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    UPDATE 18/01/25

    So there’s another TOS revision (current) released Jan 25th, 2018. You can compare it to the previous June 10, 2016 version.

    I called this one back in Sept when I heard about it from sources. At the time, it was speculated that it would be released with the new website which was also expected to go live around the time of the 3.0 “release”. But the website didn’t launch, 3.0 was an unmitigated disaster, then the holidays happened. Compared to the previous June, 10th, 2016 TOS version, it’s amazing.

    If you have been following my tracking of these changes, then you should already be familiar with how they have systematically not only revised them to continue screwing backers, but also to reduce their liability and obligations. This latest version is worse. First of all, the Fundraising & Pledges section has been completely re-written – again. It also now comes with a disclaimer:

    RSI is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the Game and the related RSI Services. You do not purchase anything, you make a pledge towards the development of the Game and the other RSI Services. Your pledge entitles you to receive the selected in-game items when they are developed and introduced into the Alpha releases of Star Citizen and/or to receive the game Squadron 42, as selected. Please read this clause carefully to understand the differences between crowdfunding and a purchase.

    Not sure how they are now going to explain charging VAT in EU nations.

    If you thought the above was bad, wait, there’s more…

    The Pledge Funds will be earned by RSI at the earlier of:

    • when the Pledge Item becomes functional in Star Citizen’s Alpha Persistent Universe (or is delivered separately, such as the game Squadron 42), or
    • when your Pledge Funds have been expended for the Game Cost.

    Yes. So basically, once you have bought into the game, say they implemented a particular ship which you own, they can deny you a refund, even though the rest of the game may be incomplete and not delivered at the time.

    Remember back when I said 3.0 was the MVP? Now we see why sources were saying back in the Summer that this TOS coming with 3.0 was going to set the stage for what was to come.

    Then, buried in the Miscellaneous Terms section at the bottom is this…

    Governing Law. These TOS shall be governed and construed by the laws of England and Wales. The competent courts of Manchester, England shall have the non-exclusive right to hear any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use. As noted in these TOS, your conduct may also be subject to other local, state, national, and international laws.

    These clowns really think that, with their head office and base of operations being here in the US, that if they are sued under the TOS, that a US court is going to totally allow an English court to have jurisdiction. I can’t wait.

    UPDATE 16/06/10

    And it came to pass that the new June 2016 ToS has been released with the latest 2.4 “patch” going live.

    Here is a handy comparison between the previous Feb 2015 v1.2 and this latest June 2016 version.

    I am working on a blog; but the highlights and implications of this new ToS are:

    1. They can deliver anything (e.g. Minimum Viable Product as I wrote in this blog) they like, and it doesn’t have to resemble anything promised and which you backed. Which means that everything you see here in the stretch goals – and which you backed – is now meaningless. Those concept ships which have yet to be modeled, let alone flight ready? They don’t have to create them
    2. They are under no obligation to deliver anything – like ever
    3. You are not entitled to refunds – for any reason – like ever
    4. They can ban your account – for any reason – delete it, and not refund you
    5. If you buy an account and they find out, they can terminate the account and not refund you. This is essentially to kill the Grey market (Star Citizen trades has now been removed from the Reddit subs), prevent people from buying accounts and/or holding CIG accountable etc
    6. The disparaging CS tagging (1, 2) that occurred just this week, gives rise to how they were seeking to identify backers outside of their website/services, in order to identify their accounts and terminate them – without cause (other than because you were a dissenter)
    7. They no longer owe backers any financial accountability for where the money went. This was one of the key points they used as a carrot during this funding. That, and the ability to do refunds. Both have now been removed.
    8. There is no release date for anything. The 18 month (which was previous 12 months in prior ToS revisions) time frame to deliver following the original Nov 2014 date, has been removed
    9. The new ToS is an agreement with RSI and not CIG as before. Considering that they have a bunch of corporated entities associated with this, the implications of this change are not yet clear to me. UPDATE: After speaking with my attorneys, we view this move as an attempt to shift liability (lawsuits, creditors, investors etc) from CIG, and to the subsidiary (RSI). This is a common tactic used when businesses are setup. In fact, it clearly explains all these entities associated with this project. So when this project collapses – as I am certain that it will, seeing as they can’t deliver it as promised – CIG (which is the parent) will be shielded from the lawsuits and liabilites of RSI. However, according to the law, in cases where fraud is uncovered, there is no such protection.
    10. They say you agree not to sue them – like ever

