

    Jared may have started as a SC fan, but he can no longer be trusted to give out true information.

    I disagree with Derek that CIG will fail within 90 days or Jan 2016. Chris will get desperate and layoff more people quietly, offer more ship sales… as long as they get $2-3 million a month, they can delay failure up till spring 2016 easily.

    Knowing Chris from his Freelancer days, he will maintain an image of success until he is either bailed out, or collapses. Since there is no Microsoft, it’s just a collapse waiting.

    I find your desire for an “actual smoking gun” and hard facts to be a bit too… lenient. You really want to enjoy the show until it’s too late to salvage the project, or get a refund. Then again, you have far less to lose.

    On the bright side, you are much nicer than the others that called me a “deserter” or “sockpuppet.” Thanks for being friendly even in disagreement.

    Kristoffer S

    Alex Mayberry left, yes, For “personal reasons” that can be anything from family to hating Chris, we don’t know. But Jason Hutchins is still there. As is Jared Huckaby, and according to the interview a few weeks ago half the QA department is former Blizzards, as was Ship-shape Lisa (who I know isn’t there anymore). So there are quite alot of them.

    I don’t know CR is an asshole, I’ve never met him. So I’ll leave the personal attacks out of it. But I do know John Rhys Davies is no fool, and only a fool wwould work with such a character you describe – thrice! And even if he’s the kind of character you describe, he doesn’t have to be a nice guy to run a company, just look at Trump!

    Regarding what “proof” or “smoking guns” Derek has or don’t have, we only have his word. But if his prediction is true than the company shall crumble and fall before Jan 6th next year and we’ll never even get to court to find out what he does and does not have. Simply saying “I have proof but can’t show it” does little to sway me.

    johnny canada

    “If you’ve followed a project to make a AAA game in incomplete alpha for 6 months and felt you needed to “get out” and sold your ships, then you really shouldn’t sign up for a project like this again because you’re a part of the problem with open development!”

    @Kristoffer he said he sold his ships, which means the money did not leave the system the way a refund would have. Also, he said he observed the forums and gathered info before making the decision. that sounds responsible to me.

    MDrake SC

    @ Kristoffer S

    Relating to ex-Blizzards at CIG, the only facts I have to share are…

    “[Executive producer] Alex [Mayberry] left Cloud Imperium Games last month for personal reasons”.

    “Mayberry came to Cloud Imperium after spending nearly 10 years working at World of Warcraft publisher Blizzard Entertainment. He was the lead producer on action role-playing game Diablo III. Prior to that, he worked on World of Warcraft expansions Wrath of the Lich King and The Burning Crusade.”

    July 6, 2015:

    The rest is only speculation. But why would a 10 year vet from Blizzard leave? I think the reason is obvious. The way Chris Roberts attacked Derek shows just how much of an egotistical bully he actually is. Chris also attacked Lizzy pretty harshly too. The attacks are a fact. If Alex was attacked by Chris, it would be no surprise he’d leave mostly unannounced.

    Fact is, Chris is an egotistical, arrogant, bully who is the CEO of CIG. They have missed nearly every date given. They have censored the official forums. CIG employees are fired, quitting or restructured. Arena Commander is a buggy mess. Chris refuses to give out any dates.

    I am not waiting till CIG fails, to say the obvious fact: CIG under Chris’ leadership is screwed.

    Another fact: Derek’s lawyers have torn up his blogs and have held back other information that will give the lawsuit a higher chance of winning. I can speculate based on the hints Derek has left, his lawyers have an amazing way of approaching this, and they have given CIG many chances to do the right thing. Good lawyers cost a chunk per hour, and it can be seen in their writing and handling of info or their client.

    I can safely speculate: Chris, Sandi, and Ortwin… are in deep trouble.

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