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    For some time now, the events which I believe will lead to the catastrophic collapse of the project, and which have accumulated to become the Extinction Level Event, have been in full swing.

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    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    Update #3

    Remolode returns with more. This time he is posting the letter Derek sent to the mod jester86, which was made public elsewhere. This image is the whole topic.

    And of course, they just love to harass Derek further.

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    Oh wow, the mods are moving faster. They deleted Sledgejammer’s post. I was hoping to save this later, but I’ll post it here before the mods completely nuke it.

    Derek has been doing some fun stuff. He is going after the hate-reddit itself. Here is the thread simply about Derek’s actions, and the relevant images that were posted by Remolode that make up the original post. One, two, three.

    The moderators are scared. I wonder what the cultists will think or do… Finally accept Derek is legitimate? Or more likely say “Derek is just a liar and bully with fake lawyers.”

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    It’s been a quiet few days for official news. On the hate-reddit though… a bit of fun has occurred.

    “Dear Derek, this subreddit exists for one reason and one reason only at its core. To document what you say. A fun byproduct of that are the numerous individuals who provide counter evidence or prove your wild accusations are in fact baseless lies.

    There is no hate here, any personal attack against you or invasion of your privacy is swiftly deleted because it is against the rules. But you know that already don’t you? After all the only person who has been banned for operating a hate sub should be familiar to you.” – Sledgejammer

    The whole thread can be found here. I don’t expect many people to go through the drivel they spew, so I’ll spoil and explain the fun.

    “Shitposting and baiting will be dealt with severely. Today has been a bad day for posting violations, keep it civil and cut down on our workload. This is your warning, do not be surprised if violations in this thread net immediate temporary or permanent bans.” – jester86 (moderator)

    The cultists are going more and more insane. They are increasing their irrational attacks, harassment, whatever and it is forcing the mods to keep things under “control.” Many comments are deleted, and warnings are issued. It is amazing to see them breaking down slowly.

    It is weird that there are “moderates” over there that are willing to join the anti-SC camp, when proof is provided, but otherwise hate Derek. Always saying what Derek has shown is not proof enough. Then they ignore official things like Chris’ response to the Escapist. Beer’s emails with Sandi and Patrick. Loss of game features. Minimal viable product.

    Just how broken are these people? Should we be worried or sorry for them? Endure their harassment and constant attacks in hopes they will understand that they have been deceived by CIG? Especially at this late stage?

    My opinion, nope. Those guys are screwed up and irredeemable. Even those “moderates.”

    The ELE is progressing slowly. The signs are all there. I just love sharing the small details.

    Flo Ryan

    I wonder how much of what CR now does is really voluntarily. He wouldn’t be the first revolutionary, swept away by his own movement.

    Looking at the  non-critizens, one really would not want to cross there paths in some dark alley. When do you transit from a cult leader into a hostage of that very same cult? Maybe we should start a railroad for kickstarter prophets who over promised and now have to run from the crowd who is not to fond.

    If you sink the monetary value of a house-

    Derek was right to not state his address.

    Backer42 Backer42

    [quote quote=3178]@ Backer42
    I am kinda surprised that you had that strong of a no-BS policy and didn’t know who that woman was (at the time), and was also an original backer. I could’ve been a golden ticket holder, but since I never ever forgot just how terrible the Wing Commander movie was… I did not jump into SC right away. I kept following the original RSI news and Kickstarter, and the cringy final push video, and waited until I saw signs that the project had a chance of going somewhere, and Chris had acknowledged his past mistakes.
    Wow, Chris sure fooled me. I was seriously convinced he learned from his mistakes in the Wing Commander movie, and Freelancer with Microsoft in his interviews. I was even willing to overlook the woman who I suspected was the wife (thanks to said cringy video).[/quote]

    I never saw the Wing Commander movie. Back then in 2012 I didn’t even know it existed. I got mostly misinformed by video game media outlets, which promoted Roberts’ Kickstarter and praised him like a genius.

    When the funding campaign launched, I was positively impressed by the successful remake of the XCOM franchise, so I thought bringing back another 90s classic couldn’t hurt. I already participated in various crowdfunded games, which also turned out good.