    In the meantime, if you ever want legal recourse, do NOT download the 2.4 patch and do NOT do ANYTHING on their site and/or services in which you are required to agree to this new ToS. The only way you are able to give expressed consent, is if you download the 2.4 game launcher and press the AGREE button. Visiting the website, sending them emails, opening support tickets etc do not convey consent.

    TO BE CLEAR: This new ToS only applies to i) new backers from this date forward who download the game and agree to the new ToS ii) existing backers who are presented (e.g. in the game launcher) with the new ToS, and which they have to agree to

    Since July 2015, I have been making a lot of noise about the ToS (which they have changed many times to suit their actions) and the fact that RSI/CIG are required to provide refunds and financial accountability to backers for failure to deliver the promised game, 18 months from the expiration Feb 2015 ToS v1.2. Those two clauses triggered on May 31st, 2016. And instead of abiding by them, they decided to create a new ToS which not only removes those clauses, but it also strips even more rights from backers who have thus far given them $115 million. A lot of Shitizens said I was wrong about the ToS interpretation, that I didn’t understand it, blah, blah, blah. Yet, with the latest 2.4 patch disaster hurriedly pushed to live (conveniently ahead of E3 which they recently backed out of attending), they have done precisely as I said and expected that they would.

    UPDATE 16/05/24: Sources are telling me that a new ToS revision is in the works and will be shoved through either in the upcoming public release of 2.4 or thereafter. If you ever hope to get financial accountability or refunds – two of the key provisions of the current ToS v1.2 – do not agree to it. On June 1st, backers have the legal right to both a refund and financial accountability as promised.

    Make no mistake, several things are in the works, and there are going to be legal ramifications – including the complete decimation of the arbitration clause introduced in ToS 1.1 by people who never agreed to that ToS revision.

    Everyone knows by now that since the shoddy and premature release of Star Citizen (aka Persistent Universe) v2.0 in Dec 2015, they’re now claiming that it is substantial update, so they’re refusing refunds.

    Below are all the different ToS revisions since the start of this project. The Kickstarter ToS would be active from 12-10-18 to 12-11-19 when the campaign started and ended there.

    12-09-13 // Original version from RSI website before they moved the campaign to Kickstarter. No arbitration clause.

    13-08-13 // v1.0, No arbitration clause. 

    13-08-29 // v1.1, Arbitration clause appears in VIII

    15-02-01 // v1.2, Arbitration clause appears in XXII

    NOTE: If you pledged on Kickstarter, then you are subject to their ToS, as well as the RSI ToS which was active after the campaign ended and you had to access their site to create your citizen account.

    According to their  ToS v1.1 of 08/29/13 they said if they failed to deliver within 12 months of Nov 2014 (the original Kickstarter estimated delivery date), they would issue refunds. At the time, this non-delivery period would kick in during Nov 2015.

    IV. Charges & Billing
    RSI agrees to use its good faith business efforts to deliver to you the pledge items and the Game on or before the estimated delivery date. However, you acknowledge and agree that delivery as of such date is not a promise by RSI since unforeseen events may extend the development and/or production time. Accordingly, you agree that any unearned portion of the deposit shall not be refundable until and unless RSI has failed to deliver the pledge items and/or the Game to you within 12 months after the estimated delivery date.

    Since that time, having already i) missed the Nov 2014 delivery date and ii) embarked on the increased scope (aka “vision 2.0”), thus extending the delivery date for the project, they surreptitiously made another changed in ToS v1.2 of 02/01/15 (which remains the current one on their website). The previous section was moved; and now reads:

    VII. Fundraising & Pledges
    RSI agrees to use its good faith business efforts to deliver to you the pledge items and the Game on or before the estimated delivery date communicated to you on the Website.  However, you acknowledge and agree that delivery as of such date is not a firm promise and may be extended by RSI since unforeseen events may extend the development and/or production time. Accordingly, you agree that any unearned portion of your Pledge shall not be refundable until and unless RSI has failed to deliver the relevant pledge items and/or the Game to you within eighteen (18) months after the estimated delivery date.

