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      In case you missed my Tweet earlier today. Foundry 42 UK have filed their accounting. It doesn’t look good. They’re low on cash.

      And that number you see as them being owed money, is probably from funding since the company doesn’t have anything to sell which would lead to them being owed money.


        @Michael: No, it was to discuss with him my findings, what I had been told etc and get an official response from him so that I could include his perspective in the blog without it being one-sided.

        Nowhere did you see me say anything about lending support. What I said – and which you quoted – was pretty clear on the motives. So I don’t even know why you’re asking.


          @Michael No, I already stated clearly that I have NO such interest in the project.

          ps: you have been banned for making personal attacks here

          Ivan Illich

            In case you missed my Tweet earlier today. Foundry 42 UK have filed their accounting. It doesn’t look good. They’re low on cash.

            And that number you see as them being owed money, is probably from funding since the company doesn’t have anything to sell which would lead to them being owed money.

            That’s why they will need another ship sale

            ship sale

            I put this image up before but it disappeared.


              @Ivan LOL!! OMG! That image. So wrong 🙂


                @Daniel G

                “Pls don’t compare SC to Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online or any other Publisher funded game.
                They invest the money, develop it on their own and can take the time to develop it, even if it takes them 7 years.

                To be honest I’m sick of hearing this argument over and over again!

                This isn’t the same for SC, they had a campaign on Kickstarter, then on their website. They asked for consumer money to fund their development!!!
                They had stretch goals that stated what and when they would deliver.
                They had the TOS 1.1 that stated they would have a maximum delay of 1 year of the original delivery date Nov. 2014.
                A traditional publisher isn’t bound to that, period.”

                First of all, none of the stretch goals say when they would be delivered. They all say “will contain x ship” or “backers will receive”. It makes sense that more content will take more time to develop in most cases.
                Also, if anyone is hurting the future of kickstarted video games, it’s the people with the mentality that kickstarted games must be completed faster than published games,and must be held to higher standards. This sort of reaction to a game taking a standard amount of time to develop shows potential game devs that people are not patient enough for AAA games to be viable on kickstarter. If it takes more than 3 years to develop a game, even if its the type of game that usually takes 7 years to develop, then people start demanding refunds, apparently.

                All that matters to me is if the game is being developed as fast or faster than games of equivalent scope. Game of equivalent scope generally take twice as long as SC’s current dev time to be completed.
                It seems to me that the people who are unhappy with CIG are more focused on CR’s unrealistic promises. It’s fine to be annoyed at the constant unrealistic optimism, but really, Chris Roberts getting coked up and saying the game will be completed in five days doesn’t mean the project is doomed if it takes longer than a month. The only thing that matters if you really want to play the game, is if and when the game is finished, not when some guy said it should have been finished, even if that guy should know better.

                Basically what I’m trying to say is, hypothetically if the game was completed and released in 2017, then that means the game took 5 years to develop, which is average. At that point, most backers will happily play the game, and not care that CR made an unrealistic estimate of how long it would take to develop the game before they had even begun full scale production.

                @George R

                ” Of major concern is their continued selling of non-modelled ships to continue funding an operation that has very little to show for it, while constantly missing their own targets. ”

                Most people that play space sims would agree that having more ships is better than having less. In order to have more than 3-4 ships at release, you need modelers and designers, and in order for the ships to be developed quicker, these staff members should have some experience making ships. CIG is deciding to keep the modelers and designers employed and put to work making ships during the full development time, so that they can make ships better and faster than inexperienced employees hired after the feel of the gameplay is nailed down. We have seen that most of the ships that are being developed for the campaign are kept secret and not sold (like the f8 lightning and the entire fleet of vanduul capital ships, and the uee battlecruiser), but whats the harm in allowing whales with a large disposable income to buy these ships for a discount before they are finished? Some people may have bad judgement, but blaming CIG for making shiny ships that you can’t resist buying is exactly like blaming McDonalds for making you fat. In the end, some people have self control issues, but I would say the majority of whales just spend their hobby money on virtual ships that they can’t fly yet. I’m not gonna get on the case of a guy that spends 15,000$ on some fancy remote control helicopter. If you say “yeah, but at least you can fly that remote controlled helicopter, but SC ships are just pixels”, then we have come back to the main point, which is that the people who continue to buy these ships are obviously willing to wait for them to be flyable. The only thing that matters to these backers if if the game is completed, because obviously if they had a problem waiting for the game to be developed, they would stop buying ships.

                In the end, the people who are continuing to spend stupid amounts of money on virtual spaceships know what you guys know about when CR originally said the game would be released, and they know what you guys know about how long it will most likely take for their ‘investment’ to pay off in terms of a flyable ship, and knowing what they know, they are simply making a choice that you guys mostly don’t agree with. People who bought ships in the past and have changed their minds since are in a different boat from the current whales, but the continued sale of ships only applies to people that are willing to buy them.

                MDrake SC

                  Well, we knew it was coming. It’s sad that CIG is in such a bad state due to Chris. But that’s just not the end. It looks like I will be one of the many that will have their refunds totally ignored, and will be another unwilling victim. Man… even if I can afford to lose my $2,500, to be in the same financial camp as those white knights boils my blood a bit.

                  I’m starting to become mean spirited enough that I’d wish bad things on them.

                  I wonder where Erin is, in all this mess.

                  lir big

                    Hello, I’ve been refunded finally !

                    @MDrake Have faith, eventually they will answer to you.
                    I’ve just been refunded my 200$ pledge to SC, the request was made a month ago right after citcon.
                    From my first posts on End Game blog, I was in same state as you are, truelly thinking tey wouldnt’ refund.
                    I then gave it a try. It took 2 weeks from first mail to them to get my first anwser , then one month from there to refund.
                    I must say they were all very polite and professional all along.
                    Only it seems now they refund from RSI and not Orwtin’s company anymore. I guess they read Mr.Smart blogs and tweets.
                    Thanks again Mr.Smart for all the intel , as I wouldn’t have asked for a refund, late backer that I was.
                    Another thing that might help you MDrake, I put up front in my request about the referral scheme and the other stuff that are on a legal edge;
                    “explaining” CIG why I was asking the refund for and from.
                    They then asked me about other sources, not beeing specific about but, aka Escapist and Mr.Smart of course. I told them Escapist made me had my thoughts about them but was not the impulse for my request.
                    From then they ask you logistic sutff such as your paypal email or the amount you think they’ll refund.
                    Then they refunded me. Took one month. Fair enough, I hope you guys still asking for it will get it soon.

                    But something tells me, if you think for refund, it’s now or never before the boat sink. Delays are already taking more time as we go.

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