    Of course, I expected them to bring over the good things from 90s sci-fi PC games (like diverse and customizable input controller support), not the bad things (like the excuse-tier storytelling). Turns out Descent Underground from Wingman previously working at CIG seems to be the title, which fulfills this promise, not the 120 million movie project.

    Chis’ wife only appeared inside the marketing videos and I didn’t watch those. After pledging I even canceled the email subscriptions, because the weekly mails reporting the “progress” where basically just “give us more money pls!” and my stance on that was: “Come back when you have something to download”.

    So it went downhill early on, but I wasn’t suspecting enough. I was fine with just waiting two years, of course, then there was no finished release, just Arena Commander.

    Mtness Excelsior

    And now to something (not) completely different.

    I just stumbled about this nice little article:

    “To anyone outside of the Silicon Valley bubble, the Theranos fallout is not only hard to believe, but hard to understand. How could a startup with nearly $100 million in funding potentially be a giant fraud? How could her investors not see the writing on the wall before the SEC started banging down the door?”

    I’m just wondering if CIG will draw the same amaount of attention, since it is not backed by VC.

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    @ J HOW

    I am under the impression that you are now having a lot of fun with following SC. I mean, it sounds like you are a goon now. If true, kinda funny considering how you got involved.

    Anyways, I agree that CIG may be planting out false information in order to discredit us and goons. Fortunately, Derek has his sources (which he actively protects), so anything CIG does will not affect him. It will only affect those of us who are well outside of CIG’s clutches.

    I will also admit, I am slightly jealous of what you have heard. Learning of CIG staff applying for your workplace, and being denied, actually makes me happy. It’s not fun and games when someone can’t get a job. However, the fact that many people at CIG are complicit (especially LA office) in supporting this ponzi scheme certainly makes me question the moral quality of those left at CIG. Aside from sources who chose to stay as whistleblowers.

    Personally, I am very curious what kind of game company you work at, but I know you cannot tell us without endangering yourself.

    Here’s to hoping SC goes down sooner, rather than later. I really want to be wrong about my 3000 whales-survival-power analysis.

    Lir Big
    lir big


    Yeah I was a late backer , somehwere on a former blog you can see my first introducing post. What got me in, as a FPS player before everything, was Star Marine. Also interested in space genre, and was fed up with STO that was becoming so shitty back then already. I’ve really started to dig into the whole lot of overwhelming brain washing website about february-march 2015; When I saw a report about a happy proud-of-himself Chris Roberts enjoying his fracking mocap holidays at backers’s expense when everyone else thought they were working HARD on star marine. This is when my brain gone ‘what the heck’.

    As for the cultists, they will go on the wrong fight untill the end, so blind they are. As long as they’ll trust CR they won’t let go.

    J HOW
    J HOW

    A good point raised by one of the goons:

    It’s also worth noting if they are spending time and effort on trying to manipulate, discredit 0r twist what we are saying then that is time they are not spending on the game.

    It is a futile effort at this point but rather than spending time and resources (staff time) on Derek / SC controversy / collectively “us” wouldn’t it be more productive to use this time in fixing the engine or working on the actual game?

    Priorities at this point seem to be out the proverbial window, or rather the horse has bolted and is in the next field would be a more fitting analogy.

    It seems strange that after negative controversy they want to keep digging, wasting people’s time in the process.

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    @ Backer42

    I am kinda surprised that you had that strong of a no-BS policy and didn’t know who that woman was (at the time), and was also an original backer. I could’ve been a golden ticket holder, but since I never ever forgot just how terrible the Wing Commander movie was… I did not jump into SC right away. I kept following the original RSI news and Kickstarter, and the cringy final push video, and waited until I saw signs that the project had a chance of going somewhere, and Chris had acknowledged his past mistakes.

    Wow, Chris sure fooled me. I was seriously convinced he learned from his mistakes in the Wing Commander movie, and Freelancer with Microsoft in his interviews. I was even willing to overlook the woman who I suspected was the wife (thanks to said cringy video).

    @ lir big

    I never realized you were that late of a backer, even though you were aware of the project from the start. I had assumed you were a 2013 backer.

    @ Both

    We are now a happy family of Derek Smart alts or flunkies. Joined SC in different ways, but all bailed when Chris made his public statements. I would like to take a moment and brag for fun.

