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    Martijn Otto

      Yes, but if they don’t have to report over the time before switching to the UK, they could hide a lot of money from the backers

      Ranger Man

        You are right.  Short term it might allow them to  hide a lot and give them time to figure out how to hide the rest.

        It has all the marks of a business whose owners are getting ready to run with the bank account. The employees show up one day to locked doors and an out of business sign.


        SJ Parkinson

          EU consumer protections only cover people in the EU.

          It screws any Americans unless they want to sue them in the UK (which they can’t do if they agree to the new ToS). Also takes their corporate presence out of FTC jurisdiction. I suspect the US holds the vast majority of customers and this means CIG / RSI can keep that chunk of money without any blow back.

          The SC Reddit are still in complete denial. I see all sorts of accusations for dsmart alts’s, but suspect many sandi alt’s working their FUD. Same old “Can’t be right, but even if it is, I’m all right with that” BS.

          If the US Feds don’t move soon, the US accounts will be emptied.

          Ranger Man

            You are right and that’s one thing I like about the EU.  They have some tough consumer protection laws unlike the US where companies can loot and pillage the consumer.  Unfortunately, unless we get someone willing to do Pro Bono or take a cut (even if it’s zero) of whatever is rewarded the US people are shafted.  Again that’s our legal system in that it favors those with deep pockets who can afford litigation and the expense that goes with it.  Good plan for them to flee the US until they can find another haven with no extradition and weak consumer laws.

            The SC cultists are unbelievable but that’s true of any cult or organization that builds fans like that.  They go down believing it all and it’s always someone else’s fault – Satans, Derek, or someone else.  I never knew Derek had so much power that he, one man, could take down a company with over $100 million <G>.  I think CR has created a more fanatic cult then Jim Jones or any of those we’ve seen.

            I’ve filed new BBB and FTC complaints but all that does it get it on the record and if enough have filed it will get someone’s attention.


            Ranger Man

              You can apply for a protest permit from whoever the governing city, county, whatever is, and then publicize it via newspaper and TV stations and social media.  It would call attention but someone would have to organize it, get the permits, then conduct it.  It’s of interest to a small group but if it makes local news it’s one more thing making the issue public.  Then there is social media so footage filmed with camera’s etc. could be spread via social media such as a Facebook page like StarCitizenScam and a website.

              Well I’ve file another complaint with FTC about the TOS, am working with my credit card company to see if I can get refunds, and have contacted Morrison and Lee mentioned by Derek in  one of the posts.

              Funny thing happened.  I went back to my emails from CIG/RSI – I kept all of them dealing with my orders – and when I opened one it had a big read bar across the top with “This message may be a scam.”.  Close as the message is not but the game is.



                I don’t think so. Where did you hear/read this? They already have offices in the UK for the entities located there.

                SJ Parkinson

                  Took me a while (I went through 70+ websites yesterday looking for stuff), but I finally found it. The UK address is in here.

                  It’s the EU version of their ToS. I saw the changes from the US address to the UK address. Saw the comparison doc showing the international ToS update change, but I can’t find it. Pretty sure it was linked through Reddit, but all my Google searches take me to the US ToS version compare.

                  With their (legal) pull out from Texas, it is conceivable they are transferring operations overseas (or at least minimizing exposure) away from US jurisdiction.

                  RSI is a separate legal entity from CIG. CIG collected the kickstarter funds so if they transfer ops over to RSI then pull the plug on CIG, that’s it. All the KS money goes *poof* and you have to sue a dead company without assets. A legal version of three card Monte.

                  If they transfer ops to RSI UK, then pull the plug on all US legal entities, the US customers are well and truly screwed unless they want to mount an international lawsuit.

                  Purely theoretical, but why have more than a dozen companies globally? Does not make sense.




                  Ranger Man

                    Got the usual Past 14 days, blah, blah.  Filed it with the others.  I’ve contacted the FTC, my credit card company to see if I can still get a refund, and the firm recommended by Derek so we’ll see .  At this point I’ve written off my Grand Admiral stuff but anything I can do to add to the list of complaints will help.


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