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    Randy Henderson

      Will it strictly be for US residents? I’m in Canada but would seriously be interested as well.

      Hotsauce ShoTYME

        He is exactly right. Companies change their TOS all the time for a game that is already out and expectations are already level set and if you go into the game and find that is not the case you can get a refund.  That is not the case here cause the game is not out and we have no way of measuring expectations vs reality.  Well we do but there is that nagging pre-alpha out.  I am not sure why the spergs keep comparing the TOS of gold games to a tech demo.

        Ranger Man

          This, (the @engadget link you posted) makes your case.  I had not heard of engadget before but I haven’t missed anything if this is the level of their posts.


            That article..holy shit.

            “trolling” Ah, I see it was written mid 2013, when saying SC wouldn’t be commercially released Nov 2014 – early 2015 was trolling.

            “refrain from continually posting about games you don’t like!” Sure, nobody ever said ‘nobody warned me!’

            “Obviously anyone with half a brain can see that it’s a hardcore space sim” + “bleeding edge aesthetics” Press USE and buy underpants. You will need them when the space suit doesn’t render.

            “trolls … about Star Citizen’s pre-order ship offerings” Those damn trolls again. How can buying jpegs go wrong?

            “upper middle class adults with stable income and significant reserves” + “This is money that exists in a household budget purely for whimsical purchases.”  Sure. Those steam reviews where people lose their shit over games worth less then $10 are figments of my imagination.

            “money well spent” I guess so, but unlike Chris I think Capri is overrated. Monaco is fun though.

            Hotsauce ShoTYME

              From that thread.

              “No, you’re misunderstanding. The 18 months after November 2014 ONLY applies to kickstarter backers. The reason it doesn’t apply to anyone else is because no expected released date has ever been announced by CIG on their website anywhere. So there is no “18 months after…”


                Yeah – he’s a moron. The Kickstarter ToS, has nothing to do with the CIG/RSI ToS. And it does apply to everyone; regardless of where you backed the game. As long as you downloaded the game, you had to have agreed to a ToS on CIG/RSI website.

                SJ Parkinson

                  When Obi Wan Kenobi said, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany.” he was wrong.

                  Just go to the CIG forums and be amazed at the intolerance, ignorance and inanity.

                  The only nugget that everyone missed, “On a secondary note, to the people who posted that they will not be agreeing to the new TOS, I’m sorry to tell you but posting that very line on these forums and thus using the services provided by CIG, you have already agreed to the new TOS.”


                    Like I said, morons. Posting on the website does not convey any agreement to the new ToS. That’s why you only see it on the game launcher/downloader and where you then have to agree or disagree.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 92 total)
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