    “honestly I think Manzes is 2 of em Derek is 2 but the guy Mdrake I can’t work out who he is on SA, but he’s definitely a Goon”

    “…and for more entertainment visit the comments in the blog forum and behold Skippy talking to himself through an alt-account. I mean it’s so blatantly obvious, it’s not even funny… Derek, go see a therapist. A real one.”

    “It could easily be just a goon responding to him and feeding him with comments everyone knows DS uses all of the time.”

    I’m too cheap to be a goon, despite being a former Grand Admiral under the sole purpose of P2W. I love cultists and their lack of critical thinking and observation.

    J HOW
    J HOW

    It is worth pointing out that whilst we are finding out things and coming together and confirming tibits of information that there is a risk if we don’t confirm what we’re hearing – it could make things worse for us by accepting faux information as fact. Ideally verify your sources and if it sounds too off the wall (then again what doesn’t at CIG these days?) then they may be a reason someone has told you information. Rather to look a gift horse in the mouth than to assume false information is true.

    Let me explain:

    It had went silent at CIG Manchester and now have suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. However I am concious some of things I’m hearing are contradicting themselves over current employee conditions and especially mentioning he whom shall not be named in the office (Hi Derek!). Now since I managed to dodge a bullet and not working for CIG and can’t directly confirm what I’m hearing. I am aware they are trying to discredit anyone associated with their idealistic vision of Star Citizen which gives us a moment of pause.

    Effectively they are trying to push false information our way to see if we pick up on it and repeat it as fact (rather than stating it’s what we heard but can’t confirm it). At the moment it seems prudent to air on the side of caution.

    If anything it proves there is something to be worried about within the project as a whole. Recommend we’re all cautious in this regard.


    …and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. If you can imagine that.

    Backer42 Backer42

    I felt relief when I got the official statement of being released from my status as “original backer” or “citizen”. Having myself officially disassociated with the “crowdfunding movement” was much more important than the money (though it’s still nice to have it back). If one day SC members start going after each other for not spending enough money, I’m very glad that I’m not part of this anymore.

    Lir Big
    lir big

    @backer42 Exactly this; See shitizens, most of us didn’t know about DS but yet we were already very suspicious at CIG.
    Short story here : I’ve heard of SC back in 2012. Pledged in dec 2014 when they announced StarMarine ready for March 2015. I thought to myself they were making progress. Then well, a bit like you , I didn’t let myself beeing overwhelmed by all their bullcrap, only looking forward to hearing about star marine progress. By June 2015 I had already stated to myself this was kinda weird. Gamescon2015 help my thoughts about this beeing bullshit. DS, and TheEscapist only confirmed. Refunded by the end of October. I had the same reaction as you about CitCon 2015, any sane person would react the same way. This was absolutely fume and amateurism.

    PS : I would never have heard of DerekSmart if it was not for the WhiteKnights advertising for him on CIG forum. You guys are absolutly magic; you made more advertising for DS than anyone before.

    Backer42 Backer42

    Glad to see you got your refund early on.

    Well, it wasn’t so early on. I mostly ignored all the media buzz before fall 2015, because I had (and still have) a strict no-BS policy of only looking at the delivered downloads and make my assessments based on them. So I deliberately ignored all that video content (except a few Wingman hangars back in the old days), but I also ignored the Escapist articles. As a result of that policy I never sank into the cult.

    This was changed by  Chris Roberts himself, when he posted his “response letter” wall of text on the RSI site. This was also the first time when I heard about Derek and his example of a forced refund. That thing made me decide to watch the “CitizenCon 2015” livestream about a month later.

    Then the stream was a disaster. The first minutes were the creepiest thing I ever watched on the video game streaming site Twitch: I simply didn’t know the women who just fake-cried on stage and had no clue why she was there. This was followed by hours of false promises and the PS3-tier “Morrow tour”. The latter evidence finalized my decision to request a refund (and without Derek’s example that would have been denied). The “birthday cake” at the end wasn’t needed anymore and it was just reinforcing the decision.

    Just to clarify: It wasn’t Derek nor Goons nor “Star Citizen haters ” or anyone else, who convinced me to bail out, it was the man (CR) himself and his wife and their own actions. The same man who convinced to pledge three years earlier, back then I didn’t know anything about the shady history ( I should have done my research.