    And in the current ToS, here is a key section that ties into the above:

    VII. Fundraising & Pledges
    For the avoidance of doubt, in consideration of RSI’s good faith efforts to develop, produce, and deliver the Game with the funds raised, you agree that any Pledge amounts applied against the Pledge Item Cost and the Game Cost shall be non-refundable regardless of whether or not RSI is able to complete and deliver the Game and/or the pledge items. In the unlikely event that RSI is not able to deliver the Game and/or the pledge items, RSI agrees to post an audited cost accounting on the Website to fully explain the use of the amounts paid for Pledge Item Cost and the Game Cost. In consideration of the promises by RSI hereunder, you agree that you shall irrevocably waive any claim for refund of any Pledge that has been used for the Game Cost and Pledge Item Cost in accordance with the above.

    The trigger in ToS v1.2 which will require (they won’t do it voluntarily) them to provide refunds and a full accounting, will expire 18 months from when they promised the project to be delivered on Nov 2014. It was set to expire in Nov 2015 as per the previous ToS. Then they extended it from 12 to 18 months. So the new expiration date is May 31, 2016 depending on when you backed the game and agreed to the ToS.

    However, it doesn’t matter when you backed the project; as long as you accessed their services (game, forum) and agreed to the ToS v1.2 revision when presented, you are subject to it. All previous versions would then be null and void. However, if you NEVER accessed their systems, and thus never agreed to ToS v1.2, then you are not only due a refund, but also due a full accounting as per the previous ToS versions.

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    1. Cloud Imperium Games Corp CA (2013)
    2. Cloud Imperium Games LLC CA (2012)
    3. Cloud Imperium Rights LLC  CA (2017)
    4. Cloud Imperium US, LLC  DE (2017)
    5. Cloud Imperium Games Texas LLC TX (2013)
    6. Cloud Imperium Games LLC TX (2012) <- dissolved
    7. Roberts Space Industries Corp CA (2013 <- dissolved 03/2018
    8. Roberts Space Industries, LLC CA (2017) <- dissolved 03/2018
    9. Roberts Space Industries, LLC TX (2018)


    1. Gemini 42 Entertainment LLC CA (2013)
    2. Gemini 42 Productions LLC CA (2014)
    3. Twin Brothers Production Inc CA (1995) <- owned by Ortwin Freyermuth. Was used in US/EU sales & refunds
    4. Twin Bros. Productions Inc CA (1991) <- see above


    1. Cloud Imperium Games UK Limited (2013)
    2. Cloud Imperium Rights UK Limited (2017)
    3. Foundry 42 Limited (2013) <- Feb 2019, CI says it will re-brand to CIG
    4. Roberts Space Industries International Limited (2014)


    1. Roberts Space Industries Germany GMBH
    2. Foundry 42 <- ex-CryTek engineers hired to setup shop here
    3. Twin Bros GmBH <- see above


    First, find out when you backed the project, then figure out which ToS you are subject to.

    1) Request a refund. You’re going to get a response like this one. They may also ask you if something you read online, influenced your decision to get a refund. Ignore it. You don’t need a reason to ask for a refund, other than those listed below.

    2) File a chargeback with your bank, PayPal etc. citing the following. Keep it simple.

