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    London Hyena

      I will definitely be trying although I doubt after so long there’s much the bank can do about it. I was about to say European consumer law is very supportive.. but yeah, #Brexit.

      I should be thankful that i’ve lost less then £100 in total, I feel for the ‘Whales’ throwing so much money into this with blind optimism. I get that some are a vocal minority of nasty people (I’ve already had one trying to stir trouble with me on twitter for daring to post I was unhappy, just a complete stranger!) but the vast majority, like I was, are just suckered.


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      London Hyena

        Another ‘backer’ here that bought into the dream of SC many months ago.

        Then I started getting a ‘feeling’ about it, as the $$$ started being raked in and nothing came to fruition. ‘Just a little longer, have faith’ I told myself. Then the hanger module appeared, which was a buggy mess.

        So i waited a little longer…

        Then Arena came out, which was yet another mess and my ship was an uncontrollable mess.

        Then a little longer…

        Low and behold the grandly awaited big 2.0 thing appeared. I logged in once, realised that there was nothing to do and didn’t log in since. This was several months ago.

        Tried emailing for a refund, made sure it was clear I hadn’t accepted or seen any recently updated TOS and no intention of using the product. My exact email was:


        I would like to request a refund on all purchased items.

        I have not accepted the most recent Terms of Service with regards to finance. I will not be playing Star Citizen/Squadron 42 or any components thereof.
        I am sad to take this course of action however I do not feel that the investment I made has been a fruitful one nor have I been supplied goods that could be deemed ‘fit for purpose’ in the months since this initial purchase was made.

        I do however, genuinely hope that Star Citizen/Squadron 42 makes it out of development into the product that it has the potential to be and I will continue to watch with interest.

        However at this time, I do not currently feel confident in the direction that is heading and as an investor I would like my investment returned.

        Best wishes for the future,


        What did I get back? The standard wall of pseudo nonsense saying my money had already been spent. On what exactly? What does a hundred million dollars purchase if there’s nothing to actually show for it being spent?
        I have to say Derek, you gave me a Han Solo moment reading your blog.

        “It’s true… all of it”

        Thoroughly despicable state of affairs and i’m happy to add my name to the growing list of misery. I don’t understand how they have managed to amass such a huge amount of money, other peoples money, with no real financial oversight or accountability.
        Not even a sniff of an audit, no details of investment aside from vague overhead titles. Where is it all going and more importantly what does any of it mean to the end user who still, years later, is no closer to any sort of viable product?

        I’ve seen pyramid schemes less opaque, truly shocking.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)