    Now you look back… just what a shit show this thing turned into.

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    This is a forum bug post report.

    Apparently, some of the forum structure and replies show up properly only when logged in.

    Reading the forums as a guest, results in some replies being treated as new separate posts, which makes things annoying. I just noticed it on my #3170 post responding to Backer42.

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    I didn’t pay attention to the ED forums until Nov 2015. Probably missed all of the major rule bending and other events. On a side note, I never forgot alpha access was near $400, and thus I ignored ED.

    I was too busy fighting for my Grand Admiral (P2W combat ships) refund, and I am someone from the old RSI site. I am aware that 1500 was one of the first to make the refund denied messages public, with Derek’s help.

    Glad to see you got your refund early on. I got mine after a lot of threats. I did not have time to be polite once I suspected they would try to release something, and Derek bringing it up too also worried me.

    Also, it’s a darn shame your snarky remark was deleted. It was too much for poor mod Jenner. Who is not even willing to admit how much he actually spent.

    Backer42 Backer42

    [quote quote=3156]Not to mention baiting/harassing E:D customers on their own forums when they disagree with the crap.[/quote]

    I’m at least redpilled about those space sim communities now. Could have happened under different circumstances which a real game account at stake (I bought ED at sale, so not much loss here). But I decided to look how they deal with SC critics first, before I involve myself for real.

    Well, that ended fast.

    I got a full refund for SC thanks to man operating this site. And I was one of the first backers (day one) who helped to start this thing.

    Backer42 Backer42

    [quote quote=3155]I will give the mods some credit for allowing a good amount of criticism to go around, unlike MMORPG.[/quote]

    Well, to me it looks like they had to wait until they could construct a rule violation to make it look legit. If they could they would ban critics right away and I heard that also happened in the past. So don’t be fooled, they make it look like this, but outright delete any relevant dissent from the thread without leaving a trace.

    The first occurence was a badword filter (which I’m fine with BTW). So you self-censor yourself like expected and stay civil. But then moderation hits: On Frontier forums, you are not allowed to do that. You are not allowed to use “language” even if you don’t write it. It’s already forbidden to think it! Sounds like creepy 1984 stuff, doesn’t it? Of course, it was a remark about CIG, which was deleted, they bent the rule as excuse.

    But it was this snarky remark earned me the ban (and then got deleted of course):

    —Quote (Originally by mrsanders)—
    Well then this thread would be pretty desolate and empty since there is no game yet and not much development shown so far…
    —End Quote—
    Then just talk about Chris Roberts’ birds and how much you spent on concept sales. This is what this thread is for. Just don’t talk about Star Citizen oder Squadron 42, the company which makes it, the crowdfunding project or anything else related to it. This will get this thread locked.

    Irony is also forbidden by the forum rules and is called Public Moderation Contesting. Of course, it’s obvious the ban was for bringing up unwanted facts in the posts before, which earned over 60 reputation points for a reason, not for this remark.

    And there is the usual mess of moderators intermixing personal opinion on SC with official moderation, which is really unprofessional. One moderation post is: “Star Citizen is the greatest thing evar!” and the next one is “Please don’t discuss Glassdoor or I lock the thread”, while the forum software forces you to read every single one of them (the other shills you can easily filter out).

    Steven Cooper

    Holy shit. I clicked on the link to MaxLexandre’s profile, noted the total post count and ran the post history search.

    Literally – Thread: The Star Citizen Thread v 4 by MaxLexandre  x2000. No need to guess the thread where his first post was. An obvious shill or completionist (well maybe down to one of the ‘admiralty’) who stared at the jpegs too long.

    Seriously shitizens? You think this is ok? Going onto a CIG competitors forums then promoting your game and casting the rival game in a relatively negative light. The fact that Frontier and CIG are on ‘friendly’ terms does not make this behavior better. Not to mention baiting/harassing E:D customers on their own forums when they disagree with the crap.  I left the frontier forums a while ago but it is sad to see it struck with this infestation, when in the beginning it was an awesome place. I expect to return though shortly after Star Citizen failcascades. I will no doubt get banned, going out in a blaze of glory with humorous observations as well as by then, obvious very favorable comparisons for E:D.