    “I backed this crowd-funded project on ________ and they promised to deliver the project on Nov 2014. Thus far 1) they have not delivered the product as promised, and they keep missing promised dates 2) since then they have cut some of the features that made me back the project, thus diminishing my investment 3) they are using the tech demo they released in Dec 2015 as an excuse to deny refunds, claiming that it is a substantial part of the delivery when it isn’t 4) over 90% of the features promised have yet to be delivered as of today’s date 5)  also, there are numerous reports all over the Internet that this is looking like a scam and that they cannot deliver the product as promised”


    1. File a complaint with the CA Dept of Consumer and Business Affairs
    2. File a complaint with the FTC
    3. File a complaint with your State Attorney General’s office
    4. File a complaint with your State BBB

    Additional resources: Chargeback and refunds


    File a complaint. In the event that they keep rejecting your refund, you can contact the investigator directly via email ([email protected]) or phone (312-881-7094). This is the State where the head office is located; so it is critical that you report them to this agency.


    First, read the FTC bulletin, Getting Your Money Back

    If you feel that you have been misled when you backed the Star Citizen project after Oct, 2012, and you want a chance to get your money back, the FTC has setup a special department that deals with crowd-funding complaints. You can fill out this form. Then select “Internet services, online shopping, or computers” then “Online shopping”. You can read more about that over here.

    Cloud Imperium, LLC
    12322 Exposition Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    [email protected]
    Tel: 310-275-1300

    All Robert Space Industries / Cloud Imperium Games offices.

    You can also use this as your summary. Edit as-needed:

    “Cloud Imperium Games has collected in excess of $XXX million in crowd-funding money by selling game related items of varying value from $10 all the way up to to $15,000.

    The game was promised to be delivered in Nov of 2014. However, thus far, only about 10% of the content they promised and received money for, have been delivered. Also, they have since vastly increased the scope of the project from what was previously promised; and they have gone on the record admitting to this.

    They also changed the original Terms Of Service which would have required them to provide full refunds and financial accounting for the project if they failed to deliver by the promised Nov 2014 date. This change extended the term from Dec 2015 to May 2016.

    They continue to raise money for the project despite never having met a single promised milestone.

    After previously removing some features promised and which most backers were in favor of when they backed the project, they continue to remove features from the project, just reducing the value of the project. As recently as January 2016, they removed a key module, Star Marine, which was heavily promoted from the start of the project in 2012.

    Like a lot of other customers,  when I requested a refund, they denied it. They claim that a recent 2.0 tech demo which they released in a buggy and incomplete fashion in Dec 2015 (exactly when the original accountability term in the ToS was to be in effect), constitutes a substantial release of the promised game. Given how much is missing from it, that claim is patently false and they are using it as an excuse to actively deny refunds. This despite the fact that they promised two games; Star Citizen and Squadron 42. And as of now, we haven’t received any part of the second game.

    And in a typical fashion, Squadron 42, which was part of the project, has recently been split and now being sold separately to the general public.”

    Note that even if you are not a backer of this project, make no mistake, you have every right to call into question anything you suspect is tantamount to consumer fraud of any kind. That’s why there are numerous resources online for specifically that purpose. And you don’t have to be a backer or whistle-blower to do it. The FTC goes after companies all the time. Here is an entire public listing of their efforts and remedies.

    Direct from the FTC:

    The Commission files a complaint when it has “reason to believe” that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to the Commission that a proceeding is in the public interest. Stipulated orders have the force of law when approved and signed by the District Court judge.

    The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The FTC’s website provides free information on a variety of consumer topics.

    Also, the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) is a California statute that seeks to protect consumers against unfair and deceptive business practices. It identifies various unlawful practices in the sale or lease of goods or services to a consumer, including:

    1. Misrepresenting the source, certification, origin, or quality of goods and services;
    2. Advertising goods or services with intent not to sell them as advertised;
    3. Representing that a transaction has or involves rights, remedies or obligations that it does not have or involve, or that are prohibited by law;
    4. Representing that the consumer will receive a rebate, discount or other economic benefit, if the earning of the benefit is contingent on an event occurring after the transaction; or
    5. Inserting an unconscionable provision in the contract.


    Find out who your State AG is from this website; then contact them. If you live in one of the States (e.g. Washington State) where AGs have gone after shady crowd-funding schemes, then you’re in luck. These past months, we’ve contacted AGs in various States (based on people who reached out to us for help), and apprised them of the on-going Star Citizen situation. So hopefully you don’t have to spend too much time explaining it to them. Remember, the State and Feds take their time; so don’t be surprised if it takes awhile for them to do anything.

