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    MDrake SC

    @ Paul Howlett

    I requested my refund way back in October. Since my refund is $2,500, CIG has done the best they could to ignore me after I confirmed my refund request. Luckily, I can afford to totally lose it in the worse case scenario. Though I would prefer not to.

    The EU has stronger consumer protection laws than the USA, so the EU is where most of the refunds seem to be going to. Since I am in the USA… yeah. The folks at CIG are incredibly dirty.

    Here is Derek’s post about refunds. Enjoy.

    Daniel G

    Well, if you’re in the EU you will get a refund, rest of the World they won’t give you a dime back. See Derek’s post about what they respond now. We have an Alpha 2.0 and have delivered great stuff, you won’t get any money back, stuff is cool…

    Paul Howlett


    I just thought I would share my experience of requesting a refund.

    I was never a detractor of Star Citizen I was genuinely excited about the resurgence of the space sim genre. I pledged to Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen in the same month but while I’ve been playing Elite Dangerous I haven’t so much as downloaded the Star Citizen game because it isn’t a game yet but rather a set of tech demo’s which are buggy and problematic.

    I started reading this blog, the other articles and the looking in depth at the progress. To be honest the Star Citizen persistent Universe didn’t excite me as much as Squadron 42 but I still watched with baited breath the updates and hoped we would get something soon.

    About 5 weeks ago I’d had enough, I’m playing Elite Dangerous loads and don’t feel this will ever be completed to a high standard we’re still in Alpha builds of small sections of the game after years of development and huge investment!

    So I requested a refund, at first they told me no but said they would escalate it to a manager to review my reasoning.

    I was full of hope however it’s now been 5 weeks, I have had repeated automated mail saying they are experiencing high ticket volumes and would get back to me shortly but nothing meaningful and any request for a meaningful update is met with a standardised we’ll get back to you soon response.

    I’m not impressed, I’ve lost faith in CIG’s ability to deliver the game as promised and my experience of trying to get your money back is woeful. I wonder how many others are requesting refunds?

    MDrake SC

    @ Daniel G

    I was expecting the Sabre to return. What I did not expect was Reliant variants. I am even surprised that there is no “surprise” variant for LTI.

    Regardless, the folks at CIG are desperate. The white knights remain all too happy to give their life savings to the dream.

    MDrake SC

    @ Derek

    I remember you mentioning this some time ago. It may have been on the comedy forum. I know you said that you can’t share much, so I won’t ask you.

    All I will say is, I hope you and the lawyers found something.


    Chris Roberts playing Star Citizen right now in the holiday live stream, 12.9K views. This guy? 33.9K


    Here is one of the key issues in the Star Citizen ToS : arbitration. Which means the chances of getting a class action lawsuit going, is zero.

    lir big

    1st tos sequel .
    Same, actually was wondering when people that asked for refund lately were to start getting this nice kind of an Anwser.
    CIG stands that by accepting the patches people are accepting the inherant TOS changes that would go with – shall it be reminded that very few people actually read the TOS. It is right and absolutley legal, you click you sign in.
    Now I don’t know about the law in the US about shaddy ads or in our case shaddy TOS change. While EU citizens  are then bound to their respective country laws, the EU law is clear about unfair contracts. If a comercial offer is considered too shaddy for the consumer point of view, it is considered possible non-valid, from legal point of view alone. Let alone shaddy altered and unilateral non-edited retro-active TOS…. ( smiling here ).

    I’m glad I’ve asked for refund when you said ‘it’s now or never’ in a laster blog.

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