    MDrake SC
    MDrake SC

    Yes, the ED forums must be so fun with people like Max. Can’t counter with logic and facts, go with hyperbole to bait others, and get protected by the mods. Gets interesting when the mods are also big SC spenders, but you only learn that months later, unless their names are obvious.

    Jenner is the mod that caught my eye as a “balanced” shill for quite a while.

    I will give the mods some credit for allowing a good amount of criticism to go around, unlike MMORPG.

    I wonder if MaxLexandre and Erillion are the same person. They both spend way too much time shilling SC news, and effort sniping people with the slightest valid criticism.

    FoxanotBond on ED is a suspicious shill account created pretty late. Doesn’t seem to be posting as much.


    And don’t know where the 120M went.


    I have heard this happen. What I think is going on is that the moderators on ED forums are heavily vested in SC. Also, since Braben and Chris are both chummy somewhat, it stands to reason that they would be quick to squash any/all dissent in that forum. And if it’s done in the ED forum, and not the general topic forum, then they need no excuse to ban people.


    LOL! That dream already sailed.


    Still believe in the wet dream?

    Backer42 Backer42

    Hi there,

    Seems I got banned from the official Frontier forums for discussing Star Citizen in an unwanted way.

    Amusing fact: Their “volunteer moderators” seem to have sank thousands into Chris Roberts pockets. But even more amusing: Expressing concerns about SC is answered with badmouthing Frontier products using official moderator accounts on the official Frontier forums. No joke.

    Somehow Frontier put people into power, who don’t like their game and support their direct competitor. Lesson learned: If you don’t employ and pay your forum moderators, someone else is going to pay them.


    None of that will happen. The Star Citizen IP is now toxic. Just like the Shitizen community that sprung up around it.

    I only see the following scenarios:

    1. A complete collapse in which neither Star Citizen, nor SQ42 get released. Game Over. The End.
    2. They limp along, then release SQ42 in 2017. It tanks. Game over. The End.

    There is absolutely no other scenario here.

    Kurt Michael

    So let’s enter hyper-speculative mode and discuss some ELE scenarios.

    Scenario (1) Let’s assume that by mid 2016 they run dry. Let’s assume in CIG’s favor that Squadron 42 could come out in late 2016 if they have the financing and strong management. Currently they lack both. Both can be fixed by an investor pumping in an eight-figure sum and insisting on a leadership shakeup.

    The problem is that I don’t see who should have any interest in picking up this project. Thanks to pre-payment via crowd funding there will be very little day one sales. Add the fact that Star Citizen / Squadron 42 is associated with negative news right now, which hurts sales again. The platform holders – Sony and Microsoft – wouldn’t pick this up since a) they don’t want to work with the current leadership, b) single-player games are commonly considered dead and c) a console port would be too costly and take too long. For the same reasons I can’t see a publisher pinking this one up. Nobody is longing for a story-driven, cut-scene heavy triple-AAA title right now. Not in this crowded release schedule.

    They might have an interest in picking up Star Citizen as a console-MMO, but then again Microsoft already has a space sim in the XBox One version of Elite:Dangerous and Sony will have the same soon. If they went into negotiations with CIG they would quickly realize what a mess this project is in. Not to mention the fact that the SC backers should cry foul over a console version, with SC being marketed as a hardcore PC-only experience. Even though they won’t, since they already have proven to be gullable sheep.

    In late 2017 it becomes clear that they can’t deliver Star Citizen. Sueing them is pointless though since they can use the mini-PTU as an excuse that they tried. Nobody *can* sue since class action lawsuits were ruled out in the EULA, but there will be a legal investigation. They will pay the fine and the chapter in the history books on Star Citizen can be written in late 2018.

    Scenario (2) The whole thing goes bust in late 2016 and somebody will pick up the rights from the bankruptcy assets. THQ downfall might be a reference; Gearbox picking up PC projects (Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens – Colonial Marines) and porting them to console tech (UE3 in this case) might be another; K2 picking up All Points Bulletin and Hawken might be. Hard to come up with references though, since this is all – by definition – unprecedented. But how long will the legal side take? How long did it take in the case of THQ? 12 months? 18?

