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    My new blog is going live in the AM. It was finished but at the last minute, something came up that legal needed me to source.Once you read it, you’ll see why.

    By the time I got around to doing that, it was already late and I was busy with other things.

    The blog will go live at this link tomorrow morning at 10AM EST

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    Hey Kris,

    1) Just because you’re Swedish, doesn’t mean you know the facts. That would mean that me being American, know everything that goes on here.

    The research into the Gizmondo farce is quite extensive and factual. Or I wouldn’t put it in a blog knowing that legal action looms in the air. You’re smarter than that. In fact, there are hundreds of accounts of what happened with that.

    And it’s irrelevant whether or not it’s called “Uppsala” or “My Gang”. The fact is that it was a money laundering scheme for which a lot of people got busted and it resulted in a sudden catastrophic collapse and loss of investor (I got to communicate with two of them btw) money.

    I deliberately didn’t delve too much into all the intricacies of that farce because that was NOT the point of the blog or that section. The point was to illustrate how these people have been involved in multiple studio & venture collapses over the years; regardless of HOW or WHY those collapses occurred.

    2) My opinion remains. And it’s just not me saying it. I actually did a Google search before making those statements. You should try it.

    And no, I never said that the entire community was toxic. That’s nonsense because that would include me, my friends, people I know etc. Read what I wrote.

    3) That’s irrelevant. She chooses to use her maiden name. I use it for context since that’s the name that everyone is used to seeing because of the fact that they chose to keep their marriage hidden for so long. Even my wife uses her maiden name. Here in the US, not all women change their names when they get married. And they do it for various reasons. Some of which relate to careers, family heritage etc.

    4) I’m not even going to get into that because I wouldn’t know where to begin. By your submission, something that DID happen, shouldn’t be written about because it just happened on some blog. Seriously?

    5) Again, you’re arguing semantics. Chris Roberts is The Chairman of the Star Citizen project. He is the leader of all things. And that, by its very definition, makes him the leader of the community that his game curated. I mean seriously, you’re arguing about this?

    6) That’s your problem, not mine. I know more than you and tend not to pick numbers out of a hat. Plus, the many reports to that also come from people who know more than you.

    7) You’re missing the point. That has nothing to do with whether or not they are a private company. The point is that community leaders and people like you, are making up bullshit excuses for why the company should not show financials. All of the reasons are ludicrous. Which is why I used Frontier as an example of a small game publisher/developer – and competitor – that makes their financials public. Posting financials doesn’t give ANY enterprise an edge over another.

    8) He is the CFO. It’s not on that site because they haven’t listed it. Pretty much how they haven’t filed their financials. All it takes is one phone call to find out. Pick up the phone.

    9) Just because they are in the same office building doesn’t make their positions any less different. Are you suggesting that, Ben and Lando, being low-level employees, have the same clout, responsibilities, standing etc as Sandi? Are you serious right now?

    10) I realize that English is not your primary language, but I’m not going to waste my time explaining to you what “uncovered” means. Ask someone else to do it. They DID uncover it. It was reported to them. They asked questions. Thus….forget it, this is a waste of my time.

    11) Don’t care. That was not the point of that paragraph.

    Kristoffer S

    Just a reply regarding Steam refund – CIG has a two weeks no questions asked refund policy. Even if you backed during Kickstarter they will consider refunds. So they aren’t “worse” than Steam in that regard. Just to get that fact straight 🙂


    Seriously, Chris really thinks that people play flight games with a track ball. That is all.

    Kristoffer S

    Hey Derek,
    Since you go through everything everytime you make a blog post I might as well remind you of where I’m coming from: I’m a backer of the project over $1000 in. And I fully realise it’s a dream and hope to maybe see a game sometime around 2020 if they are alive by then. I also proud myself in trying to be objective and sticking to the facts. You know this since I have repeatedly pointed out factual errors and things that are “grey” in your arguments and was annoyed when you missused the two words “public money” (and to be fair, you’ve stopped doing that which shows you actually do listen and change accordingly which I hoped more people on the internet would do!). But still I agree with some of your points. Their continued “changes” to milk us backers for more money and changing terms as they go along is a real kick in the crotch.

    Also, awesome to get a proper forum for these long threads!

    So here goes
    1 : I’m Swedish. So I was very much looking forward to you stepping in the pile of shit which is the “Uppsala maffia”. Not because I enjoy seeing people stepping in shit but I was looking forward to seeing how much research you’d do and apparently not alot. Either that or you intentionally got it wrong. “Uppsala maffia” isn’t a thing, it doesn’t exist. It was one of our worst tabloids that created the label because they needed a container to put these criminals in and since they couldn’t connect them to an actual criminal organization they made one up. So “Uppsala maffia” should always be used in quotations since it’s a made up alias. Also “Fat Steve” may sound cool in english, but the untranslated Swedish alias (“Tjock Steffe”) is very, very far from a cool gangster name.
    This doesn’t do much to discredit the, to be honest, thin link of CIG and the criminals involved in Gizmondo, but since “Fat Steve” have been either in prison or court since 2005 it’s a far reach connecting him to this project. It’s easier to connect CIG to Lego!

