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    Daniel G

      Where the game is? It’s stuck in a pipe called dream winter wonderland in Chris Roberts head. And I’m afraid it’s gonna stay there for a very long time.


        After requesting my refund today, I got following E-Mail from the support team:

        Mike Meaden (Cloud Imperium Games)
        Nov 6, 12:05

        Hello Everyone!

        Thanks for your support request.

        We would like to alert you to the fact that we are currently experiencing an unusually high load of tickets causing severe delays in getting replies out to you.

        Please rest assured that we have your ticket and will get to you as quickly as is humanly possible.

        Your patience and understanding with us during this busy time is greatly appreciated!

        Seems like maybe there’s actually a refund wave going on…

        Ivan Illich

          I got that message over a month ago and they still have not gotten to my request. I think their C/S is hurting and not able to cope with demand. Its under resourced and this response from them is the outcome of that.


            Yeah, they’ve been getting hit with a lot of refunds since last month after Citizen Con apparently.

            Ante Vukorepa

              it has been reported (we have several emails forwarded to us) that several people who had paid money into this project and who are now requesting refunds, have been been getting them, not from the company they paid the money to – in this case RSI or CIG – but from the Twin Bros company.

              I can only speak from the perspective of a single data-point (mine), but this bit is not that odd and might be getting misinterpreted by people. All the EU payments from the early days (immediately post-Kickstarter) were collected by the Twin Bros EU company. I remember that very very well because i was seriously weirded out when i saw it on my bank statement.

              For people in EU, the money was also refunded by the TB. I.e. nothing weird there – if they have a legal presence in EU, why not use it, especially if it’s the same that was used to collect the funds. So i don’t think this bit is a significant proof (or suggestion of one) of anything at the moment.

              That list of companies is helluva scary, though.

              Derrick Avila

                thanks for the response guys, i just saw that video concerning their new santa monica office. while its all very nice, i see it as something that is very unnecessary. i dont understand why they didnt just stay here in TX where its less costly. while watching that whole video, and thinking “big deal where your desk is dude” when that guy was gesturing where he would be sitting, i was wondering what exactly my $75 went into. im sure just like dust in the wind its all gone, i am contemplating on getting a refund myself since i think i can use that money more efficiently elsewhere. i just havent gotten around to it yet since there is a back log of requests coming in.

                ive backed other games like shantae, mighty no. 9 and bloodstained: ritual of the night. the first 2 have no huge feature creep and were funded on kickstarter with no website for them to continue haggling their respective player bases for more money. both were advertised as 2D platformers and guess what? they are still 2D platformers. Bloodstained is fairly new and following “metroidvania”‘s formula, thats what was pitched and i am more than sure koji igarashi will stay the course without deviating like star citizen has. he knows what the fans want, he knows that everyone wants to grab a whip and go kill monsters and vampires. thats the difference between those projects and this one, they told us what they were going to make in the beginning of it all and have stuck to their guns. if only star citizen had done the same, give us a game to play and give feedback on so it can be made better. add content seasonally and piece by piece, doesnt have to be all at once! now because of this BS, i wont be throwing in my lot to just any kickstarter game now. i am going to make sure the developers are reliable,and have their heads on straight.


                  That’s the thing. This is Ortwin’s company that has nothing to do with Star Citizen. They have a CIG company in Germany for that.


                    The new office is in LA, not Santa Monica. They are moving from Santa Monica to LA. And those left at in the Austin office are moving to the new LA location as well.

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