    I can’t see this happening either, mostly for the reasons stated in (1). The upside of this scenario is that you could pick it up cheaper then by investment.

    Scenario (3) Alright, let’s go totally bonkers. Let’s assume that there’s some billionaire out there who just for the f*** of it pumps millions into this thing and profitability is not a concern. Now, who could it be? Hm … CryEngine … Multiplayer infrastructure … Do I hear Lumberyard? Do I hear Jeff Bezos? Port everything over to AWS, eight year dev cost of maybe 200 $Mio and release in 2019? As a Lumberyard showcase? You heard it here first folks, you heard it here first 🙂


    No. If the project folds, they will file for bankruptcy. Then everything gets sold. I don’t envision any circumstance whereby any of this project ends up in the public domain.


    One thing for sure is that the in game store for “non P2w” content will work smoothly when the minimum viable product is released in fact that might be what they mean that might be all that works smoothly…



    None of the arguments people are making are relevant. And White Knights, Shitizens, and Shillizens are doing what they always do: obfuscate, attack, confuse, distort.

    These are what’s relevant; all the points from my latest blog.

    1) The game he originally pitched simply cannot be built once he increased the scope. Period. All the features already cut out, are evidence of this.

    2) The CryEngine which he chose to build the game with, is simply not capable of building it. And yes, even though they now have a custom version of it, that’s more about re-inventing the wheel, than it is about making sure the wheel is still round. The latter being the basis of using a core engine from which a custom engine is derived.

    3) Following my first July 2015 blog in which I made the statements I said as:

    Without disrespect to anyone, I’m just going to say it: it is my opinion that, this game, as has been pitched, will never get made. Ever.

    There isn’t a single publisher or developer on this planet who could build this game as pitched, let alone for anything less than $150 million.

    The original vision which I backed in 2012? Yes, that was totally doable. This new vision? Not a chance.

    The technical scope of this game surpasses GTAV, not to mention the likes of Halo.

    Do you have any idea what those games cost to make and how long they took?

    Do you know how many games which cost $50 million to make took almost five years to release? And they were nowhere in scope as Star Citizen?

    He wrote an entire missive and said this:

    You all know that already; you’ve lived that. You’ve seen Star Citizen evolve and start to come together. You’ve watched our atoms form molecules, our modules form a real, playable game (that you can boot up and play today!). There are people out there who are going to tell you that this is all a BAD THING. That it’s ‘feature creep’ and we should make a smaller, less impressive game for the sake of having it out more quickly or in order to meet artificial deadlines. Now I’ll answer those claims in one word: Bullshit!

    Star Citizen matters BECAUSE it is big, because it is a bold dream. It is something everyone else is scared to try. You didn’t back Star Citizen because you want what you’ve seen before. You’re here and reading this because we are willing to go big, to do the things that terrify publishers. You’ve trusted us with your money so we can build a game, not line our pockets. And we sure as hell didn’t run this campaign so we could put that money in the bank, guarantee ourselves a profit and turn out some flimsy replica of a game I’ve made before. You went all in supporting us and we’ve gone all in making the game. Is Star Citizen today a bigger goal than I imagined in 2012? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not: it’s the whole damn point.

    As with all his previous statements and promises, you can flush this one down the toilet too. Chris evolved to be more of a salesman, than a game developer/designer. And a patently dishonest one.

    How coincidental is it that – again – shortly after my latest blog dropped, and which I said this:

    “And as I have stated before, Chris being a dreamer, I don’t believe that he set out to scam gamers. However, the only right thing that he can do now is to come clean, explain to the backers what he can and cannot do, what went wrong and how, provide the financials to the backers who are entitled to it, and stop taking money for a project he knows all too well that he simply cannot deliver as originally promised.”

    He does this latest 104TC in which he reveals that the short-term goal is to deliver a MVP.