    16-06-01 UPDATE: On June 1st 2016, two key conditions in the agreed upon ToS v1.2 were triggered.

    1. The first would be a refund for failure to deliver the promised product within 18 months of the promised date (Nov 2014 for those on Kickstarter, for any other backers, it would be from the day you backed the project and agreed to the ToS).
    2. The second, having failed to deliver the product, is financial accountability for how the money was spent.

    Depending on what you are after, you have to decide what you want, and what remedies are available to you. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Request a refund – in full. Cite the two trigger sections of the ToS in your request as a reason for the request. Save all correspondences.
    2. If they refuse i) file a complaint with Kickstarter (you can also post here) if you backed through there; also read section 4 of their FAQ ii) file a complaint with your State’s BBB iii) file a complaint with your State Attorney General’s office iv) file a complaint with the FTC
    3. Depending on the amount, and the law in your State, you can file a case in small claims court. If you prevail, they are responsible for your court costs. There is a very good chance that they won’t appear.
    4. Contact an attorney, explain the circumstances to them. Given the amount of money involved, there are some (I know a few) who would take the matter on a contingency fee basis, depending on the amount you backed. Especially if they have a shot (which they most certainly do) at a class action suit. This shouldn’t be taken lightly, and there is no point in wasting time and money on attorneys if you backed only a small amount of money. But if you must, I recommend MorrisonLee. They are one of the best “gaming” attorneys around, with attorney contacts in various States. Email them; and tell them I sent you. They are already fully aware and apprised of the on-going Star Citizen saga.

    These suggestions are for US based backers only. The EU has even more stringent rules for stuff like this, so check with your country’s authorities and explore all avenues.

    If you don’t want a refund, then you don’t have to do anything. In which case, it’s better to consider the money lost because the game – as promised – can never be made. Basically, intentional or not, you’ve been scammed.

    Good luck.

    ps. If you get a response like this from their CS, disregard (but save it!) it.


    So following the new ToS update, according to this poster, they now have a form letter that CS sends out to people inquiring about, or requesting a refund:

    Thank you very much for contacting us.

    I am very sorry to hear that you no longer wish to back Star Citizen, however we have reviewed your account status and we regret that we are not able to accommodate your request for a refund since it was received outside of the statutory 14 day period. I understand that this may seem unwelcoming, but unfortunately we are now obligated to send over the following information as protocol:

    You made your pledge to the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the development of “Star Citizen.” When you contributed your pledge it was applied to the building of the game and the team and resources needed to make it happen. The funds are not idly maintained in a bank account for months or years in case someone wants his/her money back. Cloud Imperium Games has been working diligently on the development of the game and has published extensive information on the development process on its website at We are very serious about accomplishing what we set out to do, which is to build a great game. We endeavor to keep everyone informed and educated on the progress of game development and what is accomplished with their support: reports, updates and web shows have been made available regularly, and our first gameplay offerings came online as early as fall of 2013. These offerings have been progressively and incrementally expanded over time to share access to the work in progress. We have created a substantial foundation for the game, and early release versions are currently available (see further detail below).

    As noted above, your payment was a deposit to be used for the “Game Cost” as defined in your crowdfunding pledge agreement (see Sec. 4 of the Commercial Terms, and Sec. IV.A of the subsequent Terms of Service, as applicable,, and the deposit has since been “earned by CIG and become non-refundable” since it was “used for the Game Cost…” You also agreed to “irrevocably waive any claim for refund of any deposit amount that has been used for the Game Cost and Pledge Item Cost ….” The only exception would be a return of unearned funds remaining in case of an abandonment of the project; this exception does not apply as we have not abandoned development. If you pledged on Kickstarter, you agreed to these terms when you transferred your pledge account to

    Terms to this effect have been in the Terms of Service and/or Commercial Terms ever since Star Citizen’s crowdfunding began. They are consistent with the specific nature of crowdfunding and the foreseeable use of your pledge –it would not be appropriate to use current backers’ development pledges to refund an earlier pledge which has already been used for Game Cost. Put simply, “takebacks” are not in the spirit of crowdfunding, the effect would be to pull the rug out from under a team that is working hard to build what the crowd has asked them to build with their pledges.