    2 : “It is a known fact that the Star Citizen community is one of the most toxic gaming community in recent memory”. Quite simply no. You and I have both been around long enough to know that’s not the case! There are plenty that are worse than the SC community. I agree that it’s very polarized though. If you come in there with a negative attitude people will jump at you, most certainly. But if you come in there asking “what’s up” people are helpful. Or just check this thread that I thought was going to be nuclear but actually got a discussion going.

    3 : Is it Sandi Roberts or Sandra Gardiner, even you get the name confused. What is her actual name, surely you must have that by now 🙂

    4 : “This scandal” ( Really? Referencing that site is quite nonsensical. It’s an anonymous blog hosted by Automaticc with 3 posts last year making alot of claims about an individual but proving nothing. (I so hope for your sake you’re not behind it to be honest, but that’d come up during “discovery” I guess). Links to somewhat established newssites is ok, but this is just something someone with an anger towards Wulf Knight put together in an afternoon, nothing more. It’s not a scandal or even “gate”. I’d go as far as to say it’s pathetic, but that’s just my opinion. I can’t defend Wulf Knight though because I really don’t know the guy at all but he doesn’t appear to be the most sane person on the planet. Anyone could put up a “Derek Smart is into some shady things” WordPress blog and make alot of claims and hide behind their anonymity wall and then try to use it as “source” the way you are using that site.

    5 : “community headed by Chris Roberts” – no Derek, just no! You can’t keep attributing what the community and White Knights are doing and holding CIG or Chris Roberts responsible for it! You can’t merge them into one evil corner of the internet and say they are one entity.

    6 : “Last we heard, the monthly burn rate was over $3m per month.” Source? It may be accurate, I have no clue, but I’m not accepting that as stated fact without source.

    7 : Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Frontier Development a publicly traded company? So they HAVE to publish their financials? And neither CIG nor Foundry 42 is, so they don’t? (other than their taxes)

    8 : “Over at Foundry 42, Simon Elms (..) is said to be the CFO.”. That’s quite easy to check up: No Simon Elms. Yet you then write “Simon Elms, now the CFO of Foundry 42” as a fact?

    9 : You say that Disco Lando and Ben Lesnick are at the bottom of the food chain, and that Sandi is at the top. Yet they work, literally, side by side. Not just on screen but their offices are next to each other. Not sure you can have it both ways on that one 🙂

    10 : “uncovered by The Escapist.” Did I miss followup article? Escapise didn’t “uncover” anything, they published alot of claims. You uncover “proof”, but they made claims. If they could prove that Sandi said “we don’t hire old or black people” than they should have published that, but they simply claimed she had.

    11 : FYI some of my $1000 are physical merchanise like t-shirts and hoodies, they have all been delivered and ok quality, so they are atleast delivering that.

    Other than that – good write up 🙂

    MDrake SC

    “It has some limited joystick support but who wants to control a spaceship with a joystick anyway.”

    Hey hey hey Chris Roberts is so awesome, he asked Saitek to put track balls on their joystick.

    We should be dropping more cash so that he can make these track balls extra smooth and durable since Saitek products are not high quality on a standard basis. If people want to fund dreams, they can fund unique joysticks that are perfectly tailored to Star Citizen’s “can be played by absolutely everyone” gameplay.

    In order for Star Citizen to be a slamdunk success, we must all contribute our kids’ college funds, our disability benefits, and our life savings to make the Best Damn Space Sim Ever. Don’t forget the cookie jar stash.

    Eventually, the track ball will ascend into a mouse and become the one pure device, and bring true enlightenment to all JPEG worshippers.
    All hail Chris. All hail Chris. May your endeavor be our vanguard against all competing sims. Sandi watch over us. J-PEG!

    Zyll Goliath

    Hi guys check-out this Citizen Circus funny SC video which is collection of many other funny SC videos in one place,enjoy……


    Sorry about that. Some people just don’t get that you simply can’t walk into someone’s living room, and piss on the floor. So he’s blocked and gone.

    MDrake SC

    The mug owner OP doesn’t seem like a bad person.

    GrudonFactory states “To all the people downvoting: Yes I know that ain’t a major problem, but it is one. And only because it is something negative regarding the game (more ore less, let’s call it “brand”) you shouldn’t instantly downvote it. If the criticism isn’t stupid bashing, but justified, we should face the problem and find a solution for it. We have done this in the past with ingame-mechanics and brought up ideas, which is something great! But if we keep on downvoting everything that isn’t positive about the game we will be called “fanboys” more and more often – this is not what we attend. OP out. ”

    If only there were more reasonable people. Alas games, forums and reddit are shelters for antisocial misfits.

    On the other hand I don’t know what to describe Sandi as. Queen bee? Idris lady? False Vice President of Marketing?
    I have difficulty respecting someone who lies about their college education, especially on this scale.

    It shows in her merch.

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