    So, really what we’re doing with Star Citizen is we’re working on the game, adding features for an incredibly ambitious design – I don’t think there is any other game that is trying to do as much as we’re trying to do.  So, degree of difficulty 11, not 10.  And, we’ll have what we determine is a minimum viable product feature list for what you would call Star Citizen the commercial release which is basically when you say, “Okay, we’ve gotten to this point and we’ve still got plans to add a lot more cool stuff and more content and more functionality and more features…” – Which by the way includes some of the later stretch goals we have because not all of that is going to be for ‘absolutely right here’ on the commercial release.  But we’ll have something that we’ll think, ‘Okay yeah, not everyone can play it but it doesn’t matter – you can load it up, it plays really well, it’s really stable, there’s lots of content, there’s lots of fun things to do, different professions, lots of places to go, we’ve got a really good ecosystem.’  So, when we get to that point that’s when we would say, “Now it’s not alpha, it’s not beta, it’s Star Citizen 1.0.

    That was probably his version of “coming clean”, except that, with his wanton arrogance, he decided to again engage in word play and misdirection; rather than just coming flat out and saying what needs to be said:

    I FUCKED UP. AGAIN. Here is how I’m going to fix it”

    4) He was given $500K, then $2M, then $6M. And during all that time, the statements made were in support of the game he promised.

    At $112M, five years later, there is no pre-alpha, alpha, beta, or RC build. They’re still at a POC tech demo phase. What they have is nothing more than a CryEngine mod. Don’t believe me? Right now, go to Steam and take a look at Angels Fall First. That UE4 game was built by a team of part-time indie devs; and it has more gameplay, and stability than Star Citizen. I dare not even mention Elite Dangerous.

    He was given over 56 times the amount of money he asked for. And wait, there’s more. During every stretch goal, he claimed that the amount raised would make the dream come true.

    At $65M, the stretch goals stopped.

    This would imply that he would have to deliver everything promised – upon release – with $65M.

    He currently has $112M and there is no end in sight, nor a viable product, or a ship date.

    Instead, now we have engineering debt which, with insurmountable technical challenges, can never be paid.

    That aside from the fact that the selling of JPEG ships, ships in hangars etc, amounts to a Ponzi scheme in which the next one pays for the first and then you get to the point where there is no money to pay for the pile up.

    Then the money starts to dry up. The end result is, as I’ve stated in my latest blog, the Extinction Level Event (a word play on a catastrophic collapse) that is now playing out.

    And part of this is also an engineering Ponzi scheme because this statement from that 104TC broadcast, alludes to him needing more than the $112M already given, in order to deliver on what was promised. So after raising $112M, and failing to make good and/or deliver on the promises for which the money was given, he now needs additional money in order to make good on those same promises made. Go ahead and tell me you think this is all OK.

    “But of course the team is going to absolutely continue working on it, just like if you look at World of Warcraft – they continue to add content and features all the time.  The same happens on EVE.  We will update stuff, so we’ll update the graphics, we’ll add new functionality, new content, new systems, coming across additional alien races – all that kind of stuff will be there.  So, we’re going to work on this as long as you guys let us or support us doing it, because the world’s huge.  There’s so many things to do out there.”

    5) A “Minimum Viable Product” essentially means that they could add shops (to sell more stuff, instead of actually adding relevant gameplay features) in the upcoming 2.4 patch, fix a few bugs, and call it a full and final commercial release. Why is this relevant? Well, once they released the shoddy mPU 2.0 back in Dec ’15, precisely as I said (in Oct ’15) they would, they started using that as an excuse to deny refunds, saying that it represents a “substantial portion” of the game promised. More here.

    That’s precisely what they’re now going to do with the first commercial release.

    6) Aside from the nepotism which extracts a large amount of money from the project and gives to family (Chris, Sandi, Erin) and close friends (Ortwin, Derek Senior, Nick Elms, Simon Elms) – all associated with Chris, and some (Elms bros) going all the way back to childhood, there has been lots of evidence of wasting backer money.

    For everyone who backed the dream, it’s simple economics to see that with $20M, a single studio can build a fantastic game. Even with third-party contractors.

    Instead money has been thoroughly wasted across the world with 4 studios and at last count, over 11 contractor (some of which are entire companies!) entities, all bringing the team count to around 300 (!!!!).

    – LA head office which does nothing but make propaganda videos

    – Austin which is now a shell of its former self with a skeleton crew

    – Foundry42-GER which houses ex-CryTek engineers which some backers were saying was the magic bullet to solving all the engineering problems. Back in July 2015, I said that was bullshit. Here we are. The custom game engine is still shit.