    While quite a lot of the promised gameplay is now available, we acknowledge that delivery of some game elements has been delayed. This is a direct result of the community’s declared desire to have the initial release version of the game developed to a much greater depth, detail, and fidelity than contemplated originally upon start of the campaign. It is inherent to the nature of crowdfunding that such an adjustment to the project may occur. We acknowledge that some individual backers may find the additional wait undesirable. However, as per Sec. VII of the Terms, you did “acknowledge and agree that delivery as of such date is not a promise by RSI since unforeseen events may extend the development and/or production time.” Ultimately, this evolution of development will benefit all backers including yourself, since every backer will be receiving a much greater value for his/her pledge, but it may – as in this case – cause an extension of the delivery dates.

    Star Citizen is a project for gamers, by gamers. By financing the project using crowd funding, our team is not beholden to a publisher who would insist we ship a game unfinished, de-featured, or broken to meet a particular schedule. Thanks to continued backing of our community, we have the needed creative freedom over the project to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming technology and to create a unique game with a unique approach. We feel the results such as unparalleled immersion and fidelity which have been highlighted in many reviews and community reactions, are already speaking for themselves!

    Please try out, if you haven’t already, the significant gameplay which is now available (see and we encourage you to download the installer from this url: to patch up and play the latest version of the game.

    Again, we regret that we can’t comply with your refund request for the above reasons and sincerely hope you enjoy the updates both current and future in the Star Citizen ‘Verse.

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter, and if there is anything else we can assist with please let us know, thanks.

    Ranger Man

    Again, kind of lets them off the hook but then one of them is a backer who is “happy” and what about the we may never ever deliver a product part of the TOS.  They mention it and the missed deadlines, not delivering what was sold to us but really it all seems like it’s okay to them.  Waste of electrons to make that footage.

    The gaming media is worse then today’s media like CNN, etc.  None of them will rock the boat and point out when their favorites screw up.  One reason I never go to a gaming media site to find out about a game.




    So today, Kotaku wrote this article: Star Citizen Changes Terms of Service to Make it More Difficult to Get a Refund

    The article completely ignores the more serious issue: that being the one related to, you know the REMOVAL of two key (refunds, financial accountability) provisions which backers previously had.

    This issue is not just about the ability to get refunds going forward. It’s a LOT worse than that.

    This is why most of the gaming media get under fire a lot and gamers have completely lost trust in most of them. These people were part of the massive hype train, writing puff pieces etc. Yet, once the wheels started to come off, gamers being fleeced like sheep, they’re all strangely silent.

    Even with something as serious as a MATERIAL CHANGE in a ToS that was used to build and fuel said hype train, it’s pretty much like “yeah, whatever”.

    I feel the key issue here is that nobody wants to be the first to admit that I was **right** this whole time. I mean, at the end of the day, it all boils down to “Smart v Roberts“. And most people simply can’t reconcile that.That’s on them. Just wait when the inevitable collapse comes.

    This is an article by PC Powerplay  The Star Citizen honeymoon is over Opinion: Derek Smart is probably right.

    So, I’m probably right. But let’s carry on and ramble about how this is about (hint: you’re a fool, it’s not) Line Of Defense

    Not to mention the fact that the author has $1800 in the project. Star Citizen and the fleet of folly


    Like I said, morons. Posting on the website does not convey any agreement to the new ToS. That’s why you only see it on the game launcher/downloader and where you then have to agree or disagree.

    SJ Parkinson

    When Obi Wan Kenobi said, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany.” he was wrong.

    Just go to the CIG forums and be amazed at the intolerance, ignorance and inanity.

    The only nugget that everyone missed, “On a secondary note, to the people who posted that they will not be agreeing to the new TOS, I’m sorry to tell you but posting that very line on these forums and thus using the services provided by CIG, you have already agreed to the new TOS.”

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