Valve takes Steam in a new direction

Valve takes Steam in a new direction


The end of an era.

For as much derision as it got, Steam Greenlight showcased the creativity of aspiring game developers, new and old, and who would otherwise never have found an audience either for praise or mockery.

And for that, I continue to saluteĀ ValveĀ in its continued efforts to democratize gaming, while consistently aiding in the plundering of the wallets of anyone with a Steam account and access to food stamps.

Back in the day when Valve was barely on training wheels, I had predicted (I wrote a blog about it!) that it would radically change the course of our industry’s history. Then it did.

Whatever comes next, as long as they continue to make in-roads to solving the discovery problems on the platform, I believe that Steam is going to be around long after we’re all dead and gone.

All hail The Gaben!