    – Foundry42-UK which he built for his brother (and which hosts Erin, Derek, Nick, Simon) like what happened decades ago with Digital Anvil collapse, is headed by Erin who they think (he will fail) is going to redeem his brother by delivering SQ42 – a game that i) very few backers give a shit about ii) has already been pre-sold; and which, in the economics of PC games, will never yield enough additional money to make a dent in finances. Aside from the fact that sources are telling me that it’s already shit.

    7) For the money (currently $112M) given, what gamers are going to end up with as a MVP, is probably a game that could have been built for $20M and in under 4 years. Just as I predicted here.

    And shipping an MVP, with funds (their worldwide estimated burn rate is pegged at around $3M per month) now drying up, invariably increases the risk of the project collapsing and him never delivering on any of the other promises. And that’s precisely how Ponzi schemes collapse.

    8) When I recently stated that Star Citizen (PU) was in maintenance mode, some people just scoffed. That’s precisely what’s happening now as I said here. This plays into the MVP state whereby some bug fixes, features (e.g. shops in 2.4) designed to raise money rather than implement core features, will be implemented. The engine is FUBAR. There is no getting around this. And there is nothing they can do to fix it because right off the bat when Chris increased the scope, he put the game completely out of the engine’s scope.

    Quoting from a Reddit AMA he did back in 2012 shortly after raising $2M on Kickstarter, in which he said:

    “The difference between this and Fable is that it is intended as an online continually updated and developed game, rather than a fixed amount of functionality and content that will go onto a disc. So all the features may not make it for day 1 but we will bringing on as much and as many as we can over the life of the universe.

    There will be some features that will not make it as I’m sure some of my ideas wont work out once we start testing them with real users, and there will be some I haven’t talked about will be in the game that everyone will wonder how we could have ever conceived not having.

    Part of the reason of doing this with community involvement from the start is to make sure the people that will be affected by some early choices have a voice int he process. Perhaps its feature A or feature B at launch. Backers will get a say in which feature is more important to them. Its not a perfect process but I think it will be the bets one for the long run – and as a lot of people have noted just a sub set of some the proposed functionality will be pretty awesome and I’m not going to stop until we get it all (that makes sense from a fun / payable / balancing standpoint)”

    That was before backers gave him $112M to deliver on the dreams. The very nature of stretch goals. Anyone using this statement to mean that he knew all along that everything promised won’t be in the game upon release, is an idiot. Note that this statement was also made BEFORE he significantly increased the scope of the game after the KS and fundraising continued on the RSI website.

    Aside from that, in this FAQ for the game he stated thus:

    The purpose of the higher stretch goals is to ensure that the game-as-described is finished in the two year time period.

    That “two year time period“, was to be Nov 2014. A date that came and went. And at that time, they had raised over $65.5M.

    9) The current ToS 1.2 in which they promised to do refunds and provide financial accounting for failure to deliver the product as promised, after being extended by six months from the original promised date of Nov 2014, expires on 05/31/16. They won’t do either of those.

    This should be the biggest sign that they have no intentions of delivering anything as promised, and that all Chris has said since day one, was designed to extract money from gamers, while delivering a fraction of the dreams he promised. Paying $100 for a box you could have bought for $5.

    10) Failure to deliver on what they promised – and for which they got $112M – is 100% illegal according to Federal law. There is absolutely NO argument about this fact. And it has nothing to do with crowdfunding, though that has its own Federal rules and guidelines.


    And the fun part? As per ToS 1.2, anyone looking to sue over this, has to go through arbitration on their own.

    There can be no class action lawsuit arising from this as long as you bought the game, downloaded it, and agreed to that ToS.

    The only legal action to ever come from this, is if either the Feds (FBI or FTC) or States (Attorney General) take action, or some enterprising attorney finds evidence of malfeasance, fraud or similar, and files a standard lawsuit. Then everything goes into discovery, and backers finally figure out what happened to their money.

    Make no mistake, this farce WILL end up in some form of legal action. What form that will take, is what is currently unknown at this time.

    I personally do NOT believe that they will ship any MVP version of Star Citizen (PU), let alone SQ42.

    I personally – without a doubt in my mind – believe that the project, as we knew it, is DEAD. And anyone still giving them money, deserves to lose it